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Star Tours Event at Disneyland Resort, You Want?

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

UPDATE 5/16: Congratulations to all who were randomly selected to attend the “Star Tours Early Departure” at Disneyland park on May 20. Notifications have been sent to all who entered for a chance to attend. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer. Keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog for more upcoming events.

UPDATE: Thanks to all who entered for a chance to attend the “Star Tours Early Departure” at Disneyland park on May 20. The entry period is now closed, and eligibility confirmations are being sent to those who were randomly selected to participate.

We are very excited to provide the opportunity for Disney Parks Blog fans to be among the first in the galaxy to experience the new 3-D attraction at Disneyland Resort, before it officially opens June 3. In order to allow the randomly selected, eligible participants to experience the attraction when Disneyland park opens at 9:00 a.m., event check-in will be from 4 – 7:30 a.m. Good news – Toy Story parking lot will be available to eligible participants starting at 3:30 a.m. (parking fees not included). To commemorate the flight, participants will receive a button proclaiming them to be among the first to experience the new 3-D attraction at Disneyland park.

Star Tours Event at Disneyland Resort, You Want?

As you have heard through many galactic transmissions, the creative forces of Disney and Lucasfilm Ltd. have joined to create new spaceports that will be home to 3-D Star Tours attractions at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

As we prepare to open these new spaceports, you have learned this week that Rebel forces have managed to enact secret plans to give Disney Parks Blog readers the opportunity to be on the very first departures of Star Tours Flight #1401.

On Thursday, Thomas Smith invited you to a special Star Tours Meet-Up at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. To celebrate the opening of “Star Tours – The Adventures Continue” at Disneyland Resort, we are inviting 1,200 of you (and a guest) to be among the first in the galaxy to experience the new 3-D attraction at Disneyland park on May 20.

Now through Monday, May 9, at 11:59 p.m. (PDT), you can enter for a chance to attend the “Star Tours Early Departure” at Disneyland park. We will randomly select 1,200 entries, and those selected will be able to bring one guest to experience Star Tours at Disneyland park on May 20. (Please see official rules for eligibility requirements. We will notify you via email if you are selected.)

Enter now. I’d wish you luck, but as Obi-Wan Kenobi so famously said, “…in my experience, there’s no such thing as luck.”


  • Quick question, Erin…(sorry if you answered this already and I missed it), I’m an AP, so I don’t need a 1 day ticket. Are the 1 day tickets only for that day? If I win the prize, which includes 2 1-day tickets, can I use them another day with another guest?

    • Hi Summer,

      The tickets you will receive upon entry are specifically required for this event.

  • What if you got an email but deleted it because you thought it was spam?

  • Hi. I entered for the star tours event and was wondering if the emails went out yet for the winners.

  • I too have entered when this contest first started. I still haven’t received an email saying if I got in or not.

  • For the parking, the email says Toy Story Parking, but can we park the Mickey and Friends also?

    • Hi Roberta – The Toy Story lot will be the only parking available for this opportunity.

  • Erin, will you be there early in the morning? I know that you will be there but what time exactly? Please let me know. Thanks. 🙂

  • I entered for this contest too and haven’t received any email good or bad. Are they still selecting people at random? I know 1,200 people is a lot to go through.

  • hi me and my friends all signed up for the Star Tours contest. but we havent heard back if we won or if we didnt win. I knew you said we would get a email regardless so i was just wondering..

  • HI Erin, I entered the contest on the first day it came out and I still have not recieved any type of e-mail. I’m checking my e-mail every 30 min. Should I keep wishing or give up hope that I got chosen?

  • Well, I guess I didn’t make it in, but I can’t be too unhappy, I still have a chance for the AP previews, and if nothing else, I’m still excited about riding it on June 3rd.

  • Will we be able to take pictures? The reason I ask is because I believe that Star Tour in Florida is opening the same day as the Preview day.


  • what happens to the tickets that go unclaimed or forfeited?

  • I entered, but I didn’t receive any e-mail at all, “good” or “bad”. 🙁

  • We are so excited to have been chosen! We are also leaving Thursday night from Northern California and we will arrive probably around midnight… so IHOP for a bit, then a nap in the car, parking lot as soon as it’s available and then hit the check in… who needs sleep? 🙂 Congrats to everyone who entered and won! and hugs to all who did not 🙁 Erin…will you be at the event?
    ok one question…will we be able to upgrade our ticket to a hopper for the day? I cannot remember what we did for ElecTRONica… I think I am thinking of Volunteer tickets, so CA Adventures on Saturday it is!!!!!

