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Disney Wonder Sets Sail for First-Ever Alaskan Voyage Today

It’s the day we’ve all been looking forward to – the Disney Wonder is ready for her inaugural voyage from Vancouver to Alaska!

We snapped an exclusive photo just for you of the ship in Vancouver – getting ready to embark on an incredible seven-night cruise full of adventure, culture and plenty of family fun.

Disney Wonder Sets Sail for First-Ever Alaskan Voyage Today

Wish us well as we depart today to visit the Alaskan wonders of Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway and Tracy Arm Fjord. More updates to come as we reach another new destination. Which port of call on this itinerary are you most interested in?

Disney Wonder Sets Sail for First-Ever Alaskan Voyage Today


  • My first cruise was an Alaskan cruise with a different cruise line and I had a great time. Then my second cruise was just recently on the Disney Dream and had an even better time. How I wish I had the money to combine those two experiences and be aboard the Wonder right now…

  • I will be going to Alaska on the Wonder in two weeks. Can’t wait!!!

  • I hope everyone has a magical trip. My parents will be on this first Alaskan cruise. I am a bit jealous, but very excited for them. I believe DCL is the best of the best. I love everytime my husband and I step on the ships. I will be on the Disney Dream in Dec. Can’t wait

  • We are sailing out on May 31st for our Alaskan Crusie. Anyone else going that week?

  • We’re taking the cruise to Alaska in June! Can’t wait!! (it’s our second Disney Cruise). Would love to know a little more about the weather while on the boat this time — are the pools covered? Open?

  • Thanks for the pics. I’m hoping to head down today to see the Wonder sail out! Wish I didn’t have to wait a whole year until my cruise!!!!!

  • Beautiful ship in a beautiful city!

  • Wish all of you and those on The Wander the best of bests.

    We need you to keep this itinerary until Summer 2014. I have to go to the Med this year (Aug 20th) on The Magic and then go on The Fantasy for NYE 2012; and then we are planning to go to Alaska, so please keep this itinerary long enough.

    God Speed and Fair Winds

  • Tony from TN, we are sailing on that same week. I can’t wait!!

  • We can’t wait for our turn in July! Very anxious to see what everybody thinks of this itinerary and the excursions! Keep the blog updated!! 🙂

  • We are going in July – please keep the pictures coming – we are so excited!

  • We’re sailing on the May 24th Alaskan cruise. We are so excited we’ve almost completely packed right now!

  • Oh my goodness! I live in Ketchikan and I am so excited to see this ship! I just want to go on the Cruise to see more of Alaska! 🙂 maybe one day…

  • Gordon, look me up, possibly the only person on board with an Arkansas shirt on.

    I can’t wait either.

  • Why is she sailing southeast toward Victoria and Seattle instead of northwest along the Inside Passage?

  • We sailed on the Dream in February 2011 and LOVED it so much we immediately booked Alaska. We are surprising our kids and don’t plan to tell them until we can see the Wonder. We’ve spent several weeks studying Alaska and can’t wait to live what we learned.

  • I can’t wait for our family cruise aboard the Dream in January 2012 and hopefully when our kids are older and able to appreciate Alaska and all its beauty we will be able to take a Disney Alaskan cruise!!!

  • We have been on both the Magic and Wonder…now anxiously awaiting our cruise to Alaska in June…but wondering about a few things…
    1. The weather / pools. Is it going to be warm enough for the kids to get in?

    2. Is there a pirate night?

    3. Any advice from those of you going ahead of us?

    Counting down the days!

  • As far As I know there is a Pirate Night but no Fireworks on any of the Alaskan Cruises, The wonder will have a Canopy infron of the ship on deck 10 to be exact for all those wonderfull views and it s a cover canopy.

  • Anyone traveling the week of the 23 of August on the Alaska cruise?

  • We will be on the Disney Wonder in 5 short weeks, my girls are excited as well as I this will be our first cruise.I have been to Disney Wolrd 7 times my kids 3 and since I was born & raised in CA Disneyland 1000 times at least….. LOVE LOVE LOVE DISNEY Can’t wait!!!!

  • Tony from TN… Well, I guess you won’t be the only Tennessee folks on the May 31 cruise. You can’t miss us. We’ll be the folks wearing orange UT shirts . 😉

  • Leaving on the Wonder Tuesday May 31.

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