A Disneyland Resort Summer Ticket Deal for Southern California Residents: 3 Days for $139 (1 Park per Day)

Michele Himmelberg

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

If you’re planning a summer visit to the Disneyland Resort, here’s a great, new deal for local residents starting June 3. Just in time to experience “Disney Soundsational Summer,” the Resort is offering a new ticket for residents of Southern California and Northern Baja.

Experience 'Disney Soundsational Summer' at Disneyland Resort

Here are the details:

Southern California resident ticket: This offer is good for three park visits to either Disneyland park or Disney California Adventure park (one park per day) within a 45-day period, for residents residing in ZIP codes 90000 through 93599, and 21000- 22999. For $139, guests will enjoy three fun-filled summer days and nights at the Disneyland Resort. This offer is subject to restrictions and change without notice.

Yes, you can upgrade: For an additional $15, local residents can upgrade to a 3-day Park Hopper ticket that allows guests to visit both parks on the same day.

When you can get it: This offer is available for use June 3 through Sept. 5 and is blocked out from July 2-4, 2011, and August 21-22, 2011.

Where you can get it: The summer ticket can be purchased at www.disneyland.com/summer, the Disneyland Resort box office, Disney Stores, Disneyland Resort hotels and a variety of southern California supermarkets and retail chains, including Vons, Albertsons, Ralphs, Stater Bros., Food 4 Less, Gelson’s and Deardens. Resident ID is required.

Thinking about a getaway? Visitors can turn this ticket into a multiday getaway with special rates at Disneyland Resort hotels.

What’s new: At Disney California Adventure park, expansion continues with the enchanting new attraction, The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. It opens June 3, along with Star Tours, now in eye-popping 3-D at Disneyland park. On Main Street, U.S.A., rhythm is king as the magic of Disney music takes to the streets daily in the new “Mickey’s Soundsational Parade.”

For more information about the this summer value – and new entertainment from “under the sea” to a galaxy far, far away – go to www.disneyland.com/summer.

With this kind of deal, I bet I’ll see you in the parks this summer!


  • I failed to mention, I too ran and am to run the magical half marathon….Our premium passes (3 members) just expired, we must sadly reconsider our magical trips.

  • I agree with the northern california residents, too bad they dont offer discounts to all of california. But MORE IMPORTANTLY, why dont they just give all of southern californians a base rate of like $50 per person no matter what the age and keep it that price ALL YEAR LONG…. who can afford to take their family of 6 to disneyland anymore.. let alone afford an annual pass….we have to split up the family and go 2 at a time because its so expensive…come on disney give californians some better rates…

  • Disney should extend the rates to northern california. Think about it, you already have southern cal people there. i have spoken to alot of southern cal residents and believe me, disneyland is not all hype to them. Lure the northern california residents there with discounted rates. I would go alot more with a special rate. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.

  • Being a San Diego transplant from San Francisco, I love being able to take advantage of the Southern California deals and so do my friends from the Bay Area. They come down several times a year to spend a weekend at the Disneyland Resort. But I fear that those trips may decrease and those with annual passes may not renew since the are all having more kids.

    I wish Disneyland would extend it to Bay Area residents as well. Kinda odd that Disney would find enough interest to build the Walt Disney Family Museum there but not offer any discounts to Disneyland fans up there.

  • I agree. Being a San Diego transplant from the SF Bay Area, I’m so glad that I can get Southern California discounts now. My friends from the Bay Area still make several trips a year for a weekend Disneyland visit. But I’m afraid that the number of trips they make may soon decrease and those with annual passes may not renew since they are all having more kids now.

    I find it odd that there’s the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. If there are enough Disney fans in SF to have a museum, surely you could pass the discount along to Northern California residents as well.

  • Looks like Maryland and part of Virginia.

  • It must be frustrating, being from NorCal and not getting the deal us SoCal’rs get. But I believe the reason could be that all of California is just too populated and would obviously worsen an already-crowded situation during the summer. And I’m sure it would be good for business to get NorCal people discounts, simply b/c you would most likely fork the xtra $ to stay @ their hotels, unless you have friend/ family members nearby. But bad for their business b/c, ofcourse, there would be more complaints and less tickets purchased due to population. The lines for the rides are long as it is, and it’s hot out. Not to mention the traffic jams waiting to happen. When you go to a theme park like Disneyland, you definitely want to enjoy the experience as much as possible for the price you’re paying.
    As for Florida… That state is alot smaller and alot less populated, so ofcourse they will all get the same deals. Too bad they gotta put up w/ 90 degree, 75%+ humidity. •LoL•

  • I absolutely LOVE these summer deals for SoCal, even though I already have an Annual Pass! I stock up on a couple of these passes for family that visits from Minnesota, and we hit the parks for several days with my place as base camp. FUN!

    For those Northerners who don’t qualify for this wonderful gift from Disneyland, you should just make friends with someone from SoCal or Baja and go to the park with us!

  • I agree with everyone else! I would go so much more if the discounts were extended to Nor-Cal residents! Please, please, extend the specials to ALL California residents!

  • I was just going to post the same thing. Why exclude Northern California? WDW resident deals are avail to all of Florida, why is California different in this respect! My husband and I are premium passholders because we visit so often.. having 7 kids makes it hard to go as group due to costs, but we take the kids a couple at time.. so we are there often. Please consider making these deals all of California! We love Disney as much or more than southern California residents 😉 ..

  • I agree with the other posts. While we usually get the Deluxe Passports, it would be nice if the So Cal deals and discounts were extended to Nor Cal residents as well. We are the ones who stay in the hotels, and according to published reports spend the most on resort food and souvenirs, we could use a deal now and then!

  • I agree as well, I’m in Northern California, 94558, and I’d like a deal too!

  • I agree, I come down to Southern California often from Northern Cali (Bay Area)! It would be nice to get the same deals as Southern people. I would visit even more if we could get the deal as well. Please, PLEASE add Northern Cali to your list of special promotions.

  • Kind of funny, I was about to post the SAME thing as everyone above. It’s frustrating that NorCal doesn’t get the deals, too. So not only do we have to pay for gas to get there, but we don’t get a break in price! It’s true – we would come 3 of 4 times as often and stay longer if the special rates were extended to all California residents.

  • i have to agree with the comments already posted. i know that Disney has historically offered special rates for SoCal residents, but i live in the Bay Area, and will be coming down to Disney next week… my third visit in six weeks! The rest of California is *much* closer to Disney these days than in 1955 when the park opened (cheaper airfares, better gas mileage in cars, etc.), so how about some discounts for the rest of the state? The trip next week is with my goddaughter, and her family would certainly love to take advantage of this discount and make their trip just that much more affordable!

  • Ya, its bad enough us Northerners are farther and have to spend more money on gas. And dealing with a car load of kids for a longer time on the road, we need more deals to keep us going. 🙂

  • Super lame that this is only available to So Cal residents…why can’t you do something for all of Cali?? If I didn’t think the only good thing in So Cal was Disneyland I’d move there LOL…

  • How come there are never any deals for Northern California residents? Why not make the deals for all of California residents? We’d visit more often if we could get some deals too!!!

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