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Disney Cast Members Create Magic Every Day

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

What magical moment has a Disney cast member created for you?

This question has been on my mind since I took my son to visit Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside over the weekend for a snack and a stroll along the resort’s Sassagoula River. This resort holds a special place in my memory, as this was the first place a Disney cast member went above and beyond to create a magical moment for my family.

This special moment took place in the early 1990s, when I was vacationing at the resort with my mom. Each night, after spending a full day at the parks, we’d walk our sore feet into the resort’s Riverside Food Court to pick up what we decided were the best peanut butter cookies either one of us ever had. Throughout our vacation, we returned night after night to satisfy our sugar fix.

On the last night of our stay, I remember remarking to my mom (in front of the group of cast members who had come to know us and our nightly purchase), how much I’d miss these sweets when we returned home to Pennsylvania.

Twenty minutes after returning to our resort room, we heard a knock on the door and opened it to find a member of the Room Service team, standing there with a complimentary plate of a dozen peanut butter cookies and a pitcher of cold milk. We couldn’t believe our eyes!

The thoughtfulness of this surprise became the highlight of our vacation, and that is exactly the purpose of a “magical moment” – it’s an experience that cast members create for us guests that just blow our minds. They are the unbelievable acts of kindness that surprise us, delight us, and keep us coming back to create new memories.

Disney Cast Members Create Magic Every Day

So now it’s your turn. What are some of the most magical moments a Disney cast member has created for you?


  • We were walking through MK one evening just after it had rained and we watched a cast member with a squeegee arrange wet leaves into a Mickey face. We were so surprised and delighted as we saw it taking shape.

    • Thoughtful little things like this make such a difference!

  • On my daughter’s first vacation to Disney we had breakfast at 1900 Park Fare and she was chosen to open the restaurant and be seated by Mary Popins. It was a truly special moment of that first vacation. Everything about that trip was special, but that made it extra special for both of us. Gotta LOVE Disney!!!!!

    • How exciting!

  • I was at Disney & on this trip took my mother:)We were staying at the animal kingdom lodge & she left her wedding rings in the room after we had checked out. She cried and was so upset as they couldn’t be replaced….Well Robert @ the animal kingdom lodge found our room information & address and mailed them to her & to this day she tells the story:) Cast member saved the day & the magic of Disney was once again alive!!Thanks

  • Last December my 5 year old son wanted to take something to hand out to cast members for Christmas gifts, because in his words they were “so very nice and not enough people were very nice back.” Needing something small and easy to pass out, we decided to use mini candycanes and Hershey kisses. My son loved giving these out to cast members during lulls, and waiting for rides, etc. During our lunch at Crystal Palace, my son got out some treats and gave some to our server with a “Merry Christmas, and thank you for making WDW so fun for us.” Then he asked her to give some to the Winnie the Pooh and the other characters to thank them for being his friend since he was a “baby.” She smiled and agreed. A few minutes later, when it was time for the Pooh-rade she came back to our table towing Tigger. She said Tigger wanted my son to lead the Pooh-rade for being such a thoughtful and caring little boy. As he grabbed Tigger’s hand and headed off, I admit to getting a little teary eyed at how honored he felt. It was one of the many magical and special memories we have of our trip.

    • What a great story! Bet you got some great photos. 🙂

  • When we were eating at the Port Orleans Riverside Food Court, a cast member chose our son, along with some other kids, to be Junior Chefs. My son got to wear chef’s attire and decorate a cookie with a variety of toppings. This was a magical moment for him (as he was only 2 years old at the time) and for us a well. I love the magic of Disney! 🙂

  • I recently wrote an article about how great the Cast Members are and how they are Magic in Disney World.

  • Great Article!

