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Show and Tell: The Florida Project at Walt Disney World

I was on my way back from a meeting the other day when I ran into Disney Design Group Artist Quynh Kimball. Something you should know about Quynh is that he loves show and tell. He’s always showcasing new concept art or the latest sample of one of the newest items he’s created. He always has something in his hands that he can’t wait to show off. My last run-in with Quynh was no different than any other, except this particular encounter had me flashing back to my childhood when I saw him carrying a vintage tin Disney lunchbox. I was quick to ask Quynh all about the vintage lunchbox to find out more.

Disney Lunchbox and Pins

“The classic lunchbox concept was created especially for The Florida Project,” said Quynh. “Not only is it a fully-functioning, vintage-inspired, tin lunchbox, but it also contains a limited-edition, four-pin set that is based off the artwork on the lunchbox.”

Members of the Disney Design Group Discuss Concepts for the Disney Lunchbox

Wanting to know more about how Quynh came up with such an imaginative idea, I took a stroll with him back to the Disney Design Group Offices to sit down with him and the rest of the team that worked on the Disney Lunchbox concept for the upcoming trading event. “When we first started brain storming concepts for The Florida Project, we all brought in Disney memorabilia and keepsakes from our past to help generate ideas for the event,” said Quynh.

Vintage-Inspired Disney Lunchbox

“The concept was based off of a lunch box that Monty Maldovan had when he was a kid,” explained Quynh. “Seeing Monty’s Disney lunchbox made me reminisce on my childhood and the Disney lunchbox I had was younger. I started doing research around the office and what I discovered is that almost everyone I spoke to remembered carrying a Disney lunchbox to school when they were young, so I couldn’t help but think that a Disney lunchbox themed pin set was a perfect fit for the nostalgic and vintage themed Florida Project event,” said Quynh.

Vintage-Inspired Disney Lunchbox

The Disney Design Group Team spent countless hours recreating the original artwork from the lunchbox making sure to capture the retro 70s feel and to ensure that every detail from the coloration to the characters were just right. The end result is a faithful re-creation of the Disney lunchbox that so many of us remember carrying to school each day when we were kids.

For those of you who have not yet registered for The Florida Project at Walt Disney World, it’s not too late! There is still space left and if you book before Friday, May 6, you can still sign-up in time to receive the early booking discount! To see the entire assortment for The Florida Project and to register for The Florida Project, please visit


  • My 48 year old sister still has one of these lunch boxes! It sits on display atop her kitchen cabinets. 🙂

  • Please make something like this for DL.

  • Forgot to ask before…

    On RSP Item #12 Building WDW One Story at a Time – Tinker Bell Disney misspelled Tomorrowland. They have “Skyway to Tommorowland”. Will the final version be corrected?


  • I totally HAVE this lunch box – it’s in my pantry right now! I can’t believe they designed a Pin Box Set after it. I guess I never realized what a collectible it really is?

  • I’m 30 years old and I totally want to buy this for the pins, but really to take this lunchbox to work every day (seriously!). Will it be available at the event only, or will it be available in WDW after the event, or online?

  • OMG!! i had one of these when i was little :> i took it everywhere i went. i hope they make it so i can get it again :>

  • Hannah, I could not agree with you more. I have been drooling over the “Preview” catalog for a couple weeks now. And then came the “Final” catalog and I was struck by sticker shock! Talk about having the rug ripped out from under your feet so to say.

    I have a question: How come there is no logo pin? I buy the logo pin for every event I attend. At least with a logo pin, they are always pretty affordable for everyone at $10-$12. But this year there is no logo pin and the cheapest pin on the catalog is ONE $10.95 pin?? Most everything is boxed sets and jumbo pins. I like some of the pins in the boxed sets, but I would have to pay $50 in order to get just the 1 or 2 pins that I like in the Tomorrowland set!

    So I guess I’ll just be picking out 1 or 2 things at this year’s event, with the way the pin prices are set. 🙁

    But kudos anyways to the team that comes up with these brilliant pin designs, especially the lunchbox pins!

  • The PIN merchandise for this event is amazing! Just wish there was more single pins.

    I want all of the pins from this event, but with the prices…OUCH! Almost everything is way over what I thought it would cost. And this will be my 7th year going to these events.

    Hopefully next year’s event will have more pins than merchandise, since afterall this is a pin event. 😉

  • OMG!!!! I must have one of those. If anyone can pick up one of these for me please let me know. I would go to the event if I wasn’t going to the D23 event next week. Too bad they won’t be available there. 🙁

  • Can they please send something like this for DL on just a tipical day purchase. Man I want one of these.

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