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Disney Fantasy Atrium Lobby Will Dazzle Guests with Art Nouveau Style and Sophistication

Last week, we announced some of the incredible new details you’ll find aboard the Disney Fantasy when she sets sail in late March 2012.

One element we haven’t told you about yet is the atrium lobby. If you’ve sailed with us before, you’re familiar with that fantastic feeling of excitement you get when you board the ship and enter into the lobby.

Differing from the Art Deco style of the Disney Dream, the Disney Fantasy lobby is inspired by Art Nouveau patterns – showcasing hues of vibrant blue, green, pink and gold that lend to the overall sophistication of this splendid space. A cascading chandelier made of stained glass and crystal beads illuminates the area from above.

Glamorous and graceful design elements are apparent throughout the Art Nouveau-inspired atrium lobby on the Disney Fantasy.

Each of our ships feature a statue of a Disney character cast in bronze. On the Disney Fantasy, the atrium statue is none other than Mademoiselle Minnie Mouse! Inspired by travel of the 1920s and 1930s, Minnie is dressed in vintage fashion with a parasol and steamer luggage at her side. Here’s a shot of Mademoiselle Minnie Mouse while still in development. Check it out…

Mademoiselle Minnie Mouse serves to welcome guests as they enter the atrium lobby of the Disney Fantasy.

You’ll be able to enter the newly designed Royal Court restaurant from the atrium lobby. The elegance continues once inside this beautiful dining room that draws inspiration from the classic Disney films “Cinderella,” “Snow White,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Sleeping Beauty.”

Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy is  full of ornate details, and is adorned with dazzling décor inspired by Disney princesses.

I know I can’t wait to step foot onboard, how about you? Keep your eye out for even more Disney Fantasy updates soon.


  • Not being able to wait is an understatement – the amazing worlds that Disney is able to create rival only our imaginations. What a great world they have created.

  • I hope Disney has listened to comments concerning the Dream pools, and they design the pools on the Fantasy larger. I wonder if there’s a way to add asecond aqua duck to ease the wait times.

  • My first (and second) Disney cruise will be on the Dream in 110 days. I plan on booking a summer 7 day for the Fantasy while on the Dream. I’m excited for both and look forward to enjoying vacation.

  • My wife and I sailed on the Magic for our honeymoon. Wish we weren’t still students and living on a college budget so we could sail on the Fantasy! It looks amazing!!!

  • I can’t wait to see the Fantasy when it’s finished. I LOVE the statue of Minnie. She is one of my favorite Disney Characters =)

  • Very nice, the art nouveau will almost make her a sister ship to the Wonder as well. Will the Fantasy being doing the three/four night Bahamian cruises?

    I am hoping the cards will fall into place soon so we can go on our fourth Disney Cruise!

  • 313 days till the cruise!!!! 3rd cruise 1st maiden voyage! It looks amazing keep the pics and updates coming.

  • Saving up for our 7th. Disney Cruise…. 1st. Maiden Voyage on the Fantasy 3/31/12. Love getting the previews of this amazing ship!

  • Looking forward to the inaugural. It will be #51 for us. 48 more days till #45 on the Dream.

  • Also, I heard the Flying Dutchman has left Castaway Cay. Is another ship from Pirates Of The Caribbean going to come to the island?

  • Went on our First Disney Cruise in April on the Disney Dream. And boy was it a Dream!!!
    We had such a great time we booked our next cruise for christmas 2012 on the Fantasy!!
    Cant wait to watch it come together!

    See you next year!!!

  • We will be boarding the Dream on June 3rd for our 10yr wedding anniversary, then we will be on the Fantasy for the first Eastern Caribbean sailing in April 2012. I can not wait.

  • OMG! Now there’s a ship I’d love to go on… Disney and vintage art nouveau? Who can top that??? WOW!

  • We just took our first cruise on the Dream….it was the most wonderful vacation we have had as of yet. We had so much to do we didnt even have time to see any shows. we were treated like royalty, of course in Disney Style. We are going to book a 7 night cruise on the fantasy for spring 2013. There was just not enough time to see everything on the Dream.

  • Absolutely beautiful and I LOVE Minnie! We’re taking our first cruise on the Dream in October and we’ll definitely be booking our next one for the Fantasy.

  • Can’t wait to see her. Has her itinerary been set yet? Would love to know where she is going to sail.
    Thank you

  • We can’t wait. Due to our schedules we can’t get there until 2013 but we will be on the Fantasy sailing away to the Carribean then.

  • Thank you Thank you thank you for posting these pictures! We sail for our very first cruise on March 26th, 2012 on the Fantasy. I can’t even begin to explain my excitement! These pics are awesome, I so look forward to seeing Minnie Mouse in person. A pic of me and her will be my profile pic on facebook as soon as possible! Thanks for the updates! Keeps the excitement level up for me!

  • Will the Royal Court be a normal dining area, or will it be like Remy and Palo that requires reservations and an additional charge?

  • FANTASTIC pictures and news. We are booking the Fantasy for NYE 2012 while on our next Disney Cruise on the Mediterranean this Aug 20th. Great for the Girl Power Mademoiselle Minnie Mouse.

  • It looks beautiful, but why would you do the same dining theme again? The Magic has Belle (Beauty and Beast), the Wonder Ariel (Tritons), the Dream the same 4 princesses (Royal Palace/Royal Court) as will be on the Fantasy. In keeping with the princess theme, Mme. Minnie’s attire and the decor remind me of Tiana’s Place. It would also have been a nice rememberance of Walt’s love of jazz music.

  • I love how this rendering of Minnie Mouse matches the one on some of the Disneyland Paris merchandise!

  • Minnie looks like a butter sculpture, yum! We had a reservation for the Fantasy, but had to cancel, boo hoo. Maybe times will get better.

  • Beautiful! Out of all the ships this one looks to be my favorite. I love the elegant style.

  • One of these days, my boyfriend and I plan to go on a Disney cruise. I hope to see this beautiful ship with my own eyes. The Minnie statue makes me think of white chocolate. yumm.

  • So glad to see some pictures. My husband and I had our Honeymoon on the Magic, loved it so much took both are families and our 1 son back 2 years later on the Magic. Now have 2 sons and booked the Fantasy for April 7, 2012 and taking the families again. Everyone can not wait. Look forward to hearing more about the ship!!!!

  • In 353days my family and I will be on the Fantasy!! We can’t wait! Thanks for all the updates and keep them coming!!

  • We sail on the Dream in two week and again on the September Members cruise. Don’t tell but I booked the inaugural voyage of the Fantasy for an anniversary surpise for my husband! I can’t wait!!!

  • The Atrium lobby looks stunning!…there’s just one thing…:
    I think you’ve got your ‘Arts’mixed up;
    this lobby is pure Art Décoratif the more modern and stylized reaction to the nature-inspired forms and curves of Art Nouveau.
    When did you say, will Disney Cruise Lines open up bussiness in Europe? It would be a dream to make the journey from South Hampton or Rotterdam to New York like many Europeans did in the twenties and thirties…..

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