    • Hi Mandy – I will be there! I’m very excited for this event as well. Please say hi if you find me!

      I’m sorry, but the complimentary tickets we are providing for this event are one-day, one-park and cannot be upgraded.

  • Have all the emails gone out? I haven’t received notification either way – I’ve checked my spam folders and everything.

  • Is there any advantage to arriving at 4am vs 7am? Also, while the group is waiting between check-in and 8ish, where will the group be and what will they be doing? In any case, i’m really looking forward to this event! Hope to see you there!! Thanks!

  • Is there any benefit to arriving earlier rather then later? Meaning, if I arrive right at 4:00 AM will I be on of the first to ride at 9:00?

  • Does Disneyland still have the get in free on your birthday deal? If so what do you need to bring to prove it. My sons birthday is May 20th and would like to take him.

  • hi erin i have two questions. the first i recieved the first email saying i have been randomly selected and need to respond in 24 hrs which i did last night. i havent recieved the conformation yet how long should it take. second i have annual passes so since i dont need the two tickets will i be able to exchange them for a disney gift card the same way i did when disney did the getting in free on your birthday.

    • Hello Shawn,

      You should receive a follow-up soon. In regards to the tickets, you will be provided tickets upon entry, which are specifically required for this event. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • Oh dear I didn’t get chosen but I hope everyone who attends will have the time of there lives.

  • Apparently the Force was not with me on this one, guess I’ll have to wait til June 3rd. Hope you all have a wonderful time. If anyone is looking for a “guest”…I’m ready, willing and able : )

  • Have all the confirmations gone out??? I thought they were being sent out today, but from all the post looks like people were selected on the 11th and 12th… Really was hoping to get into this one

  • I highly recommend getting there early. Especially if you are traveling on the 57S 405 etc. Traffic towards that area starts very early. It’s a very heavy commute depending where you are coming from. I’ll just play it safe and get there early. There is a 24 hour IHOP on S. Harbor with in walking distance. Check in and go get a nice breakfast before having to head back.

  • Hello,
    have all of the winning e-mails been sent out? Also, where do you find out about the annual pass holders preview?

    Thank you very much,

  • Ok, I’ve got my confirmation letter and I’m all set to go. Just one question…is it necessary to get there at 4 am? If registration is open until 7:30, is it ok to get there at 7? Are there any advantages to getting there early?

  • Has anyone found out if they’re sending decline emails? I haven’t received anything as of yet. On a personal note, I’m not really thrilled with the new format of entering the Meet-Ups. Previously, I felt like the way they did it was a reward for those who keep up with the blog and Disneyland Tweets…since it was time-based. A five-day random drawing takes the appreciation out of it, I think. I’ve now entered twice and haven’t won at all. 🙁

  • Thanks folks on the response about the parent signature…next time I will read it fully before asking questions…guess I was just so excited that I just glanced at it(sorry)…lol. And Erika I totally want to know the same thing as far as the check in time…Ill check in and go take a nap if needed..lol..Ill be driving from NorCal Thursday after work..but with the Mermaid meet up they served appetizers before hand..so who knows what they have planned. Totally excited though that is for sure!!!

  • I just got my email 4 hours ago… so I’m assuming its on a rolling bases depending on the responses they get orginially.

    I know the event check-in is early… but can we got later in the day instead?

    • Roberta,

      Event check-in takes place from 4 to 7:30 a.m. and you may check in any time during that window. Those arriving past 7:30 a.m. will not be able to participate and will forfeit their prize.

  • i hope i get picked i would love to go to the star tours opening!!!! keeping my fingers crossed that i still get a chance to get picked 🙂

  • Erin, Will there be a second round of emails to fill the spots that are not taken or for those that declined?

  • response to Brian (who asked when did we get the second email) – I received the second email roughly 24 hours after responding to the first one. (I actually received 2 second emails about 30 minutes apart). I suppose its possible that they sent the first email to more than 1200 people so that they would have extra eligibles in case not everyone responded (ie so that they wouldn’t have to wait another 48 hours after the first 48, if that makes any sense). Remember that the first email didn’t say that you were selected, just that you were being considered for the opportunity to attend.

    response to Carrie (who asked about parent’s signature on guest affidavit) – the guest affidavit indicates that a parent/guardian signature is required if the guest is a minor who is unable to sign for themselves.

