Adventureland Suite at the Disneyland Hotel

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Adventureland Suite at the Disneyland Hotel

We’ve already shared looks inside the Fairy Tale, Big Thunder, Mickey Mouse Penthouse and Pirates of the Caribbean suites at the Disneyland Hotel, and today we’re finishing with the bang of a blunderbuss – the Adventureland Suite.

Adventureland Suite at the Disneyland Hotel

This suite takes guests on the most luxurious safari ever. With the feel of an explorers’ camp from the 1930s, the Adventureland Suite features a master bedroom fashioned as a safari lodge with a claw-foot bathtub in the living area. In the master bathroom lies a grotto with a foot spa, steam and rain showers, and lighting and sound effects that make you feel like you’re in a rain forest or a savanna. Younger explorers will love the second bedroom, which makes you feel like you’re sleeping in a safari tent.

Adventureland Suite at the Disneyland Hotel

The Asian/Indian-inspired main living area includes a wet bar, a flat-screen TV hidden behind artwork above the faux fireplace, and a “hidden” closet (hint: try the bookcase). When you’re in this suite, it even sounds like you’re in the jungle: the doorbell “rings” with tiki gods playing drums, and – for the first time in a Disneyland Hotel suite – themed background music plays three separate tracks inspired by the Jungle Cruise, Disney adventure-themed movies and world music first created for Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Which part of this safari most intrigues you?


  • The rugs, the wall decor and the warm colors are so ‘my style’! I actually think I have these leather chairs in my living room :~) This may be my favorite so far for the look and feel…warmth and comfort. I wish I could afford to take my wife and daughter for a few nights in this gorgeous suite of rooms!!

  • So amazing!!! I love the bathtub!!!!!

  • ZOMGAH I need to live here!!!!!!! This is the best suite by far! SO AMAZING!

  • I Love it !!!

  • Do AP’s get a discount?

  • How much is it a night? I couldn’t find any info on it on the Disneyland site.

  • Attention to detail, quality work and a little magic make this another home run. What’s up with all the cost complaints? You have to pay for something this grand, it’s first class.

  • Kungaloosh!

  • I love this suite!! It looks amazing–good job! I really love that window seat/box bed thing in the sitting area/library. That is a childhood dream of mine. Wow, I wish I could splurge on that! Adventure is the best part of Disney.

  • Reminds me of the former Adventurers Club in Downtown Disney. Fond memories. Kungaloosh!

  • Wow, completely blown away. This may be the most awesome thing I have ever seen. The detail is fantastic! Add a balcony that is reminiscent of the World Famous Jungle Cruise queue and I may attempt to book this room for an entire year. Is that possible? 😉

  • These new suites at Disneyland are so cool!!! I wish they would have them at WDW, especially the Big Thunder, Mickey Penthouse, and this Adventureland one! I would so totally upgrade 🙂

  • Agreed, looks absolutely amazing, but I’ll never afford even one night in there 🙁

  • What an absolutely beautiful suite! I think this is my favorite of all of the new themed suites. I just wish I could get a chance to stay there! The master bathroom sounds amazing – I’m not sure I’d ever want to leave…

  • I think this is my favorite of all the new suites at the Disneyland Hotel. It’s just a shame that 99% of your guests will never be able to afford to stay in it (or luck into a free upgrade). Why can’t the Disneyland Hotel have, say, one floor of rooms themed at the level and price point of the new Princess & the Frog rooms at Walt Disney World’s Port Orleans Resort?

  • mmmm, the foot spa, and shower with light & sound effects…fun!

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