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New Figment Merchandise Coming to Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

'Noble Knight' Figurine from the Walt Disney Classics Collection

Do you have a favorite character from Disney Parks? I have several including Rover (or is it Queenie?) from Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress and any of the tikis or birds from Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room and Journey Into Imagination with Figment. You may recall my story on the Disney Parks Blog of visiting Epcot in the early 1980s. I still have the Figment plush that my parents bought me on that first trip. I know I’m not alone in my love for that little purple dragon. So here is a look at some of the new Figment merchandise coming to Disney Parks.

At the top, you will find an image of a recently released Figment figurine from the Walt Disney Classics Collection. Titled “Noble Knight,” the figure was sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales and has an edition size of 750. It was released on May 7 at the Art of Disney location inside Epcot. I had the opportunity to photograph the piece and it looks fantastic! I think that is one thing I loved about Figment – he wore many “hats,” such as a knight, an astronaut or a stage performer.

Disney Ear Hat Featuring Figment Coming This Fall

Speaking of hats, Megan Kachur, Developer for Headwear, shared with me a new Disney Ear Hat featuring Figment that is coming this fall. It is part of a new series of ear hats that will feature Disney characters like Dumbo, Tinker Bell, Pluto, Cheshire Cat and others. Stay tuned for a post on the Disney Parks Blog about this collection. My favorite part of the Figment ear hat – the two tiny wings on the back. Nice touch!

New Figment Pins Coming to Disney Parks This Summer

If you collect Disney Pins, then you will love several new pins coming this summer. There is a new pin and lanyard medal collection with Figment. There are also two 3-D Vinylmation pins that were inspired by the 9-inch plus 3-inch figure set that was released for Vinylmation Park #5. Okay, one pin isn’t Figment but it’s Dreamfinder (and how could I not include him in this article?).

New Hidden Mickey Pins Coming to Walt Disney World Resort

We are also releasing new Hidden Mickey pins at Walt Disney World Resort this summer featuring a rather colorful Figment. I based the design off a previous Hidden Mickey pins that had a similar style for Mickey Mouse.

Well, this article is almost full. I guess I’ll have to stop at the Dreamport. Luckily, it’s never far away when I use my imagination. Do you love Figment like me? I’d love to hear your story.


  • This is truely amazing! The closest thing to Dreamfinders return to Epcot! Want the beanie in a bad way next time I go and want the pin of dreamfinder for sure! Our family went to WDW almost every year growing up and got to see EPCOT Center from the get go and this was my favorite attraction! It had so much detail it deserved its E ticket status back then, had a great catchy tune and was original….I wish I still owned all the figment merchandise I had collected over the years (I suppose college and moving out of home does that to your collectables). I long for an Imagination Pavillion Renaissance in a bad way! The time is ripe for it! Seeing the pictures and stories of the D23 event when dreamfinder showed up on stage and “One little spark” was sung by its creator actually gave me goosebumps and sparked my imagination! Thank you so much for sharing this merchandise information!


  • I’ve loved Figment since I was 9. My grandparents took us on our 1st trip to WDW in the late 80’s. I don’t have any merchandise from back then, but I do remember meeting Dreamfinder and Figment though. I went to pet Figment and he tried to bite my finger or something. I thought it was both hilarious and awesome. I became a fan of Figment & Disney for life! When I went back 3 weeks ago I was hoping to get the Figment Pook-A-Looz plush I saw posted here in April, but they were all sold out. =( I did however find Figment Kooky pens, bought 2 of those instantly! So happy to see new merchandise, there wasn’t much when I was there. Hopefully will be getting one of the Figment hat this Fall. =)

  • I LOVE FIGMENT!!!!!!! seriously im 23 and one of the main reasons I love WDW is that little dragon. So I have a question. Im going To WDW on August 15th-21st, will I be able to get any of this merch when im there?

  • I LOVE FIGMENT!! I tell people he’s my favorite Disney Parks character and they look at me like I have two heads!! When I went to Disney/Epcot with my family in the 80’s I got a figment night gown and wore it out! I can’t wait to get back to Disney and get some new (longer lasting) figment merchandise!

  • Steven,
    Can’t wait to see the new pins. Do you have any other previews of the other pins (hidden Mickey / Lanyard) coming out?



  • I too was at the Destination D event this weekend. I don’t get teary-eyed very often, but I certainly did seeing Dreamfinder, Figment, and Richard Sherman together! I also loved the “Golden Dream” duet and Epcot songs medley at the end of the concert. I hope we get to see more of Dreamfinder and Figment someday.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Figament! So excited for this post–thanks for sharing!

  • I too was super excited to see the Dreamfinder and Figment come out on stage during Richard Sherman’s concert at D23’s Destination D event this past weekend. I was literally shaking and screaming out loud I was so excited and surprised to see them on stage.

