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Every Role a Starring Role – Disneyland Resort Nurses

David Gill

by , Disneyland Resort

The Disneyland Resort is very similar to a small city. It’s home to architects, landscapers, engineers and dozens of other occupations – including nurses.

This week – National Nurses Week – we celebrate our very own team of registered nurses who respond to guest needs throughout our Resort and around the clock. Trained in everything from basic first aid to life-saving skills, they truly can make all the difference in a guest’s visit.

Hear from Melissa in the video below as she shares how her role helps deliver the magic!


  • This is MY dream job!! I’m graduating in August so I’ll see ya’ll in 5 years! haha

  • this is my dream job!!! *swoons*

  • I’m enjoying this video. This is a great job and working for disneyland nurse is an experience wonderful.

  • God bless the Disney nurses. During one visit I needed their services in California Adventure and Dinseyland. They were kind, friendly, and professional. They gave me great peace of mind. They sent me on my way relaxed and able to fully enjoy the rest of my visit. I’m glad to know they are there whenever anyone in my family may need them. Thanks!!

  • I have only had one experience with the Disneyland nurses and even though my issue was very minor (blister) they treated me so well. Please keep the ‘Every Role is a Starring Role’ series going. It has been wonderful learning about all of the different jobs at the resort.

  • I would love to shadow the nurses around and just see what kinda of issues comes up. I better its never a boring day there. Thank you Nurses for taking care of us when we need you!!

  • Greatly appreciated. With all the rides, events and large crowds where things can suddenly happen its reassuring to know that medical staff is available for us in case of emergencies.

  • As a Registered Nurse from Canada also celebrating Nurse’s Week I want to say YAY DISNEY for recognizing these valuable professionals! Disneyland is my FAVORITE place to visit, and I can only imagine what a magical place it would be to work!

  • OMG!!!! I’m an RN….always threatening that I’m moved to WDW and going to work for DISNEY…now..gotta find one of these jobs!!!

  • Great video.

    I love this “Every Role a Starring Role” series.

  • Great Job, Disneyland Nurses! We appreciate you!!!

  • When my daughter was 2 she dislocated her elbow in Toontown. Not only were the nurses great in helping her keep calm and distracting her but they also had the Disney van take us to the emergency room at Children’s (even supplied a car seat) – they had called ahead and the doctor was waiting for us – and then brought us back to continue our day at the Park. (Once the elbow was back in place there was no pain.) They were wonderful!

  • Disneyland nurses and all the first responders there are WONDERFUL! In 2008 we were involved in an incident as we were leaving the park. My infant son and I were injured. Within SECONDS we were assisted by numerous first responders. There were even Cast Members to watch my older son while the RN took care of myself & our infant. I can’t thank them enough!!! In the days that followed our incident, we tried to give our RN a box of Hawaiian candy. She was off that day, but I’m sure she received it none the less. Mahalo to them all!!

  • This truly is so cool. I’ve been looking into the medical profession and working in Florida (mostly to be closer to DisneyWorld. I know…silly, but I love it so much). I really want to be a Physical Therapist and was wondering if DisneyWorld uses physical therapists at all?

  • Thank you to your medical staff for the care I received from a Nurse or PA, when I fell on my face and broke my right arm, on March 3. The medical staff responded quickly, got me off the ground (a feat in itself) and took me to the medical building to rest for a bit. I also was given a list of emergency clinics near the park and advised to have my arm checked out. Again, thank you so much.

  • /like x100!

    Yay for the DL Resort Nurses! 😀

  • My 9 year old daughter collapsed with heat exhaustion while we were at Disneyland last year. The nurses were really great and compassionate!

  • in Dec of 2006 our son was 3 months old. We woke up to hearing him coughing really bad. I called the front desk not knowing what to do and within mins, there was a nurse and secerity at our room. we where shocked to find out our son had croup. but it was nice that the nurse was there and able to help us so fast. thank you.

  • I am a RN and know the extensive training these special nurse angels have. It makes my visits to the Happiest Place on Earth a little Happier knowing that they are there for everyone. ❤ ❤ ❤ Bless you all.

  • The Disneyland Resort nurses were literally a life saver for my family. I went into the First Aid area to get ice for a foot injury, and in the process the nurse gave us a list of local emergency rooms just in case it got worse. (They were very kind and very helpful.)

    Little did we know that a couple days later into our vacation my daughter’s appendix would rupture and she would require emergency surgery. Thankfully we already had the hospital location in hand from my visit to the First Aid area, and were able to drive directly to the emergency room and get her immediate help.

  • Last May I hurt my knee on the way to the fireworks. bummer! But the staff, especially the nurse, were protective and wonderfully smart about what to do. Thanks to the nurse!!!

  • As a fellow RN and soon to be CRNA (graduate tomorrow!) (certified registered nurse anesthetist)I am happy to see the recognition of nurses! I too would love to work for the parks one day when I retire! Go nurses!

  • I was at Walt Disney World in 1984 and tripped on some rope turnstiles. I scrapped my shins on the fall down. I never knew that they had a medical facility until I was brought there. I was rushed to the medical center where they bandaged my shins and I left happy that my vacation wasn’t ruined!

  • I did not even know that RNs worked @ Disney….Sign me up!!!! Now I know where I want to work when I retire….lol

  • Love the Disney nurses, they helped my dad out with some wound treatment after he took a tumble at California Adventure.

  • How neat! Thank you for making this video. I was searching for nursing jobs w/in the Disney company recently, so this was very helpful for me! Hip hip hooray for nurses everywhere!

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