This Day in History: ‘Disneyland After Dark’

Michele Himmelberg

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

It’s hard to imagine a live stage as big as Disneyland park. And yet, when you look back at all its dazzling history, Disneyland Resort has been a showcase for all kinds of nighttime entertainment.

Take a step back in time with me and enjoy this video, a clip from a “Disneyland After Dark” episode that aired on “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color” on April 15, 1962. It features magical moments of nighttime fun from an earlier era. The looks and styles are different (you gotta’ love Walt Disney’s hat!), but it’s the same excitement you find “after dark” today at Disneyland park.

What’s your favorite “Disneyland After Dark” entertainment memory?


  • I love “Disneyland After Dark.”! I love the running gags and its great to see Walt host from inside the park.

  • More!

  • The wonderful World Of Color!

  • Oh so many… Fantasmic!, Main Street Electrical Prade, Grad Nite, Park Closing, Final Train Run around the Park, Running to that last ride, the lights on Main Street, Big Thunder, ect. But than when Christmas comes around there is the snow, it’s a small world!, the tree, the music. And almost Every Night FIREWORKS! (I love the 50 aniversery ones that the play nonseasonal)

  • There is absolutely no moment more magical or jaw-dropping than the one in which the lights come on! The dusky sky and the dropping sun and the suddenly sparkling of Main Street, glittering Fantasyland, the brilliantly glowing castle, the perfectly atmospheric New Orleans Square and Adventureland. Oh, if only I could be in all the lands at the same time to watch them all come to life. Sunset at Disneyland is always dreamy.

  • I have this episode on DVD. It’s one of my favorites along with Disneyland’s Tencennial. My favorite Disneyland after dark entertainment memory is seeing Fantasmic! for the first time! Amazing!

  • This is a brilliant video. Thanks for sharing!

  • Such a shame there are so few opportunities to experience Walt Disney World after dark.

  • Love the video! I am a amateur Disney historian and love all the older videos from Disneyland. Thank you for sharing!

  • Would love for this entire program transferred from the original film print on Blu-ray. Disney Treasures 2.0

  • In the 70’s we used to love to take in Teddy Buckner and his Jazz All-Stars at the French Market enjoying the great music with Disneyland style mint juleps and choux fritters.

  • My favorite Disney After Dark memory is from our daughters’ wedding night when the whole wedding party went to DTD to an unforgettable night at The Adventurers Club! Sure wish I had video of that!

  • Well, I LOVED Mary Poppins coming out of the Castle when I was a child..circa 1965, I think. That was a powerful memeory, seeing her gliding down… not quite as powerful as the wonderful “after dark” memories at WDW’s amazing Adventurer’s Club, but still amazing.

    I hope Disneyland puts in an Adventurer’s Club. That would be truly spectacular!

  • Disneyland: World of Color, always spectacular.
    Disney World: Adventurers Club! KUNGALOOSH! SAVE ADVENTURERS CLUB!

  • Disneyland: World of Color

    Disney World: Not much after the Adventurers Club closed down. Save the Adventurers Club! KUNGALOOSH!!!

  • Oh yes, the “Adventurers Club” was my favorite place after dark. Which might explain why I have not spent any after dark adventures in Disneyworld since 2008.

    Bring the Adventurers Club back and I will share my night life with Disneyworld or Land!!!

  • The Adventurers Club was the perfect ending to days at disneyworld. It was short sighted for Disneyco to close it. Erik and I used to go there 2 or 3 times each vacation. It was lots of fun to sit and talk to Arnie and Claude, Samantha or Babylonia.

    Please bring back the Club and I will take all of my vacations in disney again.

  • Ever since Pleasure Island closed, Sept 2008, there is no night life at Walt Disney World. Now they just roll up the sidewalks at 11 P.M. Before then, I vacationed at WDW twice a year, two weeks at a time, and ended just about every night at The Adventurers Club. Haven’t been back since. PLEASE BRING BACK THE ADVENTURERS CLUB!!!

  • Dances and other fun things like that that cost nothing extra to participate in! They still do the dances at Disneyland and how Magical it is to dance the night away there…. Sure Wish we could have dances at the Magic Kingdom!

  • My favorite memory is swing dancing at Plaza Gardens with friends, or watching the younger kids dance to the rock bands at Tomorrowland Terrace. There’s nothing as wonderful as a warm summer evening at Disneyland. It’s something you just can’t find at any other Disney park!

  • Adventurers Club. WDW Pleasure Island. Every night I was there on holiday. Bring back the Club!

  • My favorite Disney after dark memory is hanging out at The Adventurer’s Club with friends and family after leaving the parks. We would hang out there until two in the morning. Kungaloosh!

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