    I was only 3 when I first went on the original Journey into Imagination ride and have loved the Dreamfinder and Figment ever since. I was very excited to see this post and the new Figment ear hat that will be coming out this year. I will definitely have to get it. I hope there continues to be more new and retro-inspired Figment merchandise in the future as there are certainly a lot of Disney fans out there who love him.

  • LOVE the Figment hat! I am a huge Figment fan! I will definitely have to purchase one!

  • So the hat won’t be released until fall? I was really hoping to buy one on my trip in July. I love it!

  • Hi Steven,

    Just wanted to know about the opening day pin for Star Tours, is it going to be at TT traders or at the special Jabba tent? Just want to make sure I get in the right line!!!

  • Oh no, more Figment to buy . There are also some great tshirts outside the ride that I wish were up on the Disney Shopping site.

    We were lucky enough to be at Destination D when Dreamfinder with Figment came out on stage. Wow! Everyone standing, screaming and cheering for Dreamfinder. It was awesome! I saw more then one person with tears. Bring back Dreamfinder and Figment! In the original ride. That would be fantastic.

  • Super, I always welcome new Figment Merchandise, I am a big collector, the biggest thing I would like to see return is Christmas ornaments and decorations. Back in the 90s there were a number of Journey into Imagination related Christmas items but I haven’t been able to find any post Millenium.

  • I second, third, or whatever some of the earlier comments. How is it that all the merchandise of a discontinued character sell so well?

    I was at the Destination D; when Dreamfinder with Figment came out to join Richard Sherman, we had the loudest and most prolonged applause of anyone else during the entire two-day event.

    Can’t Disney take a hint to bring back the Dreamfinder as a walk-around character. It would be better if the show were to be modified to incorporate him.

  • Hopefully the fall release of the ears coincides with an announcement of the return of the original attraction and Dreamfinder. I’m sure Mr. Schneider would be happy to be there for a press event. Would make a perfect surprise for the 40th!!!

  • Love this! Are there any plans to do limited edition merch for WDW’s 40th, like Disney Catalog did for Disneyland’s 50th? I hope so!

    • @Daniel – We do have some collectible items planned for the 40th Anniversary. SHAG has created some pieces which will be arriving this summer. In addition, Jody Daily and Kevin Kidney have created some collectibles as well (they have made items for Disneyland Resort before). I saw some photos of their items yesterday and all I can say is “Wow!” Stay tuned to a future article on the Disney Parks Blog about those items.

  • I squee’d at the hat at first site. I’ve wanted a hat like this for years. If you don’t bring these to Disneyland, please please please put them up on Disney Store. I grew up going to Disney World every summer and now that I’m stuck on the west coast I go to Disneyland. I bring my figment with me into the park every trip, in my mission to bring a little Figment to California. Next trip is in October sooo fingers are crossed. Day one I’ll be buying them. Keep us posted as the release gets closer for these ears, please.

    @Lura We all miss Dreamfinder and upstairs. They seem to be doing to us what they do Haunted Mansion people with the Hat Box Ghost.

  • I hope by “fall” somehow magically (as in with lots of Pixie Dust) the folks at WDW really mean by late August. Because if I go to WDW from Aug 20 -27 and don’t come home with those ears I am going to be a very, very sad girl!

    • @Kerri – Wow! What a great story. Thank you for sharing.

      @Erin – Many times we may set items for “Fall” in mid to late August. I can’t guarantee the Figment hat will be there but look for another article about the hats on the Disney Parks Blog closer to the release date. Hope you have a great trip!

  • I’m a teacher and our current third grade language arts curriculum includes an entire theme based on Imagination. I introduce it each year using the lyrics to “One Little Spark” and have my kids draw what they think the first verses are describing. Then, I bring out my Figment plush for them to see how close they got to the real thing! I might just have to get that ear hat as an add on next year!

  • Thanks, Steven! I’ll totally buy one if they have them here. If not, it just gives me added incentive to plan a trip to Walt Disney World. 😀

  • I screamed with delight when I saw this post. Nearly knocking my dear fiance right out of his chair. Figment is a big love of mine and when we made it from the west coast to D.W. (for the first time for him) I made him ride Figments ride about 5 times. I love that little purple dragon and am thrilled to see new items with him on it, I can’t wait to snag myself a figment hat!

  • I think it is great that figment is alive and well! I think that keychain will look nice on my collection 🙂

  • I will HAVE to get a set of those ears this December when we visit next. LOVE IT!!!!

  • Oh my my husband’s going to be ecstatic!!! I hope we see some new stuff this weekend <3

  • For my wife’s sake (and mine, really) I hope this stuff will be available at Disneyland. Or online.