  • We went to Disney for the very first time in April. Every cast member was spectacular, but the one that stood out the most did this: We were in Hollywood studios waiting my the Jedi training academy. While we were waiting, we used our dining plan to purchase frozen popsicles our family. My son chose the unicorn one. He’d eaten a small amount when the popsicle broke and fell on the floor. He ofcourse started to cry and I went to give him mine. Out of no where, one of the cast members came over to comfort him and said “don’t worry, I’ll get you a new one” She gave him a new popsicle. It made him so happy. How amazing. I wish I knew her name so I could include it in here.

  • On my second trip to Walt Disney World in 1996, my family stayed at the Wilderness Lodge Resort. My sister and I both brought a stuffed animal with us from home and left them in the room when we went to the parks during the day. The housekeeping Cast Member that took care of our room would have our stuffed animals doing something everyday when we came back to our room, whether it was watching tv or wrapping each other up in toilet paper. My sister and I looked foward everyday to see what they were doing when we got back each day from the parks. I can even remember what the Cast Member’s name was. :0)

    • Hilarious! One time on a Disney cruise, I came back to our cabin and a towel animal was wearing my glasses.

  • As we wandered Disneyland, there was a girl trotting around in her Belle outfit, fresh from her Princess Makeover. Out of nowhere a janitor comes sprinting over full speed, “BELLE! BELLE! WAAAAIIITTTT!!!” He bent down to her height, “Belle, thank you for stopping!” He reached down and pulled out an autograph book and pen. “Belle, if you could . . . would you sign my autograph book?” The little girl beamed and gladly took the pen and signed her name. We all watched this event, and though none of us knew who the little girl was we were all touched by her magical moment.

    Thank you Disney Cast Members for going that extra mile to add a little magic to everyone’s trip.

  • At the Trail’s End Restaurant breakfast buffet, I was picking out all of the pineapple from a fruit salad. A cast member named Andy saw me and asked why, and I explained that pineapple was really out of season where I lived in Canada so I wanted as much of it as I could while I was in WDW. A few minutes after I sat down to eat, Andy brought over a half pineapple for my brothers and I to share. The magic in WDW is found not only on the rides, but in the thoughtfulness and caring of the cast members.

    • 🙂

  • Since I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do at the parks is make little kids smile because they are living that disney “first trip magic”. One way I do this is by bringing cheap dollar store glow sticks to epcot or MK if we are staying for the fireworks and hand them out to kids before they start. It’s amazing how much it makes their night! Once I was doing this and almost in tears because this little kid was so happy to be getting a glow stick and then a cast member came up and thanked me and gave me a hug for helping make everyone’s day special. It really meant a lot to me that they care so much about making moments “magical” as I do.

    Another magic memory I have is of the entire day after the Princess Half Marathon, my first half marathon. We spent the day in the parks proudly wearing our medals, and got a congratulations from a cast member almost every 10 feet. Not to mention, some were very nice to our tired legs and gave us hints of where we could sit, etc while waiting in lines.

    Disney really is the most magical place on earth and I think about 90% of that can be contributed to the cast members.

  • Without a doubt Stan the Ranger at Wilderness Lodge. I was sad to hear when he retired as I was lucky enough to participate as a flag family with Stan. Stan you could tell totally loved his job was very thoughtful and understanding. Stan did the pledge of Allegiance as we hung the American flag, taught my daughter the importance of respecting the flag, never letting it touch the ground. Stan made sure we took numerous pictures let us enjoy the view and ceremony we took tons of pictures of Stan as well. Every time we went back there after that first one we always made sure we found Stan and said hello to him every trip.

    • That’s a great story to share on this Memorial Day!

  • We have had many magical moments thanks to cast members at Walt Disney World (my husband and I met there, supported and encouraged by the Adventurers’ Club cast, for a start). On one of our visits to the Magic Kingdom, we were handed Ultimate Fast Passes, which was special enough. When we arrived back at the Yacht Club, we were greeted by a big round of applause by the cast members who saw them around our necks as we returned. Our daughters talked about that for the rest of the trip.

