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Mermaids Sighted at The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom Park

Mermaids Sighted at The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom Park

To celebrate the theatrical release of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom Park is adding a new package just for enchanting girls that is sure to lift a few fins. Starting Friday, May 20, The Pirate League will offer a new limited-time, deluxe packaged called The Mermaid Transformation Package. The mermaid package will transform girls of all ages into the ethereal and mysterious sirens of the seas.

Mermaids Sighted at The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom Park

The Mermaid Transformation Package at The Pirates League is for bold, daring girls who want to evoke the radiant and cool colors of the ocean. This limited-time transformation is for girls who want to have their inner mermaid shine through. The package includes a luminous make-up transformation that evokes the iridescent and vibrant colors of the seas, a full-sized bottle of Pirates of the Caribbean: Mermaid’s Tears Nail Lacquer by O.P.I., a shimmering hair accessory and style, rhinestone face gem, plus a special Pirates League Sheath and a special gift from O.P.I. – the O.P.I. Pirates of the Caribbean Mini Nail Lacquer Set.

Make a splash this spring with the Mermaid Transformation Package, only at The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom Park for $29.95, plus tax. But don’t delay, the package will disappear back into the depths of the sea on July 2.

For reservations at The Pirates League and to learn more about this whimsical package, please call 407.WDW.CREW (407.939.2739).


  • We tried to get reservations for 3 days and none were available.

  • PLEASE EXTEND THIS!!! My daughter loves mermaids – her favorite! Her 1st Disney trip is October. I was ecstatic to hear about this from a Disney cast member only to be disheartened by the short duration. This should be permanent! Girls love mermaids! Boys like pirates. It is perfect for families with both to do at the same time. Also, I considered empress package for trip but have to limit time & cost so did not make the cut. Mermaid transformation would have been top of the priority list! Please listen to all the pleas! You would bring happiness & smiles to girls of all ages & make a huge profit! You do have a new mermaid ride opening soon – how perfect! My daughter has her mermaid dress ready – just extend the pkg!

  • Yay!! 🙂 we will be there in 9 days my daughter is so excited that she can be fixed up like a mermaid and my son loves pirates!!!

  • YES. I’m SOO going to get this done in June.

  • This should defintely become a regular thing. I’d get it done for myself and my niece! Not every girl wants to do the pirate thing!

  • They should make this a regular thing!! My daughter (13) might be more apt to go for this rather than any crazy princess or pirate makeover 🙂 She LOVES mermaids! This is a KEEPER, Disney!!!

  • I would love for this to be extended until the end of the summer! We are going in August and my little sister (and myself!) would love this package!

  • I think that might be my “Pirate” make over next week!! My daughter just saw it and thinks it’s pretty neat too!

  • Bring the real mermaids back to Disneyland!

  • My nephew did Pirates League in April and he had a blast. People were stopping him in the park to take his picture. He loved it. We will definitely do it again.

  • Been trying to book this for my wife, but they’re sold out on the day we’re going to be in Magic Kingdom!

  • I just called to book for sometime May 25th – May 30th and was told they couldn’t book the package yet. So disappointed.

  • I’m going to do this when I go in two weeks and I’m 30 years old!!!

  • Yay!!! My daughter and I are booked for June 25th for our Mermaid Transformations!!! We can’t wait!!! 🙂

  • My daughter fell in love with the make-up, hopefully it will be so popular it will last longer, we are doing at mid-july! Or at least i hope they will have the make-up kit and the nail lacquer for sale
    at the attraction after July 2nd!
    Please, pretty please….

  • I wish they would keep it longer! We won’t be able to go until the fall. My three daughters would have been crazy in love with a mermaid makeover!

  • Going to follow suit and say AWESOME IDEA, but AWFUL timing. We are not going til next January. At least a year Disney, keep it around for at least a year.

  • I really want to see this option extended *at least* though the Halloween party season. This is a fantastic option for girls and women to have a quick no fuss costume for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

  • That is sweet!

    I love the mermaid photo at the top 😛
    Excellent artwork!

