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Every Role a Starring Role – Maintaining Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Resort

Betsy Villalobos

by , Senior Manager, External Communications, Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products

Ahoy! Every good pirate needs a sturdy ship and at the Disneyland Resort, a team of talented, highly-trained maintenance professionals helps ensure that Pirates of the Caribbean, a world-renowned attraction, is ready to welcome guests aboard each day at Disneyland park.

These cast members are part of a team whose work begins when the lights go down and all is quiet along the bayou. They are dedicated to inspecting and maintaining all elements of the attraction, down to the smallest detail.

Watch the video below to meet Dave and the attraction’s third-shift maintenance crew from Pirates of the Caribbean!


  • I love this series! Thanks for sharing how everyone in the parks contribute to the magic.

  • Well this is exactly what I’ve been waiting to see since the series Inside/Out was discontinued. That was my favorite show because they took you behind the scenes at the parks! I love this! More, More!!!

  • Great behind the scenes clip! I’d also love to see how the rest of the ride is maintained, such as the animatronics and upkeeping the scenes that are suppose to look dusty and dirty- a Haunted Mansion clip would be fascinating to see!

  • This would be such a cool job! I thought the same about the EXIT signs but I found out that it is law that it must be that look and design. I know Disney would have loved to make something themed…

    I love Pirates of the Caribbean! It is always the first ride I go on when I go to Disneyland!!!

  • Excellent behind-the-scenes video about the unseen teams who keep the park running!

    More like this please!!

  • Thanks for sharing this, Betsy! We love the “magic”, but it’s fun to see “behind the scenes” sometimes, too!

  • very interesting, can’t wait to see more!!

  • I know this will sound like a major nitpick but I alway thought that the emergency EXIT signs should be themed as well. I know they are meant to stand out but it would be really cool if they were written in a ‘Pirate’ style. Such as Ye Old Exit and have it written in an old looking font.

    The rest of the ride is so detailed and themed that this little thing would really put it over the top, IMHO.

  • Cool! If I worked at Disney Parks, that’s the kind of job I’d like to have.

  • Thank you to the Pirates crew for doing such a great job keeping the show running! I love all the little details that you mainain, and yes we even notice the tiniest things you take care of!

    One of my favorites is the pirate sitting on the bridge at the auction scene with a bottle of rum that he actually spills into the waterway below.

    I think it would be great to hear what little details other Pirates riders see every time they ride!

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