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Enchanted Tiki Room: Classic Attraction Transforms This Summer

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney Imagineering announced earlier today at D23’s Destination D: Walt Disney World 40th event that The Enchanted Tiki Room (Under New Management) at Magic Kingdom Park is already undergoing changes behind closed doors that will reshape the attraction into a version reminiscent of the original show.

Enchanted Tiki Room: Classic Attraction Transforms This Summer

The Walt Disney World attraction, originally called Tropical Serenade, has been entertaining guests since the theme park’s opening day on Oct. 1, 1971. Its winged hosts, Jose, Fritz, Pierre and Michael, led 200 other birds, tikis and flowers in an entertaining musical Polynesian revue. Tropical Serenade was reshaped into The Enchanted Tiki Room (Under New Management) in 1998, with the addition of Iago (from “Aladdin”) and Zazu (from “The Lion King”).

The attraction was based on Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, which opened at Disneyland park in 1963. Its debut marked a huge milestone in Disney history, becoming the first attraction to ever feature Audio-Animatronics figures – a breakthrough that took 10 years to develop.

The latest version of the attraction, which will be called Enchanted Tiki Room, will debut at Magic Kingdom Park later this summer. Be sure to check the Disney Parks Blog for future updates on the attraction’s progress.


  • I am with Diana from NY…when is the original Figmant coming back?!?!?! Although, I am glad they incorporated him in some way…But Nothing beats the original!!


  • Awesome! Cannot wait to see it guys 🙂

  • My family and I have never seen the original version. It was already “Under New Management” the first time we visited WDW. We were never a fan so we never tried it again. But with everyone on these posts being so excited for the original version, I’m looking forward to trying it again once it’s re-opened!!

  • My family would love to see the entire original Tiki Room show at Walt Disney World. We were never pleased with the “new” version with the screaming audiomatronics. Sure hope we get the original!!

  • It is my favorite ride! So glad it will be returning!

  • Unlike a lot of the other posters, I actually kinda liked the Under New Management show.

    But I don’t mind that the original is coming back, just so long as it doesn’t lead to a return of the constant walk-outs that prompted the original’s removal from WDW in the first place.

    Once this project is done, please focus on reviving the Country Bears’ Xmas and Vacation shows. Thanks.

  • This is great news for all who have heard and seen the older versions of The Tiki Room. My husband and son have only seen the Under New Management version. i never really cared much for the change, but the kids seem to like it more. the original that opened in Disney World is my personal favorite.Hopefully it will be done b4 we go on our next trip my May or August of next year.

  • Very cool.

    When I visited WDW some years ago, I thought that the Under New Management show was interesting, but only because I knew that the original was still around at Disneyland.

    Having said that, I an still very glad that the original Enchanted Tiki Room is still at Disneyland.
    Although I would not mind if the Imagineers made some enhancements to the original at Disneyland. It doesn’t have to be anything too major, its just that technology has improved tremendously since the Tiki Room first opened, so it would be great to see some new effects and perhaps some new songs.

    Change is not necessarily a bad thing. As long as the changes are in good taste and match the “DNA” of the original show, then I am fine with it. It would really help to give a breath of fresh air to the original at Disneyand.

  • Remember, “if you mess with polynesia, the gods are gonna squeeze ya.” I like the current show — much more contemporary. Scanning the comments, I guess I’m either in the minority or under 60. The OLD show was nice but there’s no missed nostalgia here. I’m sure if you’re spending money on the show revamp, you’ll do something current, but surprised by the direction and the response.

  • Talk about a fan club! I can’t wait, I love any version of the Tiki Room. Open is so much better than closed.

  • I was not a fan of either of the shows. but I would love to see the original figment come back. I would love my kids to see that

  • I never had the pleasure of seeing the original so I’m definitely looking forward to this “similar” version on my trip in September.

    Now please bring back Alien Encounter 😉

  • The new version was an abomination. I’m glad to see it’s being retrofitted. I’m sorry Wally Boag is no longer able to add his creative genius and voice to the mix, but I’m hopeful that the re-work will be an improvement.

  • This is wonderful news. And with the D23 40’th meeting details of the Fantasyland expansion I can honestly say Walt Disney Imagineering is doing wonderful! It is also imprortant to note the officials who agree on budget and sign off on allocation of funds are doing a great service by allowing these sorts of improvements. This will have me coming at least once a year for at least the next five years where as I was only visiting every 3-5 years previously. Keep developing adding things large and small and always looking for ways to not only add but improve what is already there and we will happily spend our hard earned money with a company working hard to keep us visiting. I am so excited. Now all we need is Adventurers Club next.