  • It was our first day of our Walt Disney World vacation with our 3 year old “Princess-loving” grand-daughter, Carey. We had just arrived at Akershus in EPCOT to have dinner with the princesses. Carey was dressed as an elaborate Princess Belle. Before we were seated, a cast member led Carey by the hand over to meet the “real” Princess Belle. Well, Carey was in absolute awe!! But it brought a tear to my eye to see Carey and Princess Belle gently touching each others faces while intently gazing into each others eyes. Both Princess Belle and Carey appeared to be amazed at the mirror image they were looking at. It was a perfect beginning to a perfect week.

    • I can’t wait until my son is old enough to know what’s going on during character breakfasts! That will be a great experience to have.

  • Back in 2007, during Disneys Year of a Million Dreams, we went to Disney for our first time. I asked my girlfriend, Jessica to marry me I. Front of Cinderellas Castle. She said yes. We are pin collectors so we followed the dream squad to see about getting special pins. We spoke to a CM who told us about how the program worked and that we should mail in entries and try and win. Well we took her advice and mailed in entries everyday for 4 months. We won pins by mailing in BUT the best was yet to come. We ended up winning the GRAND PRIZE a fully paid DVC membership for 47 years!! So now we get to experience outlive of Disney, for us and our kids FREE for the next 47yrs! We dont remember her name but she was from the south, started with Disney through the college program and was on the dream squad. So thanks to her, she should get the Best Cast Member ever and she created many great memories for us.

    • Wow! What a lucky guy! I’ve never met anyone who has won a prize that cool!

  • My boyfriend and I went to Disney World last February. I’ve been so many times that I’ve memorized the opening script at the Haunted Mansion and it’s stopped being spooky. We decided to ride it during the extended hours at MK and the stretching room was really empty. I started to joke around and mouth the words. When the lights went out and came back on, the cast member who had brought us into the room was standing right beside me, breathing on my neck. I jumped about a foot in the air and shrieked. Staying completely in character, he grinned and whispered “you’re welcome” before walking off to let the next group in. He really brought that spooky, Haunted Mansion feel back to the ride that I hadn’t felt since I was little and made me fall back in love with the ride.

    • Hilarious!

  • I was holding my little 3 year old grandson while the others went to ride Soarin’. Apparently we had let him eat too much candy and the vomited just as we exited the Land Pavillion building. Out of nowhere 2 cast members came to help me. They found his stroller for me and let me take it into the restroom to clean him (and me)up. After I came out, one of them was waiting with a voucher for me to buy a new shirt. I was so blessed by their kindness!

  • Ten years ago my husband and I visited WDW for our honeymoon. Cast members at Tony’s Town Square overheard us talking about our wedding. They brought a small plate of plain spaghetti noodles to our table and took pictures of us acting out the famous Lady and the Tramp scene. Then they had us dance in front of the fountain as the entire restaurant sang to us. Cast members took pictures of our dance and kiss. Since we had a small family wedding and luncheon (no reception with dancing, etc) this was particularly sweet for us. Thank you Disney Cast Members!

    • Such a cute story! What a great anniversary memory.

  • Reading all magical moments made me remember a few of our own.

    Once my daughter was sleeping in her stroller while I was walking calmly through Animal Kingdom when a very nice cast member waved at us and said: “Hello Princess !” being used at everyone saying that to my little girl, I leaned forward to tell her to say Hello back, when I realize she is still sleeping, the cast member then says: “not her, you”, he made me feel so good ! I just kept smiling the rest of the day.

    Another day we came back to the hotel at the end of the day and found my daughter’s favourite doll watching TV with the remote in her tiny lap. My daughter could not believe her eyes !

