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My Other Disney Parks Car is…

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

My Other Car is a Monorail...

I recently saw this automobile window decal featuring the Disney Monorail. The image got me thinking about vehicles I’d like to drive if I could. I’m torn between “My Other Car is the PeopleMover” and “My Other Car is the Omnimover ride system from Horizons.” Of course, the latter would have that fresh orange scent.

My Other Car is a Monorail...

What would you chose for your other vehicle?


  • I don’t know if people even remember them because they always broke down. But I want one of the Disneyland Rocket Rods. When they worked, they were cool.

  • Where can I buy one??

  • My other car would so be a DoomBuggy.

  • My other car would be motorcar from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!

  • My other car would be a Swan Boat. We never got to ride one .

  • My other car would be the horse-drawn streetcar on Main Street U.S.A. because in my other car I’m in no hurry and I want to enjoy the view!

  • I must agree with Veronica that it would be one of Aladdin’s magic carpets or a magical flying elephant. I’m 20 years old and not afraid to admit that I still make a mad dash for Dumbo.

  • Definitely the Omnimover for me… anything to have a taste of Horizons back in my life.

  • @BLaine I’m afraid they won’t be able to bring back the Captain Nemo Sub, I believe the area which that ride was in had the water drained from it, and now is a part of the new area in Fantasyland.

    @Paul I loved the orange smell from Horizons! They should’ve sold it as air freshener or something, so you could bring it home with you.

    As for what I’d drive instead of a car, well I kind of fail at driving and don’t own a car. So I don’t know, it would probably be something Disney Fairies related.

  • I have that awesome sticker and would definitely keep the monorail, announcements and all!
    Por favor….

    But my second choice would be….a Hunny Pot!

    And I really miss Horizons, too. Ahh, Disney memories!

    This is a great blog, thanks!!

  • i’m 28 and grew up going to Disney World and Horizons was my favorite ride i loved the ride adn getting to pick my destination at the end! so sad that mission Space is there now! so i would 100 percent choose Hoizons, 2nd though would be the cars from snow white…love trying to guess which dwarf we were going to get

    • @Christine – I-O!!

      @Shawn – Thank you for the kind words! I’m totally game for a lightcycle too 🙂

      @Brier – I do miss Horizons but I am also a fan of Mission: SPACE. It’s about as close to outer space as I’m going to get anytime soon. During the opening in 2003, I had an opportunity to ride it with an astronaut – talk about a dream come true! It’s go time!

  • I love you posts Steven!

    I would love the Horizon car. Such happy memories going over and over again to see the different destinations!

    A Doom Buggy and a classic lightcycle would be runners up!

  • I have the monorail sticker on my car but if we go back in time – I’d want to cruise the submarine around in 20,000 Leagues!! O * H!

  • My other car would be a Doom Buggy!

  • My other car is the Cyril buggy from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland. That attraction helped me learn to drive the mean streets of Los Angeles!

  • Rock ‘n Roller Coaster Limo!

    • @Jeremy – I guess you’d need a two car garage.

      @Andrew – Better make it a stretch. In fact, make it a super stretch!

      @Caroline – LOL!! It seems that everytime I drive in LA, I don’t seem to move very fast. 🙂

  • My other car at disney is a rocket ship.

  • 1st choice: My other car is a Test Track Car.
    2nd choice: My other car is a Doom Buggy.

  • Either the Peoplemover or a train from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

  • I’m torn. Could I alternate between a Doom Buggy and a Tower of Terror Service Elevator?

  • Definitely the “Mr. Toad” or “TOADY” motorcar from the Glorious Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad Esq.!

  • My other “car” would be one of the beautiful horses that we work on Main Street. Wouldn’t it be kinda cool to go back to horse riding days. Could you imagine?
    Also would like to have my other car be a jeep from Indy.

    • @Stephanie – Right on! When the pace of life was a little slower. Years ago when I served as a Disney Ambassador, I had an opportunity to shadow the Main Street team. It was awesome taking Floyd the horse down the street.

  • im with the person that said honk if you want to drop faster on tower! thats my favorite ride. it wouldnt be a bad idea riding around on screamin’ all day either. oooh i might have to choose a jeep from indiana jones! too many great choices hard for me to pick just one

  • My other vehicle is a Segway Human Transporter (HT).

  • My other car would be Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

  • I have a couple ideas, either TTA car, so everytime I passed by a carousel I would hear “Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow”

    The Living With the Land boat where the radio would only play “Listen to the Land”

    But my favorite would be the Universe of Energy carsd, where Ellen, Bill Nye and Jamie Lee Curtis would drive me eevrywhere I go, but then Jamie would get us lost and we would all say “Stupid Judy”

    • @Jennifer from PA – Woohoo! Another Horizons fan!

      @Marshal – “Just make believe … you’re a tiny little seed…” Funny thing is that I was thinking about the Universe of Energy car. I guess that would be like a bus.

  • It’s so hard to choose! I think the ride I miss most is the Skyway, so that is my choice, at least for today.

  • Omnimover from Horizons?! We must be on the same brain wavelength! I would LOVE to have that sticker on my car!

    I have to agree with the “My other car is a Doombuggy” sticker. I’d love that too!

  • Without a doubt – my other car is a “Doom buggy”!

  • Mine would be a time machine from Spaceship Earth (without the new screen, lol).

    “Please remain seated. Your time machine is rotating backwards for your return home from work.” My commute would be so much more fun!

  • If we can dream it, We can do it… “Tomorrows Horizons are here today!”

    My Other Car is an Atommobile!

  • Well if it’s Disney

    My other car is a Disney cruise ship The Dream ot Fantasy

  • The WDW TRAIN or the People Mover!

  • Thanks, now I can’t get the thought of that AWESOME orange smell from Horizons out of my head!
    That was a great ride and surely was missed, BUT Mission Space isn’t bad.

    My car would be a DOOMBUGGY without a doubt!!!

  • My other ride is a Toy Story play mobile =)

  • A Tron lightcycle! Sam Flynn included.

    • @Kristy – Right on, Program! Though I would rock the old school lightcycle from the creator, Kevin Flynn. End of line.

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