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Jedi, Wookiees and Sith, Oh My! Star Wars Weekends Launches at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

While the galaxy’s eyes last Friday were on the spectacular launch of “Star Tours – The Adventures Continue” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Weekends 2011 began the same day with a legion of Star Wars fans in attendance.

With Star Tours serving as the centerpiece of the celebration, Star Wars Weekends returned bigger than ever with new characters, new shows, a larger stage for the Hyperspace Hoopla and some of the brightest stars from the Star Wars Saga and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Let’s join our favorite Star Wars Weekends roving reporter, John, as he chats with some of the celebrities and fans visiting Weekend I, recaps some of the Grand Opening fun and gives us a peek into what’s coming up for Weekend II.


  • I was at Hyperspace Hoopla last night – wow, what a great show! But I saw several families leaving during the show with their kids in tears because they weren’t tall enough to see the stage. Why not use that huge video screen behind the stage to show the action on stage?

  • I should be there Monday, I can’t wait after 5 previous trips to WDW this is my first Star Wars Weekend to attend!!!! Yay!!!

  • I’ll be looking for Jedi Gary starting June fifth!!! Looks like a huge success so far!

  • Less than 1 week! Going to our 3rd Star Wars Weekend next week. Wish us luck on the stampede I expect on the way to ride the updated Star Tours! @_@

  • I can’t wait for Star Wars weekend this week! Will be flying out to Florida on Saturday! WOOHOO! 🙂

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