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My Other Disney Parks Car is…

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

My Other Car is a Monorail...

I recently saw this automobile window decal featuring the Disney Monorail. The image got me thinking about vehicles I’d like to drive if I could. I’m torn between “My Other Car is the PeopleMover” and “My Other Car is the Omnimover ride system from Horizons.” Of course, the latter would have that fresh orange scent.

My Other Car is a Monorail...

What would you chose for your other vehicle?


  • Cinderella’s Royal coach! Or maybe a Spaceship Earth car!

    • @Mary – Would your Time Machine vehicle rotate backward for your return journey home?

  • my other car would be one of the fantasia mushrooms from the electric light parade!

  • Pirate ship from Peter Pan! Would love to fly through the city and also see the looks on peoples faces…. :O

  • Not from Disneyworld I know, but I have a plate on the front of my van that says
    “My other ride is the Black Pearl.”

  • How about a sticker that says, “My other car was crashed by Toad. Toot toot.”

  • I traded in my car for a Living with the Land boat! ‘One tiny little seed’

  • a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Submarine!

  • It would have to be the Captain Nemo Sub. Bring it back!

  • My other car is a flying pirate ship. (I can fly, I can fly, I can fly!)

  • If I had my own Horizons car, it would definitely have to have the orange smell and perhaps various options of travel to take me home (though I loved picking either space or sea!).

    I wouldn’t mind a flying Dumbo car either. Or Dreamfinder’s hot air balloon complete with my own Figment of Imagination. Or a plane ride with the oh-so-handsome Hathaway Browne from the Adventurer’s Club. So many choices, can’t I just build a collection? =)

    • @Alison – Space! Space! Space! It’s the one ending that I always selected before my younger sister could choose (cause older brothers do that). Dreamfinder’s machine would be awesome – complete with refillable idea bags. Kungaloosh!

  • …my other car is the Villains float (from the end of all those wonderful parades)… 😉

  • my other car would definately be cinderella’s pumpkin carriage… fit for a princess!

  • I’ve been planning on turning my “punch buggy” into a doom buggy for a while!

  • My other disney car is the “motorized scotter”. I can’t get all around the parks w/o it!

  • I want to fly everywhere like in Soarin’!

  • My Other Ride is a Teacup!
    I’d either have that or with my status as a former skipper, I’d have to have a Jungle Cruise Boat.

  • My car is named monorail white and my other car would be a log from splash mountain

  • A splash mountain boat!

  • For me it is a Jungle Cruise boat. That way I’d have plenty of room for company.

    Second choice would be one of Roger’s cars from Toontown.

  • PIXIE DUST!!!!!!!!

  • Love the Monorail one, but I would personally give another vote to the Doom Buggy 🙂

    • @Michael – You wouldn’t be the first to drive that way, nor would you be the last! I too miss the World of Motion – it’s fun to be free! Yet I recently took my son on Test Track. There is nothing like seeing (and hearing) his excitement, especially the last part.

      @Carol – With all of these votes for the Doom Buggy, I wonder if the happy haunts have received these sympathetic vibrations. 🙂

  • I would definitely want the Indiana Jones ride Jeep from Disneyland. Especially if Indiana Jones is included!

  • ooooh – so many choices! I’m going with monorail first

    then maybe a ship from the Maelstrom

    I REALLY miss The World of Motion, but Test Track is great

    bring back the Kitchen Kabaret! (veggie-veggie fruit-fruit veggie-veggie fruit-fruit)

  • One of Aladdin’s Magic Carpets of course!!!

  • A Doom Buggy from the Haunted Mansion!!!

  • My other ride is a Soarin’ hang-glider 🙂

  • My vehicle of choice from any Disney vehicle would be a monorail. I will be down next week and can’t wait to ride them! I like the monorail so much I wanted to get a license plate for my car that said MONORL, just like the pin (which I am hoping to trade for) but my wife vetoed the idea.

    • @Judy – Wait a minute, wait a minute! I love that idea.

      @Paul – Wish I could help! I personally vote for your license plate idea but hopefully a pin will do. Happy Trading while you are at the Parks!

  • A Doom Buggy 🙂

  • My other car is a honeypot! It glides, it bounces, and it floats!

  • My other car would definitely be the Rockin’ Roller Coaster limo – speeding through the city!

  • If they made one with the Peoplemover (Anaheim or Florida version) I’d buy 2!

  • You don’t need to post this, but I just noticed the link to order the sticker, so you can edit my previous comment to remove my question about it. Thanks!

    • @John – I’d take either the 1000 or 3000!! Only eight days left -Woohoo!! And I’m glad you found the link to the on-line store 🙂

  • My other car is the Big Thunder Moutain steam train!

  • My other car is a Starspeeder 3000… or should it now be the 1000?

    Where can I get that monorail sticker for my “real” car?

  • My other car is an XP-37 Space Cruiser. 😀

    • @William – Only if it comes with that fresh pine or orange smell. 🙂

      @Jessica – Now that is a sweet ride that’s “out of this world.” – LOL!!

  • My other car would be ole Number 1; the Walter E Disney steam train. My “I have arrived” moment is when I hear that whistle. It gives me goose bumps every time.

  • My other car is a Soarin’ Hanglider! :))

  • Sara nailed the first thing that came to my mind!
    My other car is a Doom Buggy!
    My second choice would be…
    My other car is a Matterhorn Bobsled!

  • My other car is a doom buggy . . .

  • My other car is a pirate ship 🙂

  • My other car is a teacup.

    or better yet

    My other car is a pirate ship…that flies.

  • A log from splash mountain!

  • Oh, how I desperately miss Horizons and the Omnimover!

    • @Steve and Tom – Greetings fellow Horizons fans!! Is it seaweed or kelp? Good news is that we could carpool – the Omnimover vehicle sat four people. The photo above of Horizons is something I took with my film camera way back in 1998 when I first joined Disney as a full-time Cast Member. 🙂

  • I miss Horizons! If I were to choose another car it would be from Tomorrowland Speedway at the Magic Kingdom at WDW.

  • My other car is a Doom Buggy!

  • My other car is the Tower of Terror (honk if you wanna drop faster!)

    • @Tiffany – Right on! But where would you travel in time first? I think I would go back to 1972, the year my parents first visited Walt Disney World. I found slides (yes, like photo slides) of their trip – awesome!

      @Eddie – One of my favorite places to visit – the Firehouse at Disneyland. Such history there!! I remember the first time I saw Walt’s Apartment above it – total Disney geek moment 🙂

      @Kai – For the win! Too funny.

  • Walt’s firetruck from Disneyland would be pretty amazing.

    Have a great day!,
    Steamboat Eddie

  • My other car would be the Time Rover from Dinosaur. I love the extra features, ya know…like time travel!

  • Monorail! I used to be a Monorail Pilot in WDW afterall…

  • My other vehicle would be a Space Mountain car!

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