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Disney Parks Ticketing Update

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

We wanted to let you know that ticket prices are increasing at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. The new prices go into effect on June 12, but today we’re sharing an early look at pricing details as well as some existing special values for Florida and California residents.

At Walt Disney World Resort, the Magic Your Way ticket offers a variety of options for you to customize your ticket purchase and save on your visit. Florida residents can also take advantage of the monthly payment plan we launched last year to give them greater flexibility when they purchase an annual pass. All updated pricing is posted on the Blog and also will be added to

And at Disneyland Resort, details about ticket prices are posted on a special page we’ve created on the Disney Parks Blog. The information will also be available at on June 12, including details about special summer values for Southern California and Northern Baja residents, as well as our Southern California resident pass, which is more popular than ever with the monthly payments option.


  • Any chance you will extend monthly payment plan to Arizona Residents? If not, why? If yes, when?

  • We live in SoCal and we were at Disneyland (DT Disney) before June 12th interested in purchasing the annual passes for our kids birthdays in July. If I was told that the price would increase $50 a ticket I would of bought them on the spot. Any way I can get the previous Deluxe Price of $329. I budgeted our expenses based on this amount and now that extra $50 increase ($200 for 4) put us over the top. I still have the brochure for the old price too.

  • Hi! I was wondering if the price change affects those who are on the monthly payment will plan. For example, if we are already paying the $21.09/month for the Deluxe pass, will it go up to the $24.92 per month or will it remain the same until we decide to renew our pass?

  • I think DIsney is just taking advantage of people at this point they know that everyone is crazy about it!!! It leaves a sour feeling going to the park knowing you have just paid that much but when i bought my pass a year ago it was 144 its sickening….i wont be surprised if a year from know we get a letter saying” Dear Faithful susceptible people we are now increasing our prices to 500$ for the Basic pass and now 1500 for a Premium pass, thank you for your money” Its not like we are more expensive..ii think with all the expansions that are happening they should do that with the money they have on reserve not the money they don’t have… thanks a lot for having to make us sell our souls to have the privilege of taking our kids on Dumbo..

  • Mr. Smith, I just found out about the price increase. I had received a mailer about two weeks ago reminding me to renew my DVC Annual Passes (5 of ’em, 2 adults and 3 kids)but no price was on this flier. I have tried to log on the renew, but the website lists prices of $344 & $304 for renewals but also says “This event night is sold out”. Why can’t I renew these online?

  • Hi… I´m attending to the Wine and Dine Half marathon in october. Because of this we hace dicounted tickets… are this prices affected too?

  • Why isn’t the payment plan available to everyone, not just CA and FL residents? I know if this were the case a lot more people would be able to afford it.

  • Is this permanent? I know that the prices usually go up every few years or so but it would be super nice to surprise us all and lower it for a change!

  • Hi – We were lucky enough to renew and upgrade our Disneylan AP’s to Premium just before the price increase. We have now planned a trip to Disney World this fall so we’re planning to upgrade to the Premier passes – do we pay the difference between the pre-increase price and the current Premier price – $439 Premium/$749 Premier or the difference between the current value of a Premium AP $499 and the current Premier price of $749? Just trying to see if we’re better off just purchasing park hoppers at WDW. Thanks!!

  • is the add on price for parking also being updated? if so, what will it be?

  • my less-than-complementary comment on 6/12 re: the ticket price increase apparently moderated and deemed unworthy of posting. no profanity or unsubstantiated disney-bashing was included….


  • Thomas- It’s awesome that us Northern CA residents now have the option for a payment plan, my family and I will be purchasing our first AP’s and visiting more often than usual. My question is this…We aren’t planning on visiting until November, the opening to all CA residents isn’t a temporary option is it? I could get them now, but I’d rather wait until it’s closer to November so I don’t waste those unused months. Will I still be able to choose the payment plan come November??

  • As disappointed as I am about this recent price increase, I can only assume that the effects of this economy has hit the Disney corporation as well. We do live in a free market system and I guess such increases are to be expected. That’s too bad. It looks as though I will now have to increase my prices too.

  • Costs have obviously increased for DL too. We need to save for years to pay $2500 for flights then accomodation, food etc and would pay whatever it takes to go to Disneyland. Think yourselves lucky you have this most amzing special place on your doorsteps.. we are not so lucky! DL do what you need to do to keep the place as special and pristing and wonderful as it is!

  • As a DVC owner I would love to see some sort of ticket discount for something like a 5 or 6 days park entry since most of us live out of state & are not able to take trips every year. Just dont feel that the DVC members are getting the best benefits they should be getting. Each year its less & less.

  • Whenever I go on a ride, I’m always thinking of what’s wrong with the thing and how it can be improved.

    -Walt Disney

    If you guys don’t want to hear what’s wrong, don’t create a place for people to comment.

  • I second Wendy’s sentiment, ouch!

    I try to make it to Disneyland once a year, but if the price increases keep going the way they already are, I don’t think that I will be able to afford a $100 single day single park ticket that will likely come within the next two years (shocking considering that $100 could get you an annual pass less than 20 years ago). Don’t get me wrong, Disneyland is great and I would rather go there for a day than go to another amusement park for a year, but it’s getting too rich for my blood.

