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Town Square Theater Debuts at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Earlier this week, we gave you a look inside Town Square Theater, Mickey Mouse’s new meet-and-greet area at Magic Kingdom Park.

The theater officially opened its doors earlier today, and families have been busy lining up to explore the area and try out the park’s first-ever use of Disney’s FASTPASS tickets for a character meet-and-greet experience.

That said, here’s a video that will take you inside the theater, straight to the front of the line.


  • Val and I are going to Disney World in May. We visit every other year. Can’t wait to get there to see my buddy Mickey!

  • So cool to see Mickey and Minnie together. I can’t wait to see this in May. And to get a FASTPASS as well will make it all the better!

  • Looks like a nice intimate spot to meet the Main Mouse. I’m curious to see if the fastpass for characters will catch on. Seems like, especially for the fairies, this would be advantageous for the people who wait 120 minutes or more…

  • I can’t wait to see this when I go in September!

  • I was there on the 1st, and we went before the night parade when the wait was only 20 minutes! It was still 90 for the Princesses though at 8:05PM

    It was a nice event. A LARGE dressing room with the TIRELESS Mickey and Minnie who only see one family/group at a time and devote ALL that time to making them feel welcome. They must have posed for 70 pictures, taken by 4 different cameras! ALWAYS the perfect hosts! I think its a great addition. Worth 90 minutes at 3 in the afternoon, questionable, but 20 minutes, ABSOLUTELY!

  • I was wondering what they would do to make up for closing down Toontown. I cannot wait to see this when I go to WDW for Christmas! It’s going to be epic!

  • Beautiful, yet simple backdrop for a great photo opportunity with Mickey & Mickey. Some of the backdrops in the photo locations are too cartoony and take away or distract from the otherwise great photo of a character, but this will make the photo a great “framable, wallhangable” photo, if you know what I mean. Nice to see nice uses to otherwise hardly used locations. Would love to see a “Toy Story World” here like they have overseas. I’ve only seen photos of it, but it looks very exciting and a very well done concept of an area!

  • Can you get a Fast Pass for Mickey and the Princesses at the same time or do you have to wait for a couple hours like the other Fast Passes for the rides?

  • Do we know if the “Mickey fastpass machines” are connected with the others or can we have a fastpass attraction and a Mickey fastpass at the same time ?
    Ps: I’m comming next week for my first trip there, can’t wait, I’m so exited !!!

  • Mickey & Minnie so so very happy in their new home on Main Street, I can’t wait to go & visit with them next month!!!!

  • Mickey looks more smug than Minnie. LOL
    Look at here, CHEESE!

  • We have just booked our trip this week to go to WDW in June! We are so excited to get our Fast Pass to see Mickey & Minnie. We were at WDW in their first year of being open, they are celebrating their 40th anniversary and so are we! AWESOME! We can’t wait! My husband and I are SO getting our picture taken with Minnie & Mickey!

  • Will try it in August when I’m there! Can’t wait!

  • Jennifer, any word on talking Mickey and Minnie moving in to the theatre, or is it “Disney under wraps”? Thanks!

  • Going to WDW at the end of November for 9 days and can’t wait to see this. Fast pass is going to be awesome!!!

  • Looks great! Wish it would have been open 2 weeks ago when I was at WDW. Look forward to seeing it the next trip.

  • Can’t wait to go in Sept.

  • Oh, no talking Mickey. 🙁

    Perhaps soon though. I am not going to the World until September, so perhaps by then.

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