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‘Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular’ Will Take the Stage on the Disney Fantasy

We hope you’ve been enjoying our updates about the exciting new elements you’ll find on the Disney Fantasy.

Today, I want to share some details that are sure to make you sing and dance with excitement…a new Broadway-style production will take the stage in the Walt Disney Theatre aboard the Disney Fantasy. This show brings to life the story from a classic animated Disney film – “Aladdin.” New to Disney Cruise Line, “Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular” is a fast-paced musical comedy where Aladdin, the “street rat” of Agrabah, meets a wise-cracking Genie who grants him three wishes.

'Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular' on the Disney Fantasy

Along the way, Aladdin battles the evil Jafar and falls in love with Princess Jasmine, who by the way is my daughter’s favorite Disney character. Kids and adults alike are all going to love this entertaining show!

If you’re hoping there will be a flying magic carpet scene, your wish is coming true. With the help of mechanical wizardry and state-of-the-art projections, Aladdin and Jasmine will perform “Whole New World” as they soar on a romantic magic carpet ride.

'Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular' on the Disney Fantasy

If only I could rub a magic lamp and have a Genie pop out – I would wish to be on a Disney cruise right now! Who’s with me?


  • I agree with Aleesah – I know a lot of people who will be very happy if your hint, Bradley, is true!!!. Jordan, I’m hoping to make it up to Seattle for Aladdin the Musical – a good friend of mine is laking a leave-of-absense from Memphis on Broadway to play Genie.

  • Aladdin the Musical is about to premier at the 5th Avenue Theatre here in Seattle…..will this show be similar or will the show at the 5th be more “Broadway-ready” as many of the shows that have premiered here prior (Shrek, Memphis, Catch me if You Can). The show at CA is very interactive and not a true stage show although it is fun for the kids. I imagine the show on the cruise is also similar to that. I look forward to seeing Disney step it up at the 5th Avenue and continue the trend of great Disney Musicals on stage.

  • Is this the same show @ DCA?

  • Bradley, if you’re hinting at what I think you are I am actually excited! Although I will be very sad when Aladdin does leave DCA, a musical production based on a movie that you mentioned would be one of the very few things I would be excited to see in its place!

  • I liked Michael Lee as Aladdin, but I LOVED Miles Wesley as Aladdin! He was so spirited, handsome and funny! Didn’t Miles sing on the Aladdin CD?

  • I hope if they are moving this from the DCA theatre that Hyperion will get a facelift, and get a new show of equal caliber, I vote for Beauty and the Beast

  • The production at California Adventure is fantastic. It’s definitely Broadway quality in all aspects – acting, singing, staging, sets, costumes, etc. Anyone going to California Adventure should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to see it.

    Tip: If you get a choice, sit in the front row of the first balcony. You’ll have a great view of the stage, but you’ll also be able to see the flying carpet (yes!) sequence, and you won’t miss the grand entrance of “Prince Ali!”

  • It hasn’t been formally announced yet, but casting notices for Aladdin said the contracts were good until early November.

    Even though those photos are from the DCA production, the two shows will obviously differ. Whether Aladdin remains at DCA, however, remains to be seen. As it is, they were going to remove it last year in favor of Toy Story which is already on the Disney Wonder.

    So you never know what kind of Newsies will be delivered in the upcoming months.

  • We love the show at DCA, can’t wait to see it on the Fantasy on the maiden voyage!!!

  • I love the Aladdin show at Disney’s California Adventure?

    I hope they keep the show very much like the original!

  • I LOVE the movie Aladdin!! I can’t wait to see this on my 2012 cruise on the Fantasy!!

  • I am! Will this be anything like the show at Disney’s California Adventure?

  • Its good to know that the Aladdin show from California Adventure is considered such a success to be included on a Disney cruise ship. 🙂

  • Does this mean that the California Adventure production will close?

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