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Melissa Joan Hart’s Disney Memories

Like most moms, I have a fairly normal life. I go to work, take care of my family, clean, help my Princess do her homework, work out and I even (insert horror music sounds here) cook. When I run into celebrity moms at Disney Parks, I have been completely surprised that although they may walk red carpets, have personal stylists and appear in movies and television, their “real” lives are often just like mine.

Many of us watched Melissa Joan Hart grow up right before our eyes as “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” She is now a busy mom of two. When she wants to spend some quality time with her young children, she often brings them to a Disney park. Just like me, she has lots of Disney memories of her family’s adventures that will last her a lifetime.


  • Ronnie yeah, whenever I see Mellisa on TV I can’t separate her from her role as Clarissa. She’s always going to be Clarissa to me.

  • I prefer to remember her as Clarissa Darling.

  • Uh oh, did the Casey Jr footage go offline? Someone forgot to fix that problem.

    John C.

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