  • How about a Magical Moment that a Guest created for a Cast Member? Guests always think that it’s the Cast Members that make all the magic, but Guests make it for us, too! 🙂

    When I was doing my College Program last year at Intermission Food Court at All Star Music Resort, I was working in one of our “shops” serving food to Guests. One girl, about college-aged, came through the line wearing a t-shirt with my school’s name on it, and I knew exactly where she got it–an off-campus bookstore that students go to A LOT for things–so I got excited and asked her if she was a student at my school, she excitedly said yes and I told her I went there, too! The next day, I was walking in our dining room cleaning tables, and her large family (maybe 10 or so people) was there. She saw me, pointed me out to them, and what I assume to be her father pulled me aside and started pretending like he was shining my name tag for me. (As you know, CPs have their schools rather than their hometowns on their name tags.) I had a really great 5 minute-long conversation with them, and during the rest of their stay, I was known as their “Bearcat Buddy.” They came to visit me every single night, and we would do our cheer that my school always does. On their last night, they even made a special trip just to say they were going home and to enjoy the rest of my program! It felt like I had a family visit, and it was so great! It became one of my absolute favorite stories (And I have A LOT) from my entire program!

    Guests! You can create magic for the Cast Members, too! 🙂

    • Sounds fun. Thanks for sharing the cast member perspective!

  • Many years ago my wife and I had returned to our room at the Wilderness Lodge when we discovered that one of the T-shirts we had purchased at the original Discovery Island was damaged. Since we were leaving the next morning and had dining reservations that night, we asked in the gift shop if there was any other place we could exchange it, as we were running out of time. The cast member in the gift shop made a phone call and told us to go the dock and someone would help us. At the dock, the director of Discovery Island was waiting for us in his boat. He took us to Discovery Island for the shirt exchange and then zipped us back to the Wilderness Lodge. What a great thrill for us and a wonderful thing for the director of DI to do. Over the years and after over 120 trips to WDW, we have found that this is typical of Disney cast members.

  • My family and I visited Disney World for the first time this spring. My son, 6, purchased a stuffed animal in Epcot the he *adored* and carried around all week.

    While we were visiting Animal Kingdom, however, he lost hold of it while looking at some ducks and it tumbled down into the water. He started to cry and a cast member who was nearby came right over and asked what was wrong (I’m sure he saw the fall). He told us to enjoy the rest of the park while cast members tried to retrieve the doll.

    A short time later we caught up with the same cast member who directed us to the guest services desk where we were met by an extremely friendly cast member who said she had been waiting for us, and though they could’t retrieve the doll, gave us a gift certificate good for any stuffed animal in the park. My son felt like the King of the Park with his opportunity to pick any animal he wanted.

    Both of the cast members in our scenario were empathetic, helpful and wonderfully friendly on a hot, crowded day. I appreciate them tremendously.

    • I’m happy they were able to turn a troublesome moment into a happy memory for him. That’s the job of a Disney cast member!

  • We were at WDW with a Star Wars fan who was too small for Star Tours; we were going to have to baby-swap. It was a slow morning, so after our ride, Genevieve let us go again on a motion-free ride so that he could go too. It completely made the trip for him.

  • As a former Cast Member I have to say that the best part of the job was making Magical Moments for all the guests!

  • On one of our family trips to the Magic Kingdom, my grandaughter was wearing her Cinderella outfit. The security guard at the front gate said, Good day Princess, can I have your autograph” as he whipped out his autograph book. She was so amazed that he thought she was the real princess, and still talks about it 3 years later.

  • >Guests! You can create magic for the Cast Members, too!

    Good thought, Holly!

    But I think people should also know that guests can report exceptional service or magical moments created by a Cast Member, and that the report can go in their employment record. It’s a great way of really saying “thanks!”

    Whenever I encounter exceptional service at Disneyland – which is pretty often! – I try to make sure and get the Cast member’s name and then drop by City Hall and let them know of the Cast Member’s kindness and graciousness, and how it enhanced my visit.

    Hopefully, that will end up as some kind of “gold star” in their employment record, and recognize them as an outstanding Cast Member. Which, hopefully, will inspire even more exceptional service. And just keep the magic going around!

