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A ‘Cars 2’ Sneak Peek from the ‘Cars’ Franchise Guardian

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Everyone revved up to see “Cars 2?” The sequel to Disney•Pixar’s 2006 hit “Cars” opens across the U.S. this Friday, June 24, but I’ve got a preview for you from a guy who loves both cars and “Cars.” Jay Ward is the “Cars” franchise guardian at Pixar Animation Studios. Part of Jay’s job is to consult with “Cars 2” director and co-director John Lasseter and Brad Lewis, making sure that Lightning McQueen and Mater and all the other characters look and behave like automobiles would.

Jay gave us this interview when he was at Walt Disney World last month for Car Masters Weekend at Downtown Disney. As you’ll see in the video, Pixar has created life-size versions of Mater and Lightning and Finn McMissile, a new “Cars 2” character voiced by Michael Caine. The three replicas have been touring America in the “Agents on a Mission” tour presented by State Farm. The tour’s almost done, but the trio will be at The Tech Museum in San Jose, CA, on Saturday, June 25.

Incidentally, Disney Parks Blog readers can visit today to view a special five-minute clip from Disney•Pixar’s “Cars 2,” create an original piece of art using a “Cars 2” Photo Mashup tool, play games and more.


  • Only 3 1/2 hours to go! This morning is Sam and Amelia’s last day of school…we’re picking them up and heading right for the theater. The perfect day!

  • All three were in our Opening Day Parade this past spring (Cincinnati). Everyone went nuts when we saw Lightning and Mater driving through downtown (kids and adults).

    • Very cool.

  • I can’t wait!! I bought my tickets for tomorrow. Ka-chow!

  • Ka-chow!

    • Back atya!

  • I can’t wait for Cars 2. It looks great. I’ve seen several of the Cars 2 Videos and love the Cars 2 hats people like Jay and Brad Paisley have worn. Will those be made available or are they strictly Cars 2 “crew” hats?

    • Let me ask our Merchandise expert, Dara Trujillo!

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