  • This is beyond brilliant! I am SO going to do this when I get there in June! At least I hope I get the chance…We shall see. 😀

  • This is super cute. I would like it. With all boys though … I’d just love to see more and more options for the little guys! It’s so nice that they have the Pirates League. It’s hard to paint boy up like Princes. But there’s Jack Skellington (not something that would fit at all in the Pirates League). Or hey … how about the Incredibles package somewhere? Paint a little hero mask on them and give them a secret identity and a mission! They could choose Frozone, Syndrome or Dash!

  • Any chance they will open up more time slots? This was only posted for 4 hours and they are already sold out on most days. They are completely sold out on June 9th and 10th, my girls would have loved this, please open more time slots Disney!!!

  • aw man i wish it were staying all year! i’d LOVE to get that done when i go in december!

  • I must agree with everyone else: PLEASE extend this! We will be arriving July 18 and celebrating my daughter’s 9th birthday while we are there. She has done the BBB twice and feels she is too old to be a princess (I dont agree with that, I’m a Disney princess myself 🙂 ) This would be perfect for her.

  • My daughter would love this, but are trip isn’t until mid December. PLEASE reconsider ending it July 2nd. I know my 8 year old daughter would choose this over BBB Boutique, because she loves mermaids.

  • Looks great but just called and already sold out!!!!

  • I couldn’t agree more with all the comments above. This looks totally awesome!!!….,however, extend it or better yet….make it permanent! The girls already have less options than the boys and deserve another choice!

  • YES! I already had an appointment set up for the 28th and now instead of being a Pirate I’m gonna be a MERMAID!! AWESOME!!

  • This should definitely be added permanently to the Pirates League. Cool alternative to the female pirate package.

  • Is this just for little mermaids or can a 40+ mum have this one? Also when booking do you need to request this or can you just ask for it on arrival? I booked the whole family in months ago, and miracoulously this is actually happening while we are there!

  • Sounds awesome!! However very disappointed as we arrive July 9th! 1 week too late… Is there any chance of extending this?

  • Can you please reconsider this ending on July 2nd? We’ll be there early August and we’d love to do this!!

  • Why only until July??? Is the movie going to experience an especially short run as well? Rethink this, Disney. Little girls love mermaids! Carry this at least through fall!

  • I think that this should become a permanent option. I’ve always thought it would be fun but didn’t necessarily want a pirate for everyone in our group.

  • Any chance they’ll keep this package around longer? I think it would be a super permanent addition to the Pirates League. My girls are a little too old for Bibbidi Bobbidi anymore, but they would lOVE the mermaid makeover!

  • I wish this was going to be in Disneyland — I’ve never really done any of the face paint or makeup experiences before but I would TOTALLY do this 🙂 Any chance of a Pirates League opening in Disneyland in the not too distant future, or adding this experience at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique??

  • OH NO! please please extend!! We will be there in August and my girls would LOVE IT!

  • Wish it was gonna be around longer. i wanna do this pkg.

  • Awesome!!! We were there for Spring Break and both kids were made into pirats. Well,our daughter was made into an Empress. Doing the mermaid is a great idea and it would be great if it continues. Would provide more options for girls who do not want to dress up as the traditional princess.

  • Awesome!!!

  • I was so excited and all ready to sign my grand daughters up…but we won’t be there until August..any chance they will extend the dates?

  • I wish it were for longer. My daughter was so excited until we saw the end date. We won’t be there until September. 🙁

  • I agree! My girls were so excited by this blog entry, but we’re not going until next fall. This should be a permanent addition!

  • Why does it have to end on July 2nd? That’s a SHORT offer . . . we’ll be there in December and will truly miss not being able to experience this. I’m sure it’ll be popular, please consider extending it!! Thanks!

  • How fun, I’m always looking for something different to do with my girlie! I only wish it were longer, we will be in DisneyLAND this year in mid July….

  • Wow! That would be so much fun. Pirates League is great!!(Highly recommended!) But my princess wants to do something other than BBB as she has already done it. Wish this was extended further! Won’t be to our home away from home until October!

  • This looks like a really fun alternative for girlie girl pirate pal.(That would be me, even if I am a Grandmom.)Great idea.

  • I wish it was still going to happen next summer!

  • Sounds cool! But I wish it was for longer – we’re not going until August!

  • How fun! Will this be available at Disneyland as well?

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