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Disney Wonder Cruises Through Tracy Arm Fjord During Inaugural Alaskan Voyage

Yesterday, I saw one of the most breathtaking sights I’ve ever witnessed as the Disney Wonder sailed past glaciers at the Tracy Arm Fjord during her first-ever Alaskan voyage. Nestled between 3,000-foot high granite walls, the narrow, twisting slice of ocean called Tracy Arm Fjord weaves through the Tongass National Forest for roughly 35 miles. We captured a photo so you can also enjoy the incredibly beautiful view. We hope you’re able to see it in person someday, too!

Disney Wonder Cruises through Tracy Arm Fjord during Inaugural Alaskan Voyage

Here’s a view of the Disney Wonder sailing near the South Sawyer Glacier at Tracy Arm Fjord.

Disney Wonder Cruises through Tracy Arm Fjord during Inaugural Alaskan Voyage

Disney Wonder Cruises through Tracy Arm Fjord during Inaugural Alaskan Voyage

During our seven-night Alaskan itineraries this summer, Disney Cruise Line also visits Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway where guests can enjoy the splendor, history and adventure that the amazing state of Alaska has to offer.

After seeing this sampling of spectacular scenery, is visiting Alaska aboard a Disney cruise on your to-do list?


  • We were on the Wonder for this trip through Tracy Arm and it was absolutely amazing. My parents had been to Glacier Bay previously and said that they enjoyed Tracy Arm more – it was more intimate.

  • My DH, DD (3 yrs) & I are going on July 12th. We can’t wait! Thank you for the pictures 🙂

  • I was on the trip and it was absolutely beautiful. The crew was also so wonderful. I didn’t want the trip to end.

  • I leave on the 24th. Awesome photos, cannot wait.

  • The pictures are amazing, as was watching the helicopter take them as they flew around the ship. However, the pictures are just a taste of the experience. Truly a magical cruise. Thanks to Disney and all of your wonderful Cast Members on the Wonder!

  • Beautiful photos. I have sailed to Alaska before, but hope to sail there with Disney someday =D

  • Georgeous! One day!

  • Wanderfull Wander-Alaska pictures. I just hope thouse ice blocks don’t scrap the paint from my ship. 🙂

  • Great photos… cant wait for our trip, we set sail in a few weeks on May 31st

  • Great Pictures-cant wait for our trip in July!

  • My parents and I are booked on the August 30th Alaska cruise. Keep up with the wonderful pictures. I can’t wait! Woohoo! 🙂

  • I am so looking forward to going on the Alaskan Cruise in late August. We have been waiting for this for awhile. Alot of my friends are so excited that Disney will be going out of Galveston soon and looking forward to their first Disney Cruise.

  • Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing with us. Can’t wait for our trip on the Wonder later this month!

  • So excited to see these pictures! We will be on that ship in 11 days – woo hoo!!! Now I have to go pack!!

  • See ya on May 17th!

  • So excited! My husband and I set sail on June 28 to celebrate our 35th anniversary!

  • Those are great photos! I am so excited. My wife and I leave tomorrow (Saturday) to Vancouver, BC to get ready for our 7-night Alaska Cruise on the Wonder! So excited…can’t wait! Camera is charged.

  • I am so excited. My husband and I leave for our Alaskan cruise on May 24. I have been waiting for this all my life and I am 62. The pictures are beautiful!!!!

  • These photos are great. Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait for our August 16th sailing!

  • I can’t wait. We will be there in July. I have seen Glacier Bay too and I think any new Alaska scenery is so exciting.

  • Nice, but no comparison to Glacier Bay. We are on the August 16 Disney Alaska cruise because it is DCL, not because it is the best itinerary out there. I’m hoping not to be too disappointed with Tracy Arm Fjord.

  • Thank you. Can’t wait until next week. On the 5/10/11 cruise with family.

  • I will be setting sail through Alaska in September 2012

  • That last photo is great. Is a higher resolution available? I’d love to make it my wallpaper.

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