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Mermaids Sighted at The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom Park

Mermaids Sighted at The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom Park

To celebrate the theatrical release of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom Park is adding a new package just for enchanting girls that is sure to lift a few fins. Starting Friday, May 20, The Pirate League will offer a new limited-time, deluxe packaged called The Mermaid Transformation Package. The mermaid package will transform girls of all ages into the ethereal and mysterious sirens of the seas.

Mermaids Sighted at The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom Park

The Mermaid Transformation Package at The Pirates League is for bold, daring girls who want to evoke the radiant and cool colors of the ocean. This limited-time transformation is for girls who want to have their inner mermaid shine through. The package includes a luminous make-up transformation that evokes the iridescent and vibrant colors of the seas, a full-sized bottle of Pirates of the Caribbean: Mermaid’s Tears Nail Lacquer by O.P.I., a shimmering hair accessory and style, rhinestone face gem, plus a special Pirates League Sheath and a special gift from O.P.I. – the O.P.I. Pirates of the Caribbean Mini Nail Lacquer Set.

Make a splash this spring with the Mermaid Transformation Package, only at The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom Park for $29.95, plus tax. But don’t delay, the package will disappear back into the depths of the sea on July 2.

For reservations at The Pirates League and to learn more about this whimsical package, please call 407.WDW.CREW (407.939.2739).


  • Oh so much fun! I wish it were extended until our trip in August, I would do this in a second!

  • Oh, my daughter would love to have this done, but we won’t be there during the limited time. Would love to see this continue longer!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!

  • Love for it to be there during the MNSSHP!!! What a cool thing for girls to dress up as a mermaid!

  • MERMAID TRANSFORMATION NEEDS TO BE PERMANENT!!! If cannot because of limited OPI products for the movie, then I suggest a limited current version of the transformation. Then, a permanent revised version. My daughter’s 1st visit is in October. She has her mermaid dress ready. I am just waiting to hear this will be available in October to book. I already have a day saved for this in the schedule. And, isn’t a new mermaid ride opening in 2012 or 2013? Mermaids are always a favorite, especially for my child who is truly a fish in the water. PLEASE TRANSFORM MY MERMAID-AT-HEART DAUGHTER INTO ONE IN OCTOBER!!!

  • I made reservations for this on Tuesday. I was told that if it was popular they planned on extending it. From what I see on here, i’m sure it will be available all summer! I am taking my girls in June and I can’t wait to see the mermaid makeovers!

  • We were told that today was the first day to book, and we were able to get spots. It is filling up fast though.

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