  • What a fantastic decision. Thank you Disney so much. Disneyland’s ETR is my second favorite disney attraction. When this is completed I will definitely be making a trip. Please get close to the origional! AWESOME YES!!!

  • So in other words they are going to make the two shows “basically” the same?
    Nooooo 🙁

    I was so excited to see the 1998 version with my two favorite birds!
    Ah well…

  • You will make a lot of people very happy if you is more than just reminiscent of the original. It was a classic and an attraction that everyone in our family looked forward to going to for years. We actually have been skipping it in our past visits, just not the same.

  • I have to say that I last visited DisneyWorld in 2005 and was so disappointed in the then-update of the Tiki Room. My memories of it from many years beforehand had MUCH more audience participation and that song they used to sing “…in the tiki tiki tiki tiki tikiiii room…” stayed with you for the day and I everyone loved it and we all knew the all the words by the end of the show. I hope they actually go backwards and bring back what it used to be way back in the day.

  • My sister and I are excited the Tiki Room is going to be more like the original!

  • Cue the hallelujah chorus!

  • Quite possibly THE best announcement Disney has ever made!! I would have even accepted rolling it back to Tropical Serenade, but actually making it the Enchanted Tiki Room makes me ecstatic!!

  • Fantastic. The Tiki Room was a welcome oasis from the heat, long ago. The ‘under new management’ version was cute, for about one visit.

    I hope the restoration is much more like the original.

  • This makes me so, so, so happy! I was hoping, like everyone else when the refurb was extended, that the new management would have less of a presence! My first trip to Disney World was in 1996, so I barely knew The Enchanted Tiki Room before Iago and Zazu came in (especially since I was only 7 at the time!) but when I visited Disneyland in 2008 and saw the enchantment of the attraction in its original form, my strong displeasure with Iago and Zazu increased. I can’t wait to see it (hopefully!) when I return to Disney in August!

  • Great! Now please bring back Dreamfinder and Figment in the original EPCOT Imagination. Thanks!

  • Thank God (or John Lasseter)! Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management was arguably the worst thing to ever come out of Walt Disney Imagineering, and I’m glad to see that the classic will return. Good on you Disney, now if only someone would set fire to Stitch…

  • Great news indeed! While not hating “Under new Management” I was never impressed with it. One viewing was all that one needed.

    Glad to hear you’re bring it back to the original (close to it, anyway)!

  • While not hating “Under new Management” I was never impressed with it. One viewing was all that one needed.

    Glad to hear you’re bring it back to the original (close to it, anyway)!

  • Thank heavens! We were so disapointed when we went to Disney World. What use to be an wonderful restful place to sit and enjoy had become an annoying loud mouthed mess. So very happy to hear it will be switched back to the original attraction.

  • Very happy to hear this. I grew up near WDW and have fond memories of the classic. I talked so highly of it to my wife and daughter that I was embarrassed when we visited for their first times. This was one of only a very small number of times where I felt Disney missed the mark. I agree that Journey into Imagination would also be nice to see returned to a more classic form, in spite of being a big fan of Eric Idle and all things Python. The only other classic thing I really miss is Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at the MK.

  • It’s about time they need to restore this attraction back to the original version.Me & my family miss the old show for a very long time.The present attraction had to many issues.

  • I’m guessing they don’t have time to do anything but import the soundtrack/animatronics from the “real” show at DLR, but this is the Berlin Wall coming down–We’ve been BEGGING Disney, on hands and knees to put that Pressler-era embarrassment out of our misery since the day Jay Rasulo walked in.
    (The New Management show was a creepy, disturbing experience to sit through: We weren’t listening to Iago be wisecracking, we were really hearing Paul Pressler spew murderous bile at the old show, just because it was getting low numbers: “You’re old! You’re freakin’ OLD!! Why don’t you just do us a favor and DIE, so we can build a gift shop??”…Not exactly a Tropical Serenade. 0_0”’ )

  • Also:
    “But I don’t mind that the original is coming back, just so long as it doesn’t lead to a return of the constant walk-outs that prompted the original’s removal from WDW in the first place.”

    The Classic show was written in Walt’s day, and had the same leisurely pace as the 50’s-60’s TV series: There was nothing wrong with the idea of singing birds (and a little shade), just that the pace needed to be picked up–First our host introduce the birds singing. Now the hosts introduce the flowers singing. Now the hosts introduce some more birds singing, and ask the audience to sing along….Start, stop, start, stop, and every song going on literally twice as long as they needed to.
    If they had the time to record a new “real” show (ie. tropical/Hawaiian, no Gloria Estefan or Disney songs), it would’ve needed a little bit of a “medley” flow instead of the cabaret format
    of Our Next Act. (Which start-stop made parents think “Oh, is that it, can I take the kids out now?”, and resulted in all those walkouts in the first place–It wasn’t attention-spans, it was just all those parents with preschoolers.)

