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Disney Parks Extends Special Offers for Military Families

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Disney Parks has a long-standing history of honoring military personnel and their families and is pleased to announce that the special theme park tickets and room offers for active military and spouses, retired military, National Guard and Reservists are now extended to September of 2012. This announcement coincides with The Walt Disney Company’s participation in “Joining Forces,” an initiative created by the Obama Administration designed to bring attention to the unique needs of America’s military families.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Extends Discounts for Military Families

Yesterday, First Lady Michele Obama and Dr. Jill Biden joined the hosts of “The View” to discuss their involvement with “Joining Forces.” They encouraged all Americans to show their gratitude to service members and their families and discussed how companies like Disney and others from across the country are coming together to help military personnel. For more information, go to to learn how you can get involved.

Disney is proud to support the brave men and women who serve our country in a variety of ways. At both Disneyland park in California and Magic Kingdom Park in Florida, military personnel and veterans from all branches of the military are honored daily at a special Flag Retreat Ceremony where they are asked to step forward to be recognized as the colors are retired each afternoon. Disney Cruise Line also supports military families with special offers available on select Disney Cruise Line itineraries.

In addition to Disney Parks, other areas of The Walt Disney Company are working with “Joining Forces” to support this great new initiative. Disney plans to donate 25,000 Disney/Hyperion books to the USO for the United Through Reading military program, which gives deployed troops the opportunity to read their kids a virtual bedtime story when they can’t be there in person. Disney will send more than 200 “Operation Disney” care packages filled with DVDs, books, and games to USO centers worldwide which will also include 4,000 Disney Digital Book online memberships.

Additional information on the Walt Disney World ticket and room offers will be available at and additional information on the Disneyland Resort ticket and room offers will be available at


  • Thank you Thank you on behalf of a military family. After military families endure long hours of separation and the anxiety that comes with it, there is no better way to spend quality time together than at a Disney Park. We would love to go to disneyland in late Oct. and we’re wondering when this offer will be coming available. Thanks Again

  • When does this take affect? DO I need to call to get the discounts?

  • Thank you!

  • Thank You Disney for honering the people who keep our country safe!

  • @Lauren and Karen….. Active Duty and Retired and Reservists ARE included. This is such great program : ) Thank You Disney!!!!!!!

  • Very classy, thanks Disney !

  • How often can these tickets be purchased? For example, if we were to buy tickets and go this summer, would we be able to purchase tickets next summer before the Sept 2012 expiration again?

  • Vicki, I have a family of 5 as well I don’t know where you are getting a price of 6,000 from. We are staying at a moderate hotel during Christmas from Dec. 22-27th. Our price which includes food and park tickets for 5 days is about $4500. And this is during their busiest season. If you book in an off season you can get an even better deal. Plus you can pay it off. You book your vacation and then put a down payment down and then pay it off up until 45 days before your vacation. We are military but unfortunately these discounts are not offered during Christmas so we miss out too.

  • I’m with Alan!! Why aren’t vets included? My husband deployed 5 times to Afghanistan, served eight year and doesn’t get the military discount?? And i agree with Vicki—all for police officers to get the discount too! Thanks for all who serve!!

  • Also to vicki who posted #20

    yall can bunk up in a family of four room lol My family growing up there was four kiddos and my mom and dad.

    we managed in those rooms just fine. You’re allowed to get a cot to add to your rooms.

    (not meaning to get into a fight..but i just saw you we’re complaining about the space in the hotel rooms. You can squeeze three kids in one bed. Trust me. I’ve done it lol)

  • I was curious, does this apply to the canadian military as well?

  • This is wonderful for all families with loved ones in the miliatary, however what about families with loved ones who put there lives on the line in the form of POLICE OFFICERS. Our spouses risk their lives everyday they go to work and we do not get any special offers sent our way. Our family is a family of 5. We can’t afford a Disney vacation because a lot of your rooms only sleep 4 or we would have to get 2 rooms. The resorts (Deluxe Resorts) that can accomedate us are $6,000.00 and up for a weeks stay. My husband works very hard for our family and is the sole provider and we just don’t understand the TV commercials for a DIsney Vacation for $1,500. for 4 nights and the woman saying” Hun we can afford that!” We can too! BUt not 6K and then 1800.00 for airfare from LONG ISLAND on top of that.
    So Disney, are you going to extend this offer to POLICE OFFICERS and their families too??????

