ElecTRONica Continues to Electrify the Night at Disney California Adventure Park

Robin Trowbridge

by , Entertainment Show Director, Disneyland Resort.

Attention programs and users, this is an ElecTRONica automatic schedule reminder. The electrifying nighttime interactive experience at Disney California Adventure park will continue to heat up the night now through Labor Day.

ElecTRONica Event at Disney California Adventure Park

The Portal activates and guests become immersed in the energy, fun and excitement that is ElecTRONica. Hear and see electrifying music and dance, behold spectacular laser shows and 3-D experiences, and test your Light Cycle skills at the TRON: Evolution Tournament. Whatever the desire, ElecTRONica has something for everybody! And there is more coming! Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for information about new entertainment offerings, dates and times that are making their way to the Grid.

I will leave you with the words of our dazzling nighttime host, Eckert: “Who out there is ready to see and taste and feel the wonders of ElecTRONica?! To change the scheme? Alter the mood? It all awaits you beyond the Portal … in ElecTRONica!!”

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  • At first I was very skeptical of ElecTRONica since it has mild adult themes, but it was fun for the whole family and so…COOL. Glad to hear it’s sticking around!

  • Got to see ElecTRONica last October and loved it! Please convince WDW to add it! We’re bigger on the east coast, but Disneyland remains cooler. ElecTRONica, Haunted Mansion Holiday, Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, World of Color. The list goes on!! 🙂

  • Yes, Disneyland has a lot of cool stuff! 🙂

    Its great that ElecTRONica has lasted so long, especially since that area of the park needs something in the evenings with all of the construction going on lately in that area.

  • Very nice to see them extend it… unfortunately we aren’t heade back to DLC until Nov 2012, so we are gonna miss it 🙁
    Can’t wait to see all the new things at the happiest place on earth in 2012!!

  • I’m so glad!!! Laser Man! I was so impressed. I was a dance & theater major in college. Laser Man is performance art at its finest. I would go again just to see him. My only criticism of ElecTRONica is that we have been three times. Each time we go, my 10 y.o. daughter walks up when they’re hula hooping and waits patiently. Once she’s been given a hoop, the ElecTRONica lady shows up to take it from her before she can use it. It can’t require that much more manpower or hoops to allow more people to do it more often, within reason. Otherwise awesome event. Drag a Karl Strauss beer cart over there!!!

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