  • Glad I’m not the only one to say THANK GOD! The fire was the first good thing to happen to that show in years if this is the result!

  • “In the Tiki, Tiki Room”. This is one attraction that I always see.

  • Can’t even begin to describe how thrilled I am at this development. Even if the original show isn’t reinstalled as it was, a return to something along those lines is a much needed improvement.

    Any chance the Barker Bird will come back out??

  • It says it will be open later this summer, but does anyone know of a date? We will be there towards the end of Sept and we hope that it is reopen at that time. Our son loves that show.

  • Please leave in the goddess

  • Great news! I loved that attraction as a child and was so unhappy with the new version! Thanks!

  • That is awesome news!!! Please do the same for Alien Encounter!

  • THANK YOU DISNEY!!!! I always LOVED the Tiki Room, but the Under New Management was horrible!!! Just a small clip of that classic song was a terrible tease. And let’s be honest, the lines were nothing compared to the original. I cannot wait to see it in Nov/Dec when I come down again. I haven’t been in the Tiki Room since Under New Management started. Definitely one of my fave Disney songs ever!!! Great job and keep bringing back the lost Disney classics!! (Captain EO, Electric Light Parade, and now this!!) Keep it up!!

  • This is so awesome! I have never liked the Under New Management version. Too much of the original was lost, too much modern music was used, and we never cared for the goddess that rises from the enchanted fountain. Under New Management was clearly Eisner-inspired. Thank goodness some middle ground between the two versions is being created! Yea for Disney for listeneing to its guests once again!

    Some people are never happy, though. Remember when Dreamfinder and Figment were completely gone from Imagination? This current version HAS returned them, and I was quite happy to see that on my last visit.

  • Any chance it’ll be open by July 4th?

  • The is the best Disney news in years! This has been one of my absolute favorites since childhood, and I am so glad it’s being ‘fixed’. The UNM version actually made me cry when I saw it the first time, it was so bad. My husband couldn’t understand why I loved the tiki room so much until he got to see the original in DL last year. I second (and third) some other comments when I say that all we need is Journey Into Imagination brought back to the original version and the Adventurers Club reopened, and all will be right with the (WD)World.

  • I need to add my voice to the Journey Into Imagination fans who have spoken up here. I really miss the original ride. The one without Figment was just terrible. This new version is better than nothing, I guess. That’s about the best spin I can put on it. Thanks again for the news on the Tiki Room, guys! It sounds like near-unanimous approval!

  • YEEESSSSSS!!!!! 🙂

    What great news! My husband had never seen the Tiki Room before and he LOVED the original, then we went to MK (I did warn him that I preferred the original…) and he didn’t like it.

    Now, I’m with everyone else…please bring back the original Figment ride and the Dreamcatcher!!!! And, while I’m at it, we on the West Coast would appreciate the return of MSEP that was absconded to replace Spectromagic at WDW… 🙂

  • I love the original at DL, but I hope the new update at WDW is not the same as at DL. The under new management show could have been so much better, but at least it was something new and different. It made it more unique.

  • By slightly different do you mean it will be the Disneyland version (which has Offenbach removed and some line changes)???

    Thank you for this… Will be truly wonderful to finally be able to Sing Like the Birdies Sing again at WDW!!!! Thank you for returning this to “Under Walt’s Management” once again!!!

  • I am so so so happy about this! When I brought my 2 1/2 year old
    ( Now 5) she was so upset about the mean bird yelling a bad word (shut-up) … as I was too. The original was so lovely ( I know they said the attendance was way down) but this was(imo) the wrong direction to go!
    We will be there is Sept. I am hoping that the late summer date will be the true opening. My daughter and I are so excited to see this!

  • @ Jennifer Fickley-Baker I started laughing when u mentioned the rain and thunder outside of the windows. I went to the tiki room with my sis and niece at Disneyland not to long ago. My niece only 7 saw the rain outside the window so she put her jacket on, hood over her head and zippered up to her neck and said it’s raining hard outside were gonna get wet! Of course we didn’t say anything …. when she stepped outside to the sunshine and the blue skies we started laughing and she got upset and was totally embarrassed!

    The Tiki Room brings back memories of going to the park when I was a kid.

  • Awesome. You all are starting to get it.

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