  • I got chosen!! QUESTION: Why is check in so early? What is the benefit of coming at 4am instead of 7am? And if I arrive at 4am will we be standing around until park opening at 9am?

  • I am strong with the force as I received an E-mail that I had won. SO EXCITED!

  • So wonder if we have to stay right there in the area or if we can go back to our hotel/car because there isnt much to do between 4am and 9..but either way I think coffee may be in order that morning..lol…soooo excited!!

    • Hi Carrie,

      All event guests will be escorted into Disneyland park as a group, so it is important that you remain in the East Esplanade/check-in area.

      Also, a select menu of light snacks and beverages will be available for purchase.

  • 4am people – remember to bring snacks like fruit and juice boxes. It will be a long and exciting morning, but you will get hungry. May the Mouse Be With You — see you next Friday!!

  • @Carrie: yes mothers signature; it says on the affidavid.
    RE;Email response; I had my conformation with in 12 hours of responding back. I am sure they sent out so many; and the first so many responding may have been selected.
    @Alisha: that would be great; But its not the GRAND Opening; Its just a preview; in the Documentations it says that there will be recording and promotional recordings. so if we are lucky- we will have our faces on the rides pre-screen untill the next re-do of the ride.
    @alex; the sign in/check in starts at 4am; but the ride does not start untill 9 am.
    @holly; not a 100% but if i remember correctly; the info on one of the letters says that it is not available for ticket upgrading/annual pass purchase; i could be wrong; but if it is available i am there!!!!

    sorry; noticed not all the questions where getting responses; so i thought i would help 🙂

  • Victoria from GA: the latters state that you and a guest; I wish i could bring my 3 year old to experiance it too. but I believe with the filming and all that they are doing it will be a lot for him.
    I was noticing are you really traveling to California from Gorgia for the one day event? wow!! that is amazing!!

  • Erin, does this mean that ALL of the confirmation emails have been sent out 🙁 ? The last few times there were Disneyland meet-ups (i.e. elecTRONica, The Little Mermaid), they’ve sent out emails confirming whether we were picked or not. Is Creative Zing planning on sending that type of email to those that WEREN’T picked? I haven’t received an email yet confirming either.. the suspense is killing me

    • Yes, everyone who entered will receive notification regarding whether they were randomly selected to participate or not.

  • I won! So excited my husband and I will get to be there. Just watched the opening of the first Star Tours on YouTube. So you can bet George Lucas will be there! I wonder who else..

  • I just got my email that confirms that I am GOING! Thank you so much!!!

  • I never win anything. 🙁 I really had my hopes but once again… nothing.

  • I am really bummed i didn’t get picked… i see alot of people complaining about the early time I would love to go that early. if u have any cancelations PLEASE let me know….. may the forse be with u!!!!

  • Quick question Erin, I was planning on taking my nephew who is 14 and wanted to make sure that it is ok and do I also need to have his mothers signature on the release form? Thanks for any help you can give me-and again THANK YOU SO MUCH for this opportunity!!

    • Your guest may be under the age of 18 as long as they meet the age/height requirements of the attraction. However, only adults age 18 and older are eligible to enter the sweepstakes.

      And yes, a parent’s signature is required for the release form.

  • Is this event really at 4am?

    • Event check-in takes place from 4 to 7:30 a.m., and you may check in any time during that window. Those arriving past 7:30 a.m. will not be able to participate and will forfeit their prize. Guests will be escorted to the Star Tours queue at 8 a.m. with the first ride starting around 9 a.m.

  • guess I didn’t get it – didn’t hear anything 🙁 but congratulations to the luckies!! 🙂

  • My wife got the initial e-mail, and has replied with all the required things, but she has not recieved the second e-mail yet. It’s now been more than 24 hours since she sent her reply. Anyone else have this problem? Does the 2nd e-mail come within 24 hours of the initial 48? She’s starting to get worried and I’m trying to calm her down. 🙂

  • I just wish they would open both star tours on the same day. This is the first time in 5 years I am missing Star Wars Weekends and I am being punished by not being able to go on Star Tours when I am at Disneyland towards the end of the month.

  • I’m so excited! Will we be able to upgrade our tickets to annual passports?

  • how long did it take everyone to get their confirmation email? longer than the 24 hours it specified in the original email?

  • the update on the offer page indicated that Toy Story parking lot would be open for attendees to this event, but parking fee is not included in the offer. But I am wondering if you have an annual pass with parking can you park there for free?

    • Parking privileges included with your annual pass are effective at the Toy Story lot for this event.

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