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Doorways of Our World at Disney Parks

Doorways of our World at Disney Parks

From simple to sublime, architectural details can be so intriguing, particularly when they are from something as commonplace as, say, a door. I canā€™t guess how many doors one might discover at the Walt Disney World Resort, but I have put a few snapshots of door handles, knobs and knockers together that reflect a range of cultures and continents. See how many of these unique items you can identify from Disney Parks.


  • The World Showcase has so much to offer architecturally-speaking, so if the opportunity is there to take your time and really look at the details, I highly recommend it. Oddly enough, on my last trip to Disney World, I took a picture of those fish handles in Italy because I thought they were just so unique! My favorite doorways are in Norway, Italy and Morocco … just beautiful.

  • I will be there on dec 24 to jan 4. its my 4 time in 1 year and a half. im loving somuch disney and my husband too !!!!

  • Gene- Just popping on to say that I love this post. I think it’s one of your best ones yet!

  • Team Disney doors!

  • One of the door knobs I love the most is at Disney’s Casting building. The front doors have the knobs with the faces from the shrinking scene from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. They are a very neat find that not many people get to see. I would love to see a picture, if you can! I know the rest of us Disney fans would LOVE to see them! šŸ™‚

  • This was a great video. It made me realize just how much detail goes into Disney. I can’t wait to look for these doors on our next trip.

  • Can you post a link to the previous blogs on seats and lamp posts? I’d like to see those.

  • I LOVED this video! i recognized a few, had some pretty good ideas about a few more, and took wild guesses in the rest! But you have given me a new mission for my trip in August!

  • This makes you step back and appreciate the imagination of the Imagineers who dreamt and created each attraction and park meticulously. The attractions and the parks are not just running from place to place – SLOW DOWN and take it all in and appreciate it.

    This reminds me of looking up at the various attractions and parks weather-vanes.

  • Love seeing all the little details the Imagineers throw in there to theme each land. This blog is very similar to two series that were done showcasing the seats in the four parks.

    and the lamp posts.

  • The first is from the Dolphin,the third is from the Polynesian Resort,the forth is either from the Bordwalk or the Grand Floridian, the fifth is the doors of the Reflections of China in Epcot, the sixth is the entrance to the Haunted Mansion i think, the eighth knob is in the German pavilion,the ninth might be in either the American Adventure or the Yatch club resort, the tenth is in the Animal Kingdom Lodge or (if some of these pics are from Disneyland) it might be from the Adventureland Suite in the Disneyland Resort, the eleventh looks like it might be from the country bears jamboree, number twelve is either from thunder mountain or the briar patch store by splash mountain,the thirteenth is from the Haunted Mansion or it’s the entance to the Tower of Terror, fifteen is from the hannah montana chicken coop on the backlot tour in the Hollywood Studios. Thanks for the video it has some great photos that were hard to identify.

  • Opening doors? If anyone, Disney can ‘handle’ it!

  • Even every door handle or knob(however you identify them) gives one a feeling of “come in, we’ve been expecting you”. We’ve found most of the hidden Mickey’s so now you’ve given me a new fun game to play with my kids when we visit!

  • Every time I visit…I stumble across something that I have not noticed before. Thanks for this video! Next time we go, we will be looking at every doorway!! šŸ™‚

  • If you’re tired of walking around the parks, and you’ve got the time. Just hop on a monorail and check out the other Disney hotels, or drive there. I recommend seeing the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge or Disney Wilderness lodge. Just let them know you are going there to eat and not stay, when you drive up to security. Another hint is to have your driver’s license ready for them.

  • I beleive the first one is from the Disney’s Dolphin Resort, not sure about the 2nd one. Maybe from the Floridian. 3rd ones from the Polynesian Resort. 4th I’m not sure. 5th is from the China Pavilion at Epcot I believe. 6 and 7 are from Main Street USA. 8th I think is Cinderella’s Castle.. probably the door to the restaurant inside. 9th, I’m really not sure. 10th is from Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. 11 and 12 are both from Pirates of the Caribbean the ride. Not sure about 13. 14 could be from either Thunder Mountain or the Haunted Mansion. 15 is from the Candy shop in Epcot.

  • is the “hanna montana” door, I reemember saw in hollywood studios

  • We are going to Disney for the third time in three years (love it) This year our theme is “open every door” There are so many things to Disney that we haven’t encountered yet. I’m hoping to stumble into somewhere we wouldn’t have known about before! Yay!

  • Where’s the “cheat” sheet??? – lol can’t believe my granddaughter and I failed miserably…we go at least once a year…

    • Elma- Don’t feel bad. There are WAY MORE doors on Disney property than the few shown here. To give you a hint, the first nine are from World Showcase, and the final six are from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. My absolute favorite is the first image, which is found in the Italy Pavilion.

  • This is really lovely. Although I shouldn’t be surprised, I didn’t realize how many different kinds of doors there were. I have a lovely pictorial collection of trash cans, and I think I’ll add these architectural feasts to my booty next time we go!

  • can you make a video of any cool intresting backstage areas that the general public or guests dont see like of cool doors or sinage that would be pretty cool! šŸ™‚

  • I know I’ve openned a few of those doors but others I haven’t seen. I’m on a new hunt next time I visit! I LOVE the little things.

  • Little details like this are what make Disney spectacular! Thanks for sharing!

  • Nice work! these doors are not just doors; they’re gateways to new worlds and adventures, all you have to do is open them.
    (Hope you’ll get to see my collections of photographs from Disneyland Paris) there is so much beauty and story in the details of any Disney park…

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