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New Pirate Adventure Coming to Walt Disney World

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

New Pirate Adventure Coming to Walt Disney World from Disney Floral & Gifts

What if Disney could bring the magic of the parks and big screen into your very own Walt Disney World resort room? Well, our creative team at Disney Floral & Gifts found a way to do just that with a new guest experience called “A Pirate’s Adventure” and it’s going to be available for sale soon.

You may be familiar with our “In-Room Celebrations,” which feel like Mickey and the gang have come to your Walt Disney World Resort room to create a personalized celebration just for you. Well this new offering is actually an “adventure” prepared by Captain Jack Sparrow. The story is that Jack was chased by a band of pirates and ducked into your room to hide his treasure. The pirate code states the treasure shall be yours if you can solve the riddles he left behind and find the key to unlock his treasure chest. Then the treasure chest will be yours to do with what you will.

Ken Malquist, show director for Disney Floral & Gifts, says it’s a great experience for the entire family. “You know, when we watch kids play, some of their greatest adventures takes place in their bedrooms, building forts and playing dress-up. So we took this concept and came up with a storyline to place the guest in an imaginative, yet authentic adventure,” Ken said.

There’s much more to share about this experience, but for now, know that “A Pirate’s Adventure” will be available for sale late Summer 2011 with delivery to the Walt Disney World Resort Fall 2011.

Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for first photos of the experience, information on pricing and more.


  • What is Pirate Mountain???

  • Th “Pirate Mountain”Will be done by Jan 2011 ???

  • Stop teasing us with the small stuff when are you guys going to announce “Pirate Mountain”? We know its being built in the new park in China – so when do we get it?

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