Discover a New You at The Beast’s Library

Shannon Swanson

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

Some days I feel like Cinderella and other days I feel more like Ursula but there is one sure way to find out what character you are most like anytime at The Beast’s Library in Disney California Adventure park. During a hot summer day the Animation Building, home to The Beast’s Library, is a great spot to enjoy and rediscover your inner beauty or, if you’re having that kind of day, your inner Beast.

I am proud to say I was most like Mulan. What character do you think you are most like?


  • Where is this in the park? Also, is it in DL or WDW?

  • Where is the one in WDW?

  • I did this years ago and I was Cinderella. I was very happy with the result!

  • everyday at Disney there is something new to be seen. Me and my boyfriend have season passes and it still amazes me on how much more we see at the parks every time we go. I was Bell!! I love Beauty and the Beast and I always have a book in my hand. I can’t wait for the new expansion to the Magic Kingdom Park.

  • And I can’t find the photo now, but somebody’s online photo album once caught the time Cinderella and Hercules wandered into the Library for fun just before a break, after an outside appearance or Drawn to the Magic, etc.
    Hercules discovered he was most like Simba, and Cinderella discovered she was most like….Lady Tremaine? 🙂

  • It would be asesome if they could update the “enchanted books” to include the more recent Disney characters.

    Yes, I realize it would be difficult to update the book quiz since Jerry Orbach has since passed away, but Disney could probably find a good sound-alike voice that closely matches the existing dialogue.

  • @5 – I’ve done at least five Disney tests on both coasts, online, and the disks, and I’ve always ended up as Jiminy Cricket.
    That’s not the problem…The problem is, they’re RIGHT.

    @3 -Just for variety, I tried rigging the “Villain” answer (“For lunch”), and ended up as Shere Khan. Okay…That’s an improvement. 🙂

  • My Husband and I just discovered it last month! I was Nala and he was Timone!

  • I’ve done this a few times over the years and I’m always Jiminy Cricket. Everyone we’ve taken through the Sorcerer’s Workshop loves doing this!

  • adorable!! the room looks cooler than the one in disney world, but i still love that one! i do it every time i finish learning to draw a character 🙂

  • I was told I’m most like Lumiere. I thought the funniest question in the survey was “Do you like to have lunch with friends or have friends for lunch?” I’ve always wondered who I’d be if I chose the latter option…

  • Correction: This is at the Scorceror’s Workshop in Disney Animation, not Animation Academy.

    • Thanks so much Michael, you are correct. The Beast’s Library is located inside the Disney Animation building in the Sorcerer’s Workshop area. You can also visit the Animation Academy, located next to the Sorcerer’s Workshop, to learn how do draw a Disney character, another great place to visit!

  • The Beast’s Library is awesome.

    The very first time that I tried it, I was most like Woody.

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