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Wild Africa Trek Gets More Adventurous at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Have you heard? Our Wild Africa Trek experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom recently got a shot of extra adventure with an expansion to the private safari camp. Now, you’ll get the opportunity for even more up-close views of lions, white rhinos and other animals as well as the sense that you’ve been let out into a place with no boundaries as Senior Vice President, Executive Designer and Imagineer, Joe Rohde tells us:

Beginning in June, guests will have even more opportunities to experience the Wild Africa Trek as additional departure times are offered daily.

Guests interested in reserving one of the only 12 spaces available on each of these immersive, three-hour adventures should call 407-WDW-TOUR (8687).

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  • I would love to take this tour in August 2011..I called and it still is not open for that time….Wish this policy would change,love the way it look though.

  • Kungaloosh! Can’t wait to go trekin. Looks great!

  • The post/video is a little (okay, a lot) thin on the details of “expansion to the private safari camp.” What is this? Is there an additional viewing area, apart from the one above the Elephants and Flamingos?

  • My girlfriend and I went on the wild afric trek. We had a blast. John and Loni were great tour guides. Were thinking of doing this again next time were in animal kingdom. I recomend this.

  • We just returned from a wonderful vacation at WDW, and surprised our children, ages 15 and 13, with the Wild Africa Trek! Absolutely amazing experience that is not to be missed-we all loved it! Like traveling into another world inside of Animal Kingdom- the great fun of hiking the savannah, hanging over steep ledges and crossing swinging rope bridges to gain up-close views of animals, combined with Disney’s top-notch,super-informative trek guides really result in a truly exciting adventure!

  • So the expansion is open as part of the current tours? I’ve booked a tour for mother’s day. This would add to my already building excitement! And, shhh. It’s a surprize. 😉

  • Unfortunately… they are *still* not booking anything past June 30th (just called again)
    We are also planning our October trip to Food & Wine
    “Wines & Liquors & Beers (Oh My!)” *say it with me… and your little dog too!*


  • Hey! Isn’t that the guy I saw in Tibet prepping for EE???
    As to WAT- been there, done that, AWESOME!!! See my vids! I did it at the intro rate- which was a lot of money for me- but will do it again even at full price! Nothing like it anywhere else in the parks! Recommended to anyone without any reservation! (I have hiked the Grand Canyon and Mt Washington in winter.)

  • Can’t wait for the Wild Animal Trek – welcome back from Hawaii, Joe. (Now get the Yeti fixed!)

  • I’ve been on this tour twice – it’s great !!! It’s worth the extra $$ because you get extra time as well as great access and time with the animals. Don’t miss it.

  • I also plan on doing it in Oct for our anniversary-and I can’t wait also

  • Joe Rohde is great! Thanks for the Adventurers Club Mr. Rohde, it was fun while it lasted. Kungaloosh!

  • We went on this tour back in February. It was a lot of fun, pricey, but quite unique. Highly recommended.

  • We too are looking for October dates. Is there an online source we can check so we don’t have to keep bothering the cast members at WDW Tours? Thanks, we cannot wait for this tour.

  • We are hoping that this will be available in October. If/When it is announced, we will be calling for reservations. Exciting!

  • I get to go in 2 weeks… I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting for an experience like this for years now. This will help to complete my experience. I bought into DVC a couple of years ago at Kidani Village… I love staying there! And now I’ll have a true hands-on adventure too!!

  • I’m looking for late-August/early-September dates too. As of this morning they still aren’t booking past June.

    All I get is “Keep calling back”…

  • I would LOVE to take this tour in October. Any ideas on when fall booking dates will be released?

    • Hi Alyson, the booking window for Wild Africa Trek opens 90 days out.

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