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Create a Memorable Moment: Thank a Soldier

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

Memorial Day at Walt Disney World

Memorial Day is a great time to honor the soldiers in our lives – even the soldiers we don’t know who make great sacrifices to keep us and our families safe. This Memorial Day weekend, when you see a flag flying or hear the national anthem, think of our soldiers.

Most of us prefer to read a blog than to post a comment, but if there ever was a time to do something to recognize a soldier, this would be one of those special moments in time. At Disney Floral & Gifts we want to help create an opportunity here and now to post your salute as a comment below and forward it to your loved one. Lets create a ground swell of thanks that they have never seen before.


  • To all of you who gave up your tomorrows so that I may have mine, thank you.

  • Thank you to ALL servicemen and women who keep us safe and make our country the best in the world. Prayers and special thoughts to those to gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice. And a special shout out to our son and our niece both of the USAF…we love you and we’re proud of all you do! God bless America.

  • Thank you to my soldier who is currently away preparing for a year-long deployment. Even though he will never accept the credit for it, he really is my hero for everything he does.

    Also many thanks to my uncles and grandfather who have fought in wars previous. My Uncle John gave the ultimate sacrifice, and although I was never able to meet him, my appreciation can’t be measured.

  • Thank you to all the brave people who serve in all branches of our military. Your dedication to the meaning of the United States of America is honored and cherished. Thank you also to the families of these brave men and women, as their families serve right along with them. Happy Memorial Day and may you be safe wherever you are today and always.

  • Every “Thank you” and every gesture is remembered my those who serve our country. Let’s honor our military men and women with a kind word. I thank God that my son has just arrived back safe from Afghanistan this very day!

  • Thank You for keeping our country safe, It is because of you and your fellow Military members that we enjoy the freedoms in The USA. Also we thank your family for the sacrifices that they have also made. Love always.

  • Thank you for all you do to keep me and my family safe. By your actions you show that you are true heroes. There is no way to repay you for what you do for us, but I hope you will accept this “Thank you”. We are all hoping and praying that you return to your homes and families soon and safe.

  • More thanks than we can ever express should be sent to our military, and we should take care of our veterans as they took care of us. Each and every service member is loved and appreciated. You all are amazing!

  • thank you for you have done for us past and presant armed forces.. youo ARE loved.. we are free because of your scarifices…hubby dad uncles.. i love you all you make me proud to be an AMERICAN…………..

  • Thank you to my Uncle a true hero! Also a big thank you to all the other Heroes of our Armed Forces for keeping our freedom alive, being amazing role models, and protecting our country! God bless you! God bless your families! and God bless AMERICA!

  • THANK YOU to all the men and women in our armed forces, for giving there all, in protecting us, and keeping us free. Also THANK YOU to there families for the sacrifices they make. MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.

  • Great men and women started this country; great men and women continue to keep it safe and free. Thank you from a grateful nation.

  • A heartfelt thank you to all the men and women of our Armed Forces. God bless you and your familes and God Bless America.

  • Thank you to the men and women of our armed forces and their families. Land of the free thanks to the brave!

  • Thank you so much for all you give to our country and our protection. I hope you get home soon. USA!

  • A warm-hearted thank you to all our military, past, present and future for keeping us safe. Know that we support you and your families here at home.

  • I want to thank my little brother of the USAF for serving in Afghanistan 3 times and helping to keep us safe here at home!! I’m so proud of him and of all soldiers serving!! Thank you all, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

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