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Grant Your Mom a Disney Mother’s Day ‘Magical Wish’

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

Wouldn’t it be great to be a Fairy Godmother and grant a special wish for Mom on Mother’s Day? We typically like gifts that have some thought behind them and include a special card with an endearing message written inside, right ladies? Yes, I said endearing and it’s so true. Well, at Disney Floral & Gifts we heard your requests and created a gifting experience custom fit for any mom on her special day or any other special occasion. It could really be sent to anyone you love who has been influential in your life.

'A Magical Wish' Card from Disney Floral & Gifts

Okay, now the gift. It’s called a “A Magical Wish” and it can be delivered here at Walt Disney World or shipped to your home in the United States. It comes in a beautiful cream-colored box with a teal satin bow to resemble the Fairy Godmother’s robe. When Mom opens the box, she’ll find the card. You have to read the card though because it sets up the story for the gifts inside.

'A Magical Wish' Wand from Disney Floral & Gifts

Next, she’ll see the fairy tale wand…

'A Magical Wish' Bracelet from Disney Floral & Gifts

And then she’ll discover a black velvety box with this elegant bracelet inside. It’s made of sterling silver, Swarovski crystals and three charms that say, “Dream,” “Wish” and “Believe.” Place the bracelet on her wrist as a reminder that you’re granting her a wish that means so much. And this is a bracelet to show off. How ‘bout that? Your loved one will be showing off a gift that you got for her and she’ll be telling the story over and over. Can you hear it?

Truly though, the best part is knowing that someone she loves loved her enough to get a gift that helps fulfill a wish or dream. Then the jewelry, card and wand become keepsakes of the heart. It doesn’t get any better than that.

So look no further, let us help you grant Mom a Mother’s Day wish she’ll remember. Just call a Dream Maker at 407-WDW-GIFT or you can go on our website at

Since we take your requests and thoughts to heart, what gifts or gifting experiences would you’d like us to consider creating in the future?


  • to bad I ordered this to be delivered to a residence the day this posting came out, and it’s not going to make it until MONDAY. I paid 25 dollars for shipping. I can’t say how disappointed I am. How frustrated I am.

  • My mom has never been to Disney World and she has had some recent health issues. I would love for her to go to Disney World one day, for the trip of a lifetime!

  • We were suppose to take my step daughter and her kids with this July and my husband had surgery so we had to postpone the trip. I really wanted to do this for them because my husband has not talked to his daughter for awhile. Now we can not take them because money is to tight with my husband out of work. Just found out they are having money problems too. It would just be a nice thing to take them to Disney, since they have never been there. I wish I could have made this come true, but I can not. Wish I was going to be there in July.

  • Also, we go to the All-Star Music, which my opinion was great. Mommy and I always go to value resorts. But the number one thing we love is the Disney Dining Plan.

  • I wish that for Mother’s Day, I would take my mom to disney World. My Mom and I are huge Disney fans. The last time I’ve been to Walt Disney World is in 2008. We had a blast! I just wish I could take her back to Walt Disney World. That would be a wish come true.

  • My dream was to go Disney this year but, because he had surgery 2 weeks ago we are not going to have the money. He wanted to take me soooo much but I do not htink it will happen this year, I wish it would because I would take my mother who is on the list for a kidney transplant,she really would like to go, but I am not sure if we can take her this year.

  • I set aside Mothers day to spend it with her, yesterday she called to say, this will be one of the last years with your Son who is graduating this year. Not knowing how I will feel, she is currently suffering with Liver cancer and other medical issues,
    She felt I should be with my son and daughter rather than spend hours on the road to visit her.
    Proof that a Mothers love is unselfish, and continues no matter what hardships they may be experiencing. She embodies Dream, Wish, and Believe for your children, as they are what we pass on in this world, as she may be leaving soon. I as her daughter still Dream, Wish and Believe that she will be here for a long time to come that she will see her Grand Daughter graduate from High School in 3 more years, just as she sees her Grand Son this year.
    I Dream Wish and Believe each day that I can show her how much she has meant to me, Believing in my pursuits in Love, Family, and Career, Wish that I live the life I am meant too, and Finally never never stop Dreaming about the future and how we can pass along our Mothers faith and love to our children.

  • I wish I still had my Mother to share Mother’s Day with. She loved all things Disney. She has passed that on to me and my daughters. Thanks, Mom

  • When you said endearing, you weren’t kidding. Tried to read the card aloud to my dear husband and cried all the way through it. I so appreciate the way you have to chosen to honor all the wonderful mothers out there. Each and every mom deserves to feel like a Disney princess, and this gift truly captures the magic of motherhood. Thank you.

  • How absolutely beautiful!!! I’m so thankful for my mother … and I’m so incredibly blessed to be a mother of two little boys.

    This would make the most fantastic gift for Mother’s Day … I’ll have to leave the Parks Blog open so my family can “just happen” to see this wonderful page 🙂 Thanks Disney for bringing such a special touch to such a special day.

  • Its been 11 years now that I took my mom to Walt Disney World, my mom had a strock and was in a wheelchair when we went. We had a wonderful trip together. My mother died in 2006. I wish I could relive the magic with my brother but I don t have the funds now.

  • god bless me,with three mother,my grandma,& aunt,the always been with me,sence i was 3 years old,my mom,single mother,hard worker,my wish for everyone,is can bee with me always,their love & support never leave me,they are the best mothers,i love everyone,

  • my wish is to spend a weak in Disneyland with my kids and my parents my dad has always done a lot for me. but its my mom that’s always been their supporting me through the hard times she is a wonderful mom and i miss her so much since she moved away to Tennessee last year

  • My mom would love to go in July She is a colon cancer survivor going on her 2nd year but money is tight with all the medical bills sense her insurance dropped her for having cancer.
    My mom is very special to me Love you mom!! Love Kesslie

  • I wish my mom could go to Disney World she is the best mom in the hole world she had a heart attack 2 years ago and is doing better now I hope shes around for along time I love you mom love Megan!

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