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Moms Panel: If I Had Two Hours at Walt Disney World to Make a Lifelong Memory I Would…

Today, I am starting a fun and quirky series of Disney Parks Blog posts featuring the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. I asked them all one question. “If you had two hours at Walt Disney World Resort to make a lifelong memory you would…” This is the year to “Let the Memories Begin.” The über passionate panelists already have tons of Disney memories, so I was surprised that they still had many, many more magical dreams to make.

Chip'n Dale's Campfire Sing-a-long at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

First up is one of our true Southern Belles, Teronya “Tron” Holmes.

“If I had two hours at Walt Disney World to make a lifelong memory, I would get back to nature by rounding up the entire family and herding us all over to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground for Chip’n Dale’s Campfire Sing-a-long!

We participated in the Chip’n Dale’s Campfire Sing-a-long at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it, so we’d love to try out this very special event at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. We’d purchase a s’mores kit, which makes enough for all four of us. Then we would sing along with the Cast Members and of course the brothers Chip and Dale.

After that, we’d all snuggle up on a big, soft fleece blanket we brought with us and watch one of the wonderful Disney movies they show outdoors on a huge blow-up screen. And if I have just the right amount of pixie dust with me that night, the kids will fall asleep during the movie, giving me and my husband a few romantic moments to relax and enjoy our own little piece of heaven under the stars.”

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  • I would run from favorite ride to favorite ride with my 2 daughters and husband. We would magically get sent to the front of each ride line. The best part would be that my husband would go on every ride with us, including the ones he usually dislikes (like the Matterhorn)! I think that we would have so much fun!

  • A week ago I took my wife to eat at the california grill at sunset for a romantic meal, then we grabbed our daughter and watched the fireworks from the top of the contemporary. It was special for us.

  • Me and my 3 little princesses would hang out in the Cinderella suite in the castle. Every time we go to Disney, my girls talk about staying in the castle, when they make wishes…I will ask them what they wished and they always reply to stay at the castle. This is why Disney is so magical it makes my children believe in magic and dreams.

  • I would want to show me to the balcony of the castle with my family all dressed the personages of Aurora, cinderela and white snows after we say I LOVE ME WORD

  • We would continue our family tradition of always going to the magic kingdom for extra magic hours at night. We have spent many nights at 1 or 2 a.m. riding the race cars, jumping on Space Mountain and riding other attractions over and over when there are no lines. We always remember these moments, whether it was bundled up at night during a winter visit or enjoying the summer breeze as we race around the race track or run around like little kids (we are all teens and up). It is simply put…. magical.

  • Just being here with my family,no matter what we do,I will always have memories. We have Disney Vacation Club and come at least 4 times a year. And we always make memories everyday. Our sons will be out of school in a few years and off on their own. So this is our way of spending time together and making those memories last. THANKS DISNEY!!!!

  • The sing-along, campfire, marshmellows, Chip and Dale with movie at Fort Wilderness was dreamy. I would do it all again, and can say that was 2 hours for us, which created a lifetime memory. Can’t wait to make more memories in November!!

  • Tour the Cinderella Castle Suite.

  • We have been to Disney so many times but we mostly have been lately around Christmas or New Years and a little cold some of the times to go to water parks. My daughter and her 5 yr old son just went for 5 days and did the Water parks, Magic Kingdom and ate at the Fort Wildernes and spent time with Chip and Dale with playing ball and other games he had a blast. Then the sing along and movie. We can’t wait to be able to go back maybe next summer as a family and enjoy the water parks and campfires and movies under the stars sounds like so much fun. We learn something new about this Magical place every time we go. My daughter has great pics is there somewhere she could post them.

  • I would love to have dinner at the crystal palace with my family and grandkids then watch the fireworks. That is so relaxing for us and the fireworks are incredible

  • How awesome that sounds. Of course if I where to answer that question nowadays it would be so different than my answer just a year ago. Having been blessed with twins 13 months ago I would gear my visit to enchanting them with the wonders of Disney and start two new little Disney fanatics on their way. We would have to spend time in Fantasyland with Pooh and all the characters on their level. They love music so I would be sure and take them thru It’s a Small World probably more than once. After writing this I am now wishing I could pack my bags tomorrow and go. I can’t wait to see their faces light up with all the excitement someday soon!

  • I would renew my vows to my lovely wife.

  • Go to a dinner show with my family, relax, be entertained and have a wonderful meal!

  • This is on our “to do” list for our Oct. 2012 trip. Better go ahead and put “big fleece blanket” on my packing list! 😉

  • Short & sweet…I’d renew my vows with our son and daughter standing up with us. Then have dinner with Mickey Mouse!!!!

    • Wow! Y’all have a lot of cool ideas! Keep them coming!!!


  • That’s so fun, Tron! We stayed at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort a couple weeks ago and attended the campfire there! While there were no characters present, there were two Cast Members who were VERY silly and we had lots of sing-a-longs! My mom participated in the hokey pokey and won “first-in-line” for our family to get s’mores making supplies! It was REALLY fun and there was no charge to us at all! Can’t wait to try the one at the Fort Wilderness Campground! Thanks for sharing!

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