Paradise Pier Transformation to be Complete July 1

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure Park

The sun is shining and the temperature is rising – summertime is coming to Disneyland Resort! What better way to spend a summer day than with a waterside stroll? That’s why we’re thrilled to let you know that on July 1, the transformation of Paradise Pier will be complete at Disney California Adventure park.

Disney Soundsational Summer kicks off June 3 with the opening of The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, Star Tours and “Mickey’s Soundsational Parade,” and the completion of Paradise Pier will continue our celebration of new attractions and experiences at Disneyland Resort.

Coming in for a landing on Paradise Pier will be Goofy’s Sky School, a Wild Mouse-style roller coaster which carries Guests through a flying lesson from Goofy. Last summer, we showed you this video in which Goofy dreams of opening his own flight school – and on July 1, his dream will come true!

Also, two new dining locations and one returning favorite will add to the excitement: Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta and Paradise Garden Grill. Pam Brandon will be sharing details on these new restaurants here on the Disney Parks Blog later today.

And Disneyland corn dog fans will be happy to know that the popular Corn Dog Castle will also make its return on July 1.

Read more about Disney Soundsational Summer here.


  • They’ll probably get to fixing up the Screamin’ queue eventually.

  • What about the California Screamin’ queue? It doesn’t look like it’ll match the new theme at all.

  • I’m with you, Fred. I’m just so excited about all the transformation going on in Paradise Pier that I want to make sure they complete it. It’s gone from a ho-hum end of the park to a magical place that I like to spend a lot of time in (even with the construction walls! LOL!).

  • Amy–
    No, Despite the similar theme, its not the same. Goofy’s Sky School in California Adventure is a wild mouse coaster. 🙂

  • …Oh, and don’t get me wrong. I was disappointed when the Midway stores did not get new facades, the concept art for them looked beautiful, and I’m still hoping that sometime they will get the rest of thew work done.

  • Is the goofy’s Sky school just like Disneyworld? From the photos I have seen of that park, it looks the same.

  • Don’t worry everyone, I’m sure that the Imagineers want to address all of those lingering issues in Paradise Pier.

    For now, I’m just glad that The Little Mermaid ride and Cars Land have gotten such big budgets.


  • I cant wait, im so excited 🙂

  • Hot Dog on a Stick. Hot Link on a Stick. Cheese on a Stick. It’s ALL GOOD! Thanks for not forgetting about us corn dog addicts, LOL!! Have a “Love To Disney” day everyone!

  • I love the corn dog castle YUMMO

  • I, too, am curious about re-theming of other parts of Paradise Pier. I know this might come in another phase, but, it concerns me that it says the transformation of Paradise Pier will be “complete” on July 1. The shops on the Boardwalk don’t seem to fit the new theme and California Screamin’s queue area, while serviceable, looks more out of place with all the other Paradise Pier re-theming. And, does this mean the park where Maliboomber once stood will complete or is the current incarnation what we should expect as permanent?

    Like David, I don’t mean to come across as complaining. I am VERY excited about the new restaurants (especially Corn Dog Castle…I’ve missed it so!) and Goofy’s Sky School coming back, not to mention Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, Star Tours and Soundsational. But, as this retheming has happened and as Paradise Pier transforms into an even more wonderful place, I’d hate to think that the transformation has stopped on July 1 (unless everything is done by then, then, I’ll stop asking. :))

  • …Oh, and of course the new parade!

  • Its going to be a VERY exciting summer at the Disneyland Resort, with Star Tours, The Little Mermaid, Goofy’s Sky School, and all of the new dining experiences! 🙂

  • This is great to hear. This is such a wonderful area of the park. We are planning on taking our 6 hour flight (it’ll be worth it 🙂 ) to Disneyland as soon as the expansion is completed with cars-land next year! We have been to Disney World several times and this will be our first visit to Disneyland. Is the garden grill going to be the same style restaurant that is at Epcot? We ate there on our last visit and it was fantastic!

  • Thanks for the update Erin. 🙂

    Its a shame that not all of Paradise Pier will be complete on June 3rd. But I’ve seen the construction of the new dining area and Goofy’s Sky School, and they are clearly going as fast as they can. The area will look awesome when its finished.

    Also, I have to say that I love the Soundsational Summer website. Very creative idea to display all of the new attractions in layers of the atmosphere like that.

    I’m sure that the aesthetic work will continue. I’ve read on some unofficial blogs that it is all a matter of waiting until more funds are secured.

  • Can’t wait for Corn Dog Castle. The Hot Link corn dog is the best. Can’t wait for the walls to start coming down.

  • I’m definitely very excited to experience the new attractions and improvements that have been made, but I do have a question. After all the attractions in Paradise Pier are finished will aesthetic work in the area still continue or will it stop, because it still seems like there’s more that could, and should be done to tie it all together thematically. For example, in the picture at the start of this article, the sun from the old Sun Wheel is still prominently on display at the entrance of the land and in several other areas, and while the new games of the board walk have a charming turn of the century feel, the shops right next to them still have the same 2001 aesthetic which looks bad by comparison.

    I’m not trying to criticize too much, I think the work that’s been done is fantastic and it’s been really cool to see Paradise Pier transform over the last few years, I’m just hoping that the transformation isn’t really complete on July 1st because there’s still more that could be done.

    EDIT: Wait a second, July 1st? Wasn’t Goofy’s Sky School supposed to open at the end of May? Is July 1st a mistake or was it delayed? I hope not, because I was looking forward to experiencing that one on our trip this June 🙁

  • Wow! What a fantastic summer you guys have planned in CA! Many of us in Florida are extremely jealous! 🙂

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