New Characters Coming to Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

New Characters, Russell and Dug, at Disney California Adventure Park

There are new friends coming to Disney California Adventure park this summer! On June 25, the Wilderness Explorer Camp will open at Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, featuring Russell and Dug from the Disney•Pixar film, “Up.” The Ahwahnee Camp Circle will be the place where guests can participate in a special ceremony with Russell and graduate to Senior Wilderness Explorers. Also, as guests enter the trail, they will be met by Dug, the friendly dog. The trail will feature Wilderness Explorer activities through which young guests can earn Wilderness Explorer Badges.

On July 9, Phineas and Ferb will debut their new show, “Phineas and Ferb’s Rockin’ Rollin’ Dance Party,” also at Disney California Adventure park. The show will be an interactive dance party featuring the Disney Channel favorites. Guests will have the chance to join in on dances and activities while a DJ spins songs from the series.

Which of these Disney characters are you most excited to see?


  • Met Dug yesterday at the Wilderness Explorer Camp and he was too cute. No he does not talk. But really cute and fun!

  • Although I enjoyed Brother Bear and I thought it was a great tie-in to the Challenge Trail, I’m glad that the area is getting a new theme. It was time for a change.

  • Thank you so much Disney!!! I think this will generate more guests to that beautiful area and as much as I like Brother Bear I think Up is extremely popular and kids are going to be more excited to take pictures with Russel, Doug & Mr. Fredrickson. My son is especially excited because he’s a cub scout so he loves the idea of earning wilderness badges.

  • How long will Phineas and Ferb be there? I’ve allways wanted to meet them, but don’t live near by.
    Sooo excited about the show! 🙂

  • This is too cool! My cousin Rus dressed up as Russell for Halloween last year, complete with a Doug doll and a tiny house attached to his Wilderness Explorer backpack being lifted by a bunch of helium filled balloons. Now he can take a pic with Russell and Doug!!

  • This is great news.

  • Please tell me Dug “talks”!!!!

  • At last check Winnie the Pooh had bumped Lotso (from Toy Story 3) out, and Lotso had bumped Russell, Dug and Mr. Fredrickson out of the Animation Building.

    Not sure if they are in a rotation with the Incredibles and Frozone as “random” characters upstairs by the academy. My wife and daughter are big “UP” fans and just missed them when they were at the animation building, we would love to see them on the East coast as well.

  • What a great addition to the park…exactly what it needs.

  • Melanie, Robert – Aren’t Carl & Dug still at the Animation Bldg. at the Studios? (And Russell in the Pixar parades?)
    The East coast park, of course, has no Redwoods.

  • @29 – Aren’t Carl & Dug still at the Animation Bldg. at the Studios?
    (And Russell in the Pixar parades)

  • Yay! Up is a better movie than Brother Bear!

  • I can’t wait to hug Dug!

  • Will there be anywhere at Disney World where we’ll be able to meet Russell and Dug? Possibly somewhere at Animal Kingdom in the future?

    Will Mr. Fredrickson make it out as well?

    I’m so bummed we were at DCA in May, we missed Ariel and now this. Not to mention Star Tours at Disneyland. Guess we’ll have to start planning our DVC trip back to the Grand Californian soon. 🙂

  • There are two things my grandgirl Sydney loves about Disneyland/California Adventures (she is afraid of animatronics)…1. Pin trading 2. Redwood Creek. The fact that you combined both???? Heaven for this 6 year old! We were thinking about skipping Disneyland for Christmas this year but now???? How can we not at least come for a day or two.

  • Wondering when Russell and Dug will make an appearance over at Walt Disney World? 🙂

    • Hi Melanie,

      The “Up” characters appear in the “Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun” parade at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

  • Oh I can’t wait for Wilderness Explorers! Will this be a permanent fixture or is it for a certain time?

  • Thanks for answering the question of where the Phineas and Ferb show will be Erin. Paradise Park will be a great place for the show. 🙂

  • Too bad it’s those “Up” characters and not the Junior Woodchucks with Ranger Woodlore and Humphrey the Bear!

  • Oh my goodness!!

    Are they going to be a permanent feature??
    We’re coming in October, then again in February and June next year 🙂

    Does Dug speak??

  • I’m going this Sat.(18TH) To DCA I really hope I get to see the Bears for the last time then or a soft opening for the UP characters.

  • Doug! OMG it’s Doug!!!

    So excited!!!!!



  • Will Agent P and Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz be there too?
    Need to get a photo with my picture-o-nater?

  • Very cool! You guys should make a Wilderness Explorer uniform for Duffy! Maybe have challenges those with Duffy bears to complete to earn merit badges you could place on his uniform. That would be fun!

  • This is so exciting!!! Really hope you’ll add Carl into the mix with Russell & Dug!!!!!!!
    Very excited about Phineas & Ferb, also! Can you please give us more info on them… Will there be a meet-n-greet area? How long will they be at CA? Since they are not arriving till July 9th????
    Thank you very much for adding to the character line up!! Please continue at both parks!!!!! This is a great joy to my little one!!!!
    Can’t wait….

  • So excited about meeting UP characters!! Hope its still there in November!!

  • Erin, where in the park will the Phineas and Ferb show be?

  • Very cool! Its good that the Redwood Creek challenge trail will be getting a breath of fresh air.

  • This is wonderful!! Will Carl make any appearances?
    How do I earn my Ellie badge?!

    Hope the DJ spins “There’s a Squirrel in My Pants!”…LOVE IT!

  • Will Kevin be there too?

  • Didn’t Pocahontas used to be there too?

    Can’t say as I’ll miss Kenai and Koda (seems like they were there more because of Grizzly Peak than because of their movie), but guess more kids remember Up than Brother Bear–
    Wilderness Explorers: Caw-caw, rawrr! 🙂
    (Now, if only I’d gotten that Grape Pop badge when it was still at Disney Movie Rewards.)

  • I can’t wait to finally meet Phineas and Ferb!! I missed meeting them at Hollywood Studios cus the meet & greet was delayed. And of course I’m looking forward to seeing Russell and Dug at Redwood Creek!!

    Oh, and Jessica, Russell and Dug are replacing Koda and Kenai at the Challenge Trail.

  • I got a great job offer today, and I am more excited to meet DUG THE DOG!!! I love him so much. Can’t wait to take pics with these guys!

  • I am so excited! Disney California Adventure is changing so much. Can’t wait for the new attractions. 😀

  • What about,Oswald,the lucky rabbit and the mad doctor?

  • My girls LOVE this place and can (have!) spend hours there; nice place for parents to “rest and cool off”, too!!!

  • Squirrel!

  • Will there still be the Brother Bear themed cave and meet and greet with Kenai and Koda?

  • DUG!

  • Where will this new Phineas and Ferb show perform?

  • I’m definitely looking forward to the new character experiences!

    Where in the park will the new ‘Rockin Rollin’ Dance Party be held at?

    • “Phineas and Ferb’s Rockin’ Rollin’ Dance Party” will take place across from the entrance to The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure.

  • Oh so lovely! A walk with them in the park would sound fun!

  • This is exciting! My kids will love to see Dug and Russell (and I will too of course!)

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