  • The most wonderful and thoughtful “magical moment” for our family literally came from the hands of Auntie Kaui at the Polynesian Resort. Over a spectacular 2 week stay our family spent hours enjoying the company of Auntie Kaui and Brian in the lobby learning how to use Poi balls and participating in the afternoon hula lesson. We were even invited to spend some time in the cast member hula class to practice, which was in itself an incredible and magical opportunity! At the end of our stay Auntie Kaui presented each member of our family with our very own set of poi balls that she had made especially for us! Auntie Kaui gave us more than a gift- she gave us some of our most precious vacation memories a great activity to enjoy for a life time. Mahalo!

  • My wife and I wanted to take the Keys to the Kingdom tour. What we didn’t know was the lead time needed to take it. We waltz into City Hall to schedule our tour. They were booked through the end of our stay. I thought a moment and asked if they ever have any cancellations. They looked at their schedule and told us to return a few minutes before the tour was suppose to start. We went and grabbed some breakfast and returned as they suggested.

    As we walked in they said “Hey…we’ve been looking for you. We have good news”. There were two positions open on this mornings tour. They took our information and we handed them our credit card to pay. They held up their hands refusing it saying “Disney Magic, have fun on the tour”. My wife had to tell me to close my mouth because my jaw was hanging open. This kind of thing doesn’t normally happen to me.

    We went on the tour and had a great time. Learned a lot of behind the scenes information and ate a delicious lunch at the Columbia Harbor House (part of the tour). Some of the sights and information isn’t for the young ones. They don’t want to ruin the magic. So if you’re over 16 I highly recommend any of the “Behind the Scene” tours Disney offers. They are well worth it, even if you have to pay for it.

    • Wow, lucky! I’ve been on that tour and it is well worth the money.

  • On one trip to WDW we went to Typhoon Lagoon shortly after Crush ‘N Gusher had opened. We loved it so much we kept going up the stairs and sliding down, repeat often!! One of the cast members at the top of the slides asked us where we were from and we chatted every time we were waiting for the signal to slide. A week later we were at Typhoon Lagoon and the cast member (Dave) remembered us, he was working in a different part of the park but stopped and asked us how our trip was and when we were going home. Wow, of all the people he must see in a work week, he remembered details and was great to talk to.

    The same trip we had chatted with a young woman cast member at a store in DTD, a few days later at the store at the International Gate at Epcot, she also remembered us! Wow, amazing cast members.

    My last trip to WDW I was traveling with a first timer, of course she had the first time button on. At the Primetime we were talking to the chef (I have allergies) and he commented on her first time status and was she having a good time, etc. A few minutes later he came out of the kitchen with a clip-on, light-up Tinkerbell for her, she was thrilled, then he pulled another one out of his pocket for me, so I wouldn’t feel left out!

    I have had many lovely small magic moments with cast members, far too many to write about but safe to say I will keep going back to WDW for more magic.

  • few stand out though. We visited the Magic Kingdom on the last weekend of the 25th Anniversary Celebration and as we were passing under the Main street train station we were stopped by a Cast Member and invited to be one of the families in the parade. The Cast Members were so nice to the kids and made them feel so special.
    My wife and I arrived to spend our Anniversary in our travel trailer at Ft.Wilderness several years ago and a Hurricane was coming ashore off the Gulf the evening we arrived. We were moved into a room at the Port Orleans resort and the Cast Members were so friendly and helpful to all the refugees:).
    I made reservations for the Contemporary Resortfor our twenty fifth Anniversary in 2008 and was asked by reservations if we had a special occasion and I told her about our 25th. THE Treatment we received was nothing short of Spectacular during out entire stay.
    Thank you Disney Cast Members for All the Special Memories you have afforded my family through the years since 1973 and the memories my Grandchildren are starting to experience.

  • Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of being in a Disneyland parade or show.

    During a visit to Disneyland in December 2009, I was invited by a cast member to be in Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee! All of the cast members involved with the show made me feel like a real Disney performer.

    My Disneyland dream came true that day and, thanks to the wonderful cast members, it was better than I ever imagined!

    • Very cool! That was a neat show, wasn’t it?

