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Disney Parks Ticketing Update

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

We wanted to let you know that ticket prices are increasing at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. The new prices go into effect on June 12, but today we’re sharing an early look at pricing details as well as some existing special values for Florida and California residents.

At Walt Disney World Resort, the Magic Your Way ticket offers a variety of options for you to customize your ticket purchase and save on your visit. Florida residents can also take advantage of the monthly payment plan we launched last year to give them greater flexibility when they purchase an annual pass. All updated pricing is posted on the Blog and also will be added to http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/tickets-passes/.

And at Disneyland Resort, details about ticket prices are posted on a special page we’ve created on the Disney Parks Blog. The information will also be available at https://disneyland.disney.go.com/tickets/ on June 12, including details about special summer values for Southern California and Northern Baja residents, as well as our Southern California resident pass, which is more popular than ever with the monthly payments option.


  • Any information on the price for the Premier Annual Pass?

    • Hi Stacy, yes…the Premier Passort price will be $749.

  • We will pay it! We love WDW!!

  • Well…I guess we knew this was coming…

  • How about extending the California monthly payment plan to the entire state? I live in the SF Bay Area and would happily do the monthly AP payment plan if it was offered.

    • Hi Andrew, we are extending the Disneyland Annual Passes Monthly Payment Program to Northern California.

  • Yes, what’s the price increase on the Premier Annual Pass, and why is it never included in these updates?

  • Thanks for the update! Looks like the price raise isn’t too bad, only a few dollars. Glad I just booked my 2011 vaca before the prices went up

  • sorry. i think i read it wrong.

  • so what happens if you have a booked trip for later this year and it is already paid for? does the updated pricing affect those trips or is it just for trips booked after the new date?

    • The price increase does not impact existing reservations.

  • When will Disney start selling “Passes for Life?” I’d rather just pay $5000, and be done with it. Plus they can see some some serious up-front cash flow. Good for the company. It’s a win-win!

  • Sooner this year than usual, why not let everyone use the payment plan for the annual pass?

  • @Chris: Yes, but usually it’s the first weekend in August.

    Interesting to note that for a 1 day park-hopper, the cost is only $35 versus the regular $55.

  • Does this effect existing reservations?

    • Hi Richard, no…it does not.

  • When will Northern CA AP’s get the monthly payment option? Now that the Premier pass is almost $500, I don’t see how we can all afford owning AP’s if we only go once or twice a year.

  • Question- we happen to be visiting right now from out of state. We usually buy our park hopper passes and upgrade them to annual passes at the end of our stay so we can return during the year. The upgrade in the past has always been the difference between the purchase price of the hopper passes and the annual pass.

    Since we buy the hopper passes before the price change, will the upgrade to an annual pass be the difference between our original purchase price or the value of a hopper pass at the time we upgrade?

    Just trying to figure out when is the best time to upgrade our passes.

  • I LOVE the FL Resident Seasonal Passes. We would not have been able to get them without the payment plan, so it’s easy and painless to have them !! Thanks, WDW,!!!! Please don’t get rid of the FLSAP or the Monthly payment plan.

  • I guess on a positive note, this may actually make the parks less crowded for us AP’s? I mean, we can dream right?

  • $500 x 3 = I don’t know if I can keep doing this, sigh….

  • I am also curious to know what the Premier Pass costs now. Is there any information you can give us on that? We will be purchasing ours in July

  • What about AP renewal pricing, our APs expire in July and dont want to lose my “renewal discount” because you raised the prices $20. Can we renew early and get the current price?

    • New and renewal prices will increase on Sunday. You can renew your annual pass up to 30 days prior to your expiration date.

  • Thanks for letting us know. I have family that are in the process of booking a vacation for September so I will tell them to make sure to buy their tickets before the 12th.

  • This was totally unexpected to me! Price increases usually occur in August…..

  • OK, I just saw it posted elsewhere that a Disneyland spokesperson said the Premier Annual Passes are going up to $749.

    • This is correct, Carrie. Thanks.

  • Probably not planning on going again til late 2012, so I figured ticket prices would rise some time before then…

    I’m just hoping that with the new Fantasyland opening up in 2013, maybe Disney will offer some good deals to entice people to go in 2012 instead, just in case some people were planning on holding off.

  • Thanks for the heads up, just ordered my Annual Pass before the rate increase, but to be honest, WDW is priceless 🙂

  • I won’t lie, the Disneyland AP increases hurt! Thank you for the monthly payment option, we’d never be able to have them without it!

  • What would be really nice is if the premium pass came with an option to NOT have parking. It’s tough for a family to buy passes for say, 2 adults and 2 kids, and there is no NEED for all of those passes to have parking on them. But if you DON’T have that, then you are stuck with blackout days. The lower-level passes already have parking as an OPTION. Why not do the same for premium?

  • Fan-Freaking-Tastic…

    My girlfriend and I were going to work hard to purchase annual passes at the end of the summer
    but this price hike just killed that dream :(.

    Disney rarely has ever let me down…but this dream just got killed big-time.