  • How much is the Premier Pass renewal since we bought in at $700 last year? And will there be a DVC perk/discount this year?

  • I hate to say it but has anyone noticed that Disney doesn’t seem to want to answer the main question that people are asking, which is basically,”The economy sucks, the increase has definitely put it out of my price range, what do I do now?”I know what Walt would say, he would say ,”Disneyland is a work of love. We didn’t go into Disneyland just with the idea of making money.” He would tell the people, his guests that he understood about these hard times and agree, “I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.” I would like to believe if Walt was alive today he would stand by the people of this nation in these hard times, not try to drain them dry and in knowing so, if hard times ever fell on Disney, that the people of this nation would stand by him.

  • Thanks for the 2 day notice! I am a DVC member and I was going to buy the annual passes for the first time this month for my trip in August. I guess I am a day late and almost $100 short…now. I think it rotten that there wasn’t more notice. I hope this is the only disappointment I have with Disney!

  • Just found out about the price increase. Too late now to try to pay in full. Reservations were made and deposit left in May for our package with dining, but has not been paid in full. Will we have to pay the price increase?

  • Where can we find the new Renewal Prices? I’m looking to Renew my USA Premier Pass into either a regular Disney World Annual or another Premier Pass.

  • @Christopher, I agree with you about it being a DVC perk, DVC members already lose out on any special room rates that are offered to the general public, why not give us the ability to purchase the Annual Pass with the monthly payment plan. We all already locked into coming every year!

  • How about a payment plan for Premier passes? Maybe make it a DVC perk? That is the level of pass that really needs a payment plan.

    You could even limit it to only Florida and California residents if needed (although I still fail to see why that limitation is there anyway, Sea World offers payment plans and does not have that requirement, they also do not have a down payment requirement and will allow you to move your payment date, within reason).

  • Ouch!

  • Disney, please remember that it has been many years between pay raises for many families. I am willing to pay more for the best for my family but the middle class is still coming out of the recession so please keep it affordable!!

  • Now that the monthly payments have been extended to all CA residents, and I just purchased my AP two weeks ago; can I upgrade to a premium pass and pay the difference in monthly instalments?

    I really hope so, if I had been told the cost and area for monthly payments would change I would have waited two weeks to buy my pass!!

  • some ticket brokers may still have the same prices. if you are going soon and need tickets, check them out. only use reputable ones. i’m sure someone has a calculator somewhere on the net to tell you the least priced ticket and what site to buy through. vh.

  • Hello! I was just buying my AP for this year and suddenly, the webpage froze in the middle of my transaction!! I wanted to buy my APs before the ticketing upgrade and now I can’t buy anything. I’m in Mexico City and here it’s not yet June 12. Is there anything I can do? Can you help me out??

    • Hi Maria, please try the page now.

  • Im a DVC Owner can I buy tickets say a 10 day no experation and use it in say a year? When does the online voucher expire? I should be smart and just stock up.
    Can I also do this with my annual pass if its not time to renew for Disneyland?

  • A couple of my girlfriends and I were planning on spending a day in Magic Kingdom in September but have not baught tickets yet. How much of a price increse will there be for one day passes?

  • Hi! Does this affect DVCMember pricing? We are arriving on the 14th & plaanned to buy our passes when we got there – Thanks!

  • @Trica….Kids are never too old – my kids first went when they were 13 & 16 but then we did come over from the UK. I am sorry that Disney are raising their prices but at least they do offers for US residents – we come over after a lot of saving and booked a year in advance, we are coming over in September this year and cant wait! We wish we lived in Florida!!

  • It’s not good enough if you have a “reservation”, you would’ve already had to purchase the tickets too, right? I’m a dvc member, and I’ve got dates booked, but I haven’t purchased tickets yet, so, I will have to pay the new higher price, – right?

  • Please, please start offering the monthly payment option on annual passes for those outside of FL!! FL residents already get great discounts, at least offer the monthly payment option to those whom are spending lots of money not only in the parks but also on hotel rooms, food, souvenirs, and the travel just to get to WDW.

  • What will be the new price for a Southern California Select Annual Passport?

  • What will be the new price for a Southern California Select Annual Passport?

  • I was wondering if the cost of the Halloween and Christmas Party tickets at Magic Kingdom were also going up in cost.

  • Can you tell me if the military tickets are going up too? I checked with our local MWR office and they weren’t away of the upcoming price increase. I’m talking about the 7 day base tickets, not the special 4 day hopper. Thanks.

  • I was planning on buying annual passes next week when we visit the park. For a family of 5, the previous premium price could be justified with 2 or more visits per year. Now with the new pricing, it takes 3 or more visits to justify. And driving from Northern California 3 times a year may not be possible. I second the payment plan for all CA residents.

  • Does the $749 price tag for the Premier Passport include tax or is that the full price?

    • Hi, the total price of the Premier Passport is $773.35 with tax.

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