  • A bit of my comment disappeared on my previous comment.This is the missing portion: We have had many memorable experiences at Walt Disney World throught the years, living 70 miles from the Parks but a few stand out though.

  • We were in Fantasyland on an Extra Magic Hours morning. It had been raining, so Dumbo (my 4 year old’s favorite and “has to be first thing done” ride) was closed until they got it cleaned up and until the lightning stopped. She and my husband wandered into the Princess gift shop while our other daughter and grandparents rode the Carousel. While my husband held her and she stared longingly at Sleeping Beauty’s dress changing colors, I heard a noise. I saw a PhotoPass photographer snapping pictures. He motioned me to be quiet so they wouldn’t see and went on to take some of the best pictures of our trip! I was so glad we had prepurchased the CD, as these pictures were totally worth it!

  • I grew up in St. Petersburg, so I have a lot of great memories. But my favorite about a CM is back in 2005, at the little steakhouse in the contemporary hotel, next to chef mickey’s, that is actually gone now. My daughter was celebrating her 5th birthday and the server from the restaurant heard me tell my daughter that this was a special occasion because of her birthday. Without telling us anything, the head chef came out a few minutes later with a palette of colored icing and different sized cookies. She had a white chefs coat that fit my daughter perfectly, and told her to make a few “masterpieces”. My daughter beamed for over 30 minutes, as she was the focus of ALL the attention in the restaurant and the people that were going to dinner at chef Mickey’s..The picture of her in her chef’s coat still hangs on her wall. That cast member made our stay magical.

  • We went this past April and had so many different CMs give us a lot of magical moments it’s hard to choose just one.
    The second day of our trip my 9 year old sister lost her lanyard that was FULL of pins. This was our first trip to ever trade so we were all very upset that she had left hers at the bus stop. Since these get pretty pricey our mom said she would not be getting another one this trip. While walking through Hollywood Studios we started talking to a Cast Member named Jeff and somehow got to talking about Jessi misplacing her lanyard and pins. Jeff took us to the pin shop under the Sorcerer Hat and told my sister to choose and lanyard/pin set that she would like! This moment completely made our day!

  • My cousin, her husband, daughters and her parents came to visit last year for my Aunt and Uncle’s 45th wedding anniversary. They had not been to Disney since their kids were very young and still thought that as wonderful as it was, the magic was really meant for the kids. On their second day we ate lunch at the Plaza Restaurant. We had mentioned their anniversary to the waiter and thought maybe they would bring an extra dessert or something like that. As we finished our meal, the manager appeared with a set of bride ears and groom ears and then out of nowhere came the Dapper Dans to sing a few love songs to my Aunt and Uncle. The manager had also arranged for a Disney photographer to take pictures the whole time and gave our group the Photopass with a voucher for a free CD of the photos. The staff at the Photopass desk had never seen this voucher before and it took 4 people to OK the free CD. My husband and I are Annual Passholders and avid Disney fans and even we were blown away. It could not have been a more magical event for the entire family!

    • What a special anniversary surprise!

  • Coming back from Animal Kingdom to the Beach Club one evening my husband and 2 children decided to get off the crowded bus at the Swan/Dolphin and walk the rest of the way.

    We were walking past the Marina when Todd, a Cruise Captain, called out to us and asked us where we were headed. We told him Beaches and Cream for a snack, and he said, “That’s open till 11– would you like to go on a fireworks cruise to see Illuminations first?”

    Amazed, we said yes and he led us over to a waiting cruise ship.
    Apparently, someone had cancelled their birthday cruise as the boat was decorated with balloons and streamers. We were given soft drinks and snacks, and then Todd took us around the Boardwalk and over to a special Illuminations viewing area, while entertaining us with bits of trivia and information.

    We were so close to the show that a few ashes from the fireworks drifted onto the boat(which we kept for our scrapbook!) It was an amazing evening, and Todd was awesome.

    We took his card and when I arrived home I emailed Disney and told them about our wonderful experience, one that we will NEVER forget.