  • When I visited Disney World this past October for my honeymoon, one of my main objectives was to find Figment again! I remembered him as one of my absolute favorite things from visiting Disney World when I was about 8 years old. When I rode “Journey Into Imagination” this time around, I was a bit disappointed by the changes but glad to see my beloved Figment was still there!! Afterward, my husband and I strolled through the attached shop and I came out with armload of merchandise, including my little stuffed Figment that is watching over me as I type this, and a magnet version that I’ve attached to my bathroom mirror to remind me to dream a little every day.

    • @Loren – I’ll have to double check. I know there are several Disney character ear hats planned. They don’t arrive until the Fall and I’m planning another article about them for the Disney Parks Blog. Please stay tuned.

      @Lura – What else can I say but “thank you?” 😉

  • These would be all the more relevant, with the return of the original! What Up DreamFinder and Figment! Bring them back the way they were meant to be, we miss the original.

  • I will also add my voice to the ring of pleas to bring back the Dreamfinder. I recently went to Epcot after so many years and was sad that the Dreamfinder was no longer there. But, glad that Figment is still around. Although, please bring back the Dreamfinder.

    I told myself that I was not going to buy 9″ vinylmation (prefering to concentrate on 3″), but I broke my rule to get the Dreamfinder/Figment set. I love it so. 🙂

    I would understand if they weren’t going to be sold here, but, any chance the Figment Mouse Ears would also be sold at the Disneyland Resort in California? 😉

  • I wish Figment would visit Disneyland. I have such memories of WDW as a kid with Figment. He was my little sister’s absolute favorite.

  • Since my first ride with Figment back in the early 80’s I have LOVED that purple dragon. I too still have my Figment Plush annimal. I also bought one for my godson when my whole family went a few years ago. (We all go down to WDW ever other year.) About 3 years ago I spotted Figment outside for autographs and photos. I [nearly] knocked over a group of kids for a chance to get a photo taken with him.

    I too miss the original show. I understand updating the attractions but Dreamfinder needs to come back!

  • My first (of many many future trips) to WDW was in 1986 when I was 9. I got a figment stuffed animal and plastic figurine after riding the attraction. They were my FAVORITE toys for years. I’m happy to see some new merch for Figment!! Especially the ears!!

  • Yay! I love Figment merchandise. Those Mickey ears are awesome!!!

  • I absolutely LOVE the Mickey Ears!! So cute!

  • Very cute! He looks a little lonely though… Maybe we need to bring his buddy Dreamfinder back!

  • Why oh why do you continue to tease us with these nods to Dreamfinder? Between the new merch and the duet w/ Richard Sherman at DD23 this weekend, I really hope there is some kind of plan to bring this long-lost favorite (along w/ his Dream Catcher) back to his home at EPCOT!

    • @Shane – I heard about the Destination D appearance of Dreamfinder – how awesome!! Lucky for you that you got to see it. And I hear that Richard Sherman played a song from the Orange Bird – WOW.

  • Oh! I love the new Figment stuff. On my first trip to WDW I bought a Figment plush, he’s been one of my favorites ever since. I will *so* have to have those ears 🙂

  • i love, love, LOVE Figment! My big brother told me i belonged to the Imagination Institute (and used to question whether i belonged to Dreamfinder as well). i still have the original Figment hat (trucker-style w/the horns glued on). i missed a golden opportunity to purchase the short-lived Figment puppet, and still look for that thing on eBay. Bring back the puppet and Dreamfinder!

    • @Lacey – Oh I remember that hat!! I still have two different mesh ball caps from EPCOT Center (never had the Figment one). I remember my Dad wearing a navy blue one with gold leaves on the bill. Total 80s!

  • ooo my sister will be thrilled! Figment is definitely her favorite character. I’ll for sure pick those ears up for myself when I go in december 🙂 but i suppose we’d love the most if the *original* Journey to Imagination is back with Dreamfinder!! we miss him 🙂

  • Between all of the love Figment has received lately, and Disney making some changes to some ‘missteps’ (like the return of the older Enchanted Tiki Room) we can only hope that they acknowledge the hopes of Disney fans everywhere that the original Journey Into Imagination attraction returns sometime soon!

  • Excellent. I remember first seeing this little guy when I went to Epcot in 1982 (I was 6 then). I’ve loved him ever since. I have original plushes from then, pins, mugs, you name it. I’m glad to see new merchandise. When are we going to expose the West Coast to Figment. How about Figment attraction in Disneyland? Do you know if any of this merchandise can be purchased online? It’s hard to always make it to Florida.

    • @Michael – Hmmm … I don’t know of any plans to introduce Figment merchandise to the west coast. Much of the reason is that he doesn’t “live” at Disneyland Resort in terms of an attraction (of course there was the Cast Member cafeteria that had his name but guests couldn’t get to it). I know the Disney Parks on-line store ( offers some Figment merchandise. I’ll have to see if we can add the ear hat to that assortment later this year. 🙂

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