  • I read that members of the National Guard and Reserves can only take advantage of this discount only if they are currently on Active Duty status. My husband is a Reservist; however he is not on Active Duty status….the only time he is on Active Duty status is when he is deployed…that means I can only take advantage of this offer when he’s deployed?!?

  • Thank you, Disney. Even though we are a retiree’s family we still suffer through deployments and we take advantage of the discounts and plan our visits as a reconnect time. You have definitely won us over – this year will be our third Disney trip. We always at a deluxe resort and always use the dining plan as the discount allows us to live it up and most if all, relax and enjoy!

  • Does this offer also include UK military forces? The US and UK military work together so often and the number one tourist destination for the UK is Disney World.

  • That’s great! Are Canadian military eligible for the discounted rates?

  • Can you tell me if this is still only once per family,or are you allowing us to take advantage of this again,hugs, always, Val♥

  • Thanks, first and foremost, to all the men & women whose sacrifice helps make this the greatest nation in the world. And second, to you for extending this discount to them. They need more breaks like this.

  • Thank you for supporting us in the military. Every little bit helps. I have been in the Navy for 16 years now and have taken advantage of the military deals every year that I could. I am being deployed this year so cant take advantage of it this year and I am glad that the discounts are available for next year already. I am going to be running the Walt Disney World Marathon next year and this makes it easier on me and my family.

  • Is this discount also available to surviving family members that are classified as dependents of a soldier Killed In Action in Iraq? They always seem to be left off the list of those eligible for discounts such as this.


  • Thank you Disney for supporting an honoring our military. My son, Brandon, is a Medic with the 101st Airborne and will be on his way home soon from Afghanistan. We absolutely love DL and have spent many birthdays, holidays and his mid-tour break from Afghanistan at Disneyland. It brings us back to pure joy, a no stress and carefree childhood. I will link this offer to him so when he comes home in a few weeks….he will decompress with his buddy Mickey.

  • Hi,
    I have a question. My family and I (total of 4 people) want to go to Disneyland this August; we are retired military and we plan on using this deal. But we also want to go to Disneyland next year. We were wondering if the maximum 6 tickets per sponsor’s social number rule is still effect? And do the ticket have to bought all at the same time.

    In other words, can we buy 4 tickets for each trip and do we have to buy all 8 tickets at once or can we buy 4 tickets at a time?

    Thank you very much

  • This is great, but I have a question. We are planning on going to Disneyland this year and WDW next year as we are DVC members. Will we be able to take advantage of this deal both trips?

  • You rock Walt Disney Company! Thank you!

  • My grandson is returning from Iraq and is single and is planning to take his parents and brothers to Disneyland in July. Does this offer apply to service members that are single also? Just wondering and would like any information that you might be able to provide to me. I’ll forward any information to my grandson so he can start making plans. Thank you, melodie

  • just a question !!does the discount include disabled vets????

  • Thank you Disney for extending this wonderful discount and for teaming up with With amazing supporters like the Walt Disney Corporation this initiative is sure to do wonderful things. I am a military spouse who also works with military families and just knowing that the community supports us is more valuable that one could understand. To know that we are not alone and that the community stands behind our military and those that stand behind our military is empowering and uplifting. What better a place to celebrate the military family but the happiest place on earth; my family does at least twice a year!

  • How do you get the tickets?

  • We are going to Disneyland on May 1st, my husband is a veteran. How do we buy discounted theme park tickets?

  • My husband is a military member and due to health and mental health issues he will not be able to be be with us when we come back to disney June 2012…Will I still be able to get the military discount for us??? Thanks….Love the blog

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