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Slices of Life at Walt Disney World

Photographers usually think differently than most other people. Whether it is a foggy sunrise, an old barn, a rural cemetery or a flock of birds, these are the things that drive us to do what we do – capture, interpret, enjoy. To quote a great photographer and friend, Burk Uzzle: “The ordinary is particularly special.”

Slices of Life at Walt Disney World

In this Disney Parks Blog post, I cannot explain exactly what motivated me to stop my car and leap out with camera in hand but I think at first glance, it was the graphic design – black on white. Then it became the chaos and noise of dozens of crows interacting with one another. Finally, the group behavior itself was mesmerizing – the constant need for each bird to flit from one branch to another, one tree to the other trees.

Slices of Life at Walt Disney World Slices of Life at Walt Disney World

I began with an artsy approach, employing my trusty Lensbaby to create those dreamy slices of life. Then I switched to a conventional lens to allow me to be more of a documentarian. During the 8 ½ minutes I spent shooting, I made nearly 200 images. Now the really interesting tidbit for me is just how much time was actually captured. When I added the exposures up, the grand total was .1943 seconds. That, my friends, is a very thin slice of life.


  • I loved the video and the pictures! When I see this though, I instantly think of the song “Colouring of Pigeons” by The Knife. The very natural percussion in that song perfectly reflects the natural setting of your photographs, and the vocal “ahs” and “oohs” sound like a flapping and fluttering bird!

    I’d recommend that you watch your video with that song playing so you can see what I mean… It’s interesting how a song can change the feel of something! =)

    Anyways, it’s a cool concept you’ve got! I like how the pictures fade into each other… it’s almost like a slow-motion stop motion animation, it’s really cool! ^_^

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