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Take an Imagineer-Guided Tour of One Man’s Dream at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney Imagineering sent us a great video today that takes a look inside One Man’s Dream at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In case you aren’t familiar, One Man’s Dream is a walk-through exhibit that features more than 400 artifacts that chronologically tell the story of Walt Disney’s life and career.

Among those amazing items on display are early animation desks, some of the first Audio-Animatronics figures, theme park models and much more.

Here, Wyatt Winter and Brian Marschall give you an inside look.

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  • I did the “Dine With An Imagineer” at the Brown Derby last summer, and I was lucky enough to have lunch with Wyatt Winters. He talked a lot about working on this exhibit, so I was very glad to see him featured in this movie!

    “One Man’s Dream” is one of my favorite attractions at Hollywood Studios, I always visit it whenever I’m in Florida.

  • Love this attraction, so cool to see all of the history and detail involved in making everything up to the standards of Disney himself. Must see attraction!!

  • I would love to see this in person. I hope to get to go back to WDW soon.

  • I just added this to my list of things to see on my next trip.

  • Jennifer. I found this mini museum facinating. Being a FAN of Walt Disney. and seeing some of the things he imagineered througout his life. is facinating. the one thing that caught my attention is the interview of animators the week he died. he never said goodbye and that week he told his animators good bye. that inteview piece I found vary sobering and touching. Although I never met Walt personally I have met many people who have. Oscar the chef at the carnation cafe in disneyland has been with the park since its beginning. and have had many facinating conversations with him. I hope to some day make the trip to San Francisco to visit the disney family museum some day.

  • One of my absolute favorite attractions at Walt Disney World–I’m glad to see it getting some blog-press–a lot of guests tend to pass it by but its definately worth stopping for!

  • This is a must-do for us each year, and we are sorely disappointed if it is closed for refurb when we’re there, as it was on our last visit in September of last year. We spend a good block of time there each visit, and I always see something new. As a sketch artist myself, one thing I particularly love is the huge Ryman sketch of Disneyland covering the wall as you enter through the doors to the second section of the exhibit. I am looking forward to seeing the new and improved One Man’s Dream, but I am always a little fearful of the changes that will have been made to the exhibit.

  • What a great exhibit. We were able to go through it this past spring. I only wish I could have spent the whole morning looking at all of the artifacts.

  • The thing I love most about this attraction is the film at the end – it leaves a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye!

  • And with me, the practical side says, it’s air conditioned inside the One Man’s Dream attraction. That means you can see all the great artifacts, exhibits, dioramas, etc. while in comfort. I save this attraction for one of the hottest parts of the day.

    • Isn’t air conditioning AWESOME after a hot day at the park? This exhibit is a great way to cool off.

  • The family and I loved this exhibit so much that I have a photo of me planting a kiss on Uncle Walt’s bust located on the little Portico of DHS. (I would have submitted it with this little blog but wasn’t sure how to or if you allow that.)Keep the magic coming we love it!

  • I remember the old Walt Disney Story that used to be on Main Street when MK first opened, and this lives up to it. 🙂
    Would’ve been nice to have this one on Main Street too (as OMD started out as a quick refit of space during the Walt 100th), but it’s a permanent must-see now.

  • This was a wonderful exhibition, saw it two weeks ago. I hope to some day visit the archives in CA, but that is a long trip from Philadelphia. It would be wonderful if Disney could create online exhibitions of the CA collections as many archives & museums have been for years – including The Library Company of Philadelphia, an independent research library specializing in early American history, where I work as IT Manager and web designer.

    • My favorite part of the exhibit is Walt’s office. Amazing to think of all the people who sat in those chairs and the ideas that came across that desk!

  • This is a must see for Disney fans!

    Excellent history of the man behind it all.

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