    • How lucky! What a great memory.

  • In 1995, I visited WDW as part of the Magic Music Days program with my high school orchestra. After our performance in Magic Kingdom one morning, a friend and I were making our way through the park when we entered the Haunted Mansion. Nervous, we both commented while waiting in line for our doombuggie that we hoped nothing jumped out at us. One of the “servants”, a young man, gestured us to take our seats and as we were preparing to exit the loading area suddenly popped around the doombuggie’s canopy to say, “Don’t get scared!” We both jumped back with a gasp. Then he smiled and vanished. Of course afterwards we realized that we had nothing to worry about. Yet the fact that he was listening and added that little bonus moment to our ride experience has stayed with me all these years. Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite rides now too. 🙂

    • That must’ve been a great trip. I did Magic Music Days in 1996 with my high school marching band.

  • One of my oldest memories I can remember from Disney World was one time we were purchasing something from one of the stores inside the park. The Cast Member chose me to be an honorary Cast Member and helped ring up the purchase. I got a certificate and everything. I remember my younger sister and I being asked to dance in the Tapestry of Dreams parade and having our stuffed animals rearranged in our hotel room. It truly is the little things that make a child’s day magical 🙂

  • In April 2010, my Husband won a family trip to Walt Disney World. We were all so excited. The first morning we were there my daughter came down with a stomach flu. That night it spread to my son and husband. It was so awful. They were so exhausted and sick we spent more time in our room then in the parks. When my Husband went down to talk to the main desk about the tickets we had upgraded when we arrived, the Cast Members at the Port Orleans Riverside desk explained what could and what could not be refunded. They next day while my family was napping, and I was washing clothes, a gift basket arrived from the front desk manager, Stephine. She was from our home state of Connecticut. That basket made me cry. (Still does when I think about it!) It had ears for each kid and an autograpgh book. there was a Mickey and a Minnie plush doll plus some coloring kits and books. It also had a frame and I wish I had taken a picture of the kids in their hats with Stephine. The basket was so perfect. It was full of the souvenirs that I had wanted the kids to pick out but they didn’t have the energy to enjoy shopping for. Thank-you Stephine, that bit of Disney Magic will stay with me forever.

  • Back in 2008, we were staying at the Poly and when we checked in the wonderful CM set to work doing all our paperwork and getting our KTTW cards. When she was just about to hand us our package, my daughter leans over and says, “Mommy, do you think we’ll get to stay in Fiji?” The CM says, “Oh, honey, you want to stay in Fiji? No problem, we’ll get you a room in Fiji!” She ripped everything up and started all over again just to put us in Fiji. It was absolutely the highlight of our trip!!

  • I was planning on writing a letter, but I felt it would be nice to share here too 🙂
    Yesterday, on Memorial Day, was my second day as a CM. I was on the college program, away from my family and in my first job, so it had been a horribly stressful week. I had been backstage and was worried the magic had been a little ruined for me. Well, my friends dragged me to Magic Kingdom and because of somethings that happened I got separated from my friends and just decided to wander around the park on my own. I was frustrated by everything that had happened and decided to go to City Hall to wait for my friends there. Well as I exited The Emporium to head towards City Hall, I saw that I couldn’t get across because the 12:00 Electrical Parade was Starting. With nothing else to do, I sat down and decided to watch the Parade. I waved at the Floats and the characters walking by. I waved to the Electrical Bees and Snails, not expecting to get a wave back at all when one of the snails (The Yellow One) Crawled over and wiggled to say hi back. I was completely surprised, it honestly helped me remember that Disney was a Magical Place not because of the Pretty Castle and the Princesses but because of the little magical unexpected things that happen every day. Thank You yellow Snail, you made someone very happy.

    • There is magic everywhere, isn’t there?

  • When I was younger… abotu 3-4 I was walking on main street USA in Magic Kingdom and I found a dollar Bill. I went to the Town Hall and gave it to the manager. He gave this amazed expression and said something like “Wow thankyou so much! Weve been looking for this everywhere!!! and then he said, here is the reward prize” and handed me two, 10 dollar Disney bills. I was so excited!