  • It shows on this page https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/facts-on-disneyland-prices/ that the new DisneyLAND Premium AP will be $499.

  • I agree with some other post that if the whole state of California got the option for payment plan I would buy it. Im in SF area too and we go to Disneyland at least 6-8 times a year as a family and I usealy take the kids for a day or two just for the heck of it when friends are going down.

  • Excessive increases on a less than annual basis for already exorbitant prices. Stay classy, Disney.

  • -sigh- Another increase in price? why? I’m gonna be honest, I LOVE Disneyland, really I do. Every time I go, I go to my 2 favorite rides, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride & STAR TOURS. However these increases hurt my chances of going. Why not just make it $100 for 1 day, 1 park. 🙁 its quite upsetting. I’d like to see prices go down rather than up. I mean the current prices were barely increased not too long ago. Well, I won’t be surprised when I see that 1 day, 1 park will cost $100 for ages 10+.

  • For those of us set to renew our passes in the next month, do we still get the same price for renewal mentioned in the letter sent to us or will that too increase now?

    • Hi Jennifer, we will honor the renewal letter pricing.

  • Why can’t anyone have a payment plan for APs?

  • I can understand price increases but why not wait until the Fantasyland expansion is finished…..

    @Mark Sign me up for 4 passes for life!

  • I was lucky that I just got my new card, but ouch. Even though people will still buy the AP, it going to leave a bad taste.

  • Wow, as a frequent visitor, my 7-day ticket with park hopper just went up 7%? That’s quite an increase for a business seeing profits. With airfares increasing, I would have hoped that Disney would have cut the little guy a break on this one.

    It IS still possible to have a year without an exorbitant price increase and still show a profit…

  • are the prices listed the new increases?

  • I would love to see the payment plan on all APs not just ones for the FL residents. I guess that’s what credit cards are for. How will this effect DVC APs??

    • DVC annual passes will also increase in price – $419 for DVC member Annual Pass and $374 for renewal.

  • So my question is, My family and I are planning on going to Disney World in 2012. We wanted to take advantage of the dining package. Can I buy my tickets now and buy the rest of the package (hotel/dining package) when we book?

    • Hey, our 2012 dine plan packages are only available with the new ticket prices.

  • What about the Seasonal Weekday Pass for Florida residents? I didn’t see it listed.

    • The Florida Resident Weekday Select Pass will be increasing to $179 for a new pass and $164 for renewals.

  • Can I upgrade my existing AP to a Premier AP? If so, is the difference in price pro-rated for the remainder of my pass? (In other words, if my AP expires in October, will an upgrade take me prorated to Oct, the full price difference only through October or the full price difference to expire a year from now?) Thanks.

    • Hi Janelle, we do not prorate. The value of your original pass/ticket is applied toward the upgrade. The expiration date would be based on the original annual pass you are upgrading from.

  • I’m literally crying my eyes out right now. Our family of 5 now has to come up with an additional $250 in order for us to get the Premier Passes again?!?! The economy is hard enough, now we have to save up more money for a trip we’ve been planning since last September. Guess we’ll be avoiding the gift shops in the parks. Our extra spending cash will be wrapped up in just getting through the gates 🙁

  • What about the popular Epcot After 4pm Florida Resident Annual Pass?

    • The Epcot After 4 Pass will increase to $149 and renewal will be $139.

  • I am very dissapointed to hear of another Disney price increase. For families that have to save for years to even go on a Disney vacation this just puts it farther out of reach. Last time I was at Disney World it seemed to me like there was more international visitors that American visitors, I guess they are the ones who can better afford to go. 🙁 For my family (there are 5 of us-2 adults and three kids but with your pricing we are considered 5 adults) Disney world will have to continue to be a fantasy.

  • Does the cost of an AP blockout day ticket go up too? It’s currently at $50.

    • Hi Pauline, yes…the price of the AP Blockout ticket will increase to $59.

  • If I buy a Premier Pass tomorrow is it good for one year from purchase, or one year from first use? And if the latter, is there a limit on how long I can wait before first using it?

    • The Pass is valid one year from purchase date.

  • My question is are these gate prices or online prices ?

    • The gate and online prices are the same at Walt Disney World. At Disneyland Resort, there is a pre-arrival discount on the 3- to 5-day tickets when purchased online.

  • I live in Northern Ca. and feel like many here in that why not offer the payment plan to all of California. We could afford it rather then having to come up with $499(now) upfront. Since we are taking a trip later this year I went to the Disney Store and got our tickets, and ordered my AP.

  • Even in these hard economic times people will still pay despite the increases. Disney knows that. I remember two years ago standing on Main Street in Disneyland during December and barely being able to move because of all the people. Recession…what recession? People still need to escape reality and Disneyland’s the place to go.

  • Well.. I guess this seals it. We’ve been saving up for 2 years to take our kids to Disney next year.. and we just can’t afford it. Shame as my husband and I spent our honeymoon at Disney World and had hoped to take the kids before they got too old for their first trip. I could just cry. My husband is a recent graduate and I am the only breadwinner… a few dollars puts it out of reach. So sad.

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