Celebrating One Year of ‘World of Color’ at Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Tomorrow marks one year since “World of Color” made its first splash at Disney California Adventure park! In that time, the award-winning nighttime spectacular has been seen by more than 3 million guests.

Throughout its more than 700 performances, “World of Color” has continued to bring the emotion and fun of Disney films to life through a unique combination of animation, music, fire, lasers and (of course) water. To mark its first year of performances, let’s take a look back at how this magical experience was created through some of our favorite behind-the-scenes posts:

World of Color – Behind the H20 – The Abbey Road Sessions (Originally posted January 29, 2010): Imagineer Steve Davison started a series of making-of looks with this video of the show’s soundtrack recordings.

Disney•Pixar Animation Brings “World of Color” to Life (Originally posted March 5, 2010): This exclusive look from Pixar Animation Studios shows how Disney•Pixar characters were brought to life in the show.

The Stage is Set for World of Color (Originally posted April 30, 2010): Go into the control booth with the Imagineers during overnight testing of lights, fire and fountains prior to the show’s opening.

‘World of Color’ – Behind the H2O – Making the Fountains Dance (Originally posted May 24, 2010): See how live performers inspired the show’s dancing fountains.

Introducing the Cast of ‘World of Color’ (Originally posted June 14, 2010): Take a look at all the different types of fountains that “perform” in the show.

Celebrate with us – tell us about your favorite “World of Color” scene in the comments!


  • Exactly one year ago I went with my friends to se the world of color from Mexico after watching the whole building and testing faces on the Internet. We spent all day in California adventure we had dinner in ariels grotto and then when to enjoy the show in the reserved places. After that we went to enjoy the rest of the night (summer nightastic) at Disneyland. I loved it so much that I returned the next day but since I didn’t have reservation or a fast pass I watch it from behind (paradise pier)

  • Can’t believe it’s been a year! This show is always amazing every single time I watch it! It never gets old!

  • Another vote for the Tron Encore as favorite scene, it was absolutely stunning!

  • I would love to see Bolt be added to the show sometime, Perhaps in the finale. It was a good movie!

  • I love that this show is so easy to change. I’d love to see a “I See the Light” sequence from Tangled, or anything from Nightmare Before Christmas!

  • Everything about the show is so magical, and it’s awesome to see them constantly updating it with stuff from Tangled and Pirates 4. PLEASE tell me there’s going to be a Cars Encore soon!

  • I loved it. THought it was great. Cant wait to see it again in June. BTW, does it ever change or will it be the same show that it was in November?

  • Love World of Color. The pictures made with the water are stunning no matter where you view it from.

    I am a little biased in saying the special Tron ending was my favorite. The lights on California Screamin’ were an awesome touch.

  • World of Color is a great show. It finally gave California Adventure a nighttime spectacular of its very own.

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