    • Such a cute story! Quite a reward for a young man!

  • Disney service has NO match – ANYWHERE.

    Last summer was our first trip to the World. My wife an I arranged to have the kids watched by our friends one night. We had a great day at Epcot and our friends took our kids back to the resort. We had reservations at “Il Mulino” at The Swan. We were cutting it close to our reservation time and couldn’t find the bus that would take us to The Swan (we discovered later that this was not a Disney hotel anymore). We were stuck and a little high strung. My wife found a security guard (who turned out to be a supervisor) to get instructions on how to best get to The Swan. When he found out that our reservations were for 6:30 and that it was currently 6:25ish, he had someone at customer service call Il Mulino to hold our reservation and inform them that we were on our way — AND HE DROVE US THERE IN HIS SECURITY CAR HIMSELF!

    After this experience (as well as the rest of the vacation) I was hooked – we are going again this summer.

    • Awesome!

  • I remember when my family and I just got off te Great Movie Ride and it broke down many times while we were on it. When the ride was finally over we went to go get some icecream and we were talking about how the ride kept breaking down and everything so the very nice cast membe gave us free icecream to make up for the trouble and that made my day!!!! I got a mickeys premium icecream. Man do I love those things.

  • I have so many special memories made by Disney CMs, but one that really stands out to me happened this past January at Hollywood Studios. Things were not going my way that day, but when I got into an argument with my sister right before Fantasmic, I broke down. I rushed out of the seating area and started having an anxiety attack. At least 5 different CMs stopped to make sure I was okay as it was happening, but I kept asking them to leave because my attacks worsen when I feel like everyone is staring at me.
    After I calmed down, I stumbled over to the churro stand to grab napkins to clean myself up. The CM working the stand must have been watching me for a while (I was sitting across the way from him during my attack) and asked me if I wanted a churro. I politely declined, but he told me he wasn’t taking no as an answer and held one out for me. He has no idea how much that helped me feel normal again. I wish I would have remembered the names of all the CMs who looked after me that evening, but I was a bit more focused on other things at the time. I still went to customer service to let them know that the staff at Fantasmic took good care of me throughout my attack.
    Who knew the Happiest Place on Earth is also the best place to have emotional breakdowns? 😉

  • We were staying at Saratoga Springs to celebrate my daughter’s graduation from high school. She and her girlfriend, also a recent graduate, wanted to head over to Downtown Disney to make shirts to commemorate their trip. They couldn’t find the boat landing and a cast member noticed that they looked lost and asked to help. They told him they were looking for the boat landing to head over to Downtown. He told them where it was, but explained that it didn’t start running for a bit. He explained how they could get their by foot or bus, but then he changed his mind. He offered them a ride on his golf cart. They expected to get a ride to the bus station, but he took them all the way over to Downtown. They felt so special. It was a highlight of our trip.

  • In February wile we where visiting California Adventure, our little family of four was walking towards California Screaming, when a cast member stopped us out of no where. He asked if we were heading to Toy Story Mania, my husband replied “the line is always so long, that’s a ride we only hit once a trip”. The cast member asked if we all ready filled our trip quota. We told him yes then he replied “Well are you ready for some Disney magic?” we said OK and he asked us to follow him. He took us right over to Toy Story told one of the cast members who was working the ride we where a family ready for some Disney magic. The Cast member handed us some 3D glasses and opened a gate for us to bored the ride right then and there. It was AWESOME! My 5 year old was so excited by it she hugged the original cast member and told him Thank you for the magic.

    • Exciting!

  • I have lived in all my life and have been going to Disneyland every year since I can remember and although I don’t have a personal story of Disney Magic it warms my heart to hear all the amazing things the CM’s do. Its no wonder that im almost 30 now and I still go to Disneyland every chance I get just to feel the magic that Disney shares every day.

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