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Raiders of the Disney Parks Merchandise

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Raiders of the Disney Parks Merchandise

“Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?” I love that line from “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” which celebrated its 30th anniversary on June 12. I can vividly recall watching the film with my parents in a small, one-screen theater somewhere in western Pennsylvania. I was recently reminded of how much I enjoyed the film when I took my children to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There, we rode The Great Movie Ride and saw the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. My son, who is now about the age of when I first saw the original film in 1981, loved both attractions. Who wouldn’t want to travel the world in search of lost treasure? I know I would, so I donned my fedora and headed out in search of Indiana Jones-themed merchandise. My first stop was the temple of Disney Design Group where I met my guide and Disney Character Artist Casey Jones who shared with me his work on a new two-figure set.

Mickey Mouse as Indiana Jones and Goofy as Sallah in New Two-Figure Disney Parks Set

A new two two-figure set featuring Mickey Mouse and Goofy playing Indiana Jones and Sallah respectively is coming this Fall. The set will also come with a few accessories like the infamous ark from the first film. Casey was responsible for drawing Goofy as Sallah.

“Goofy as Sallah is the new figure in this set,” explained Casey. “Using photo reference and costume sketches from the film, it took me about three to four days to design the Goofy and his props. We introduced the Mickey Mouse as Indiana Jones figure a few years ago. The addition of the Goofy figure, the ark and other accessories completes the story [in this set].”

Raiders of the Disney Parks Merchandise

Casey also shared with me a new Indiana Jones action figure which he helped create. This articulated figure comes with a background scene and all sorts of accessories like Indy’s infamous whip and a removable fedora. I wonder if anyone would notice if it was replaced with a Vinylmation figure.

After meeting with Casey, I ran into fellow adventurer and Disney Character Artist Mike Sullivan. He shared with me a first look at artwork for a new bank scheduled for release in January 2012.

Indiana Jones-Themed Mickey Mouse Bank from Disney Parks Merchandise

“This new bank features Mickey Mouse playing the role of Indiana Jones,” said Mike. “The unique element to this bank is that it features stylized icons that represent each of the four Indiana Jones films.”

Can you find them? I particularly like the idol that is in Mickey’s hand.

The best places to find these and other items are at the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost locations found in both Adventureland at Disneyland park in California and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

Time to cue the music as I ride off into the sunset.


  • These items are great! I love the combination of Disney and Lucas properties. Those figures are a must have!

    And I have to agree with Mark, would love to see the Disneyland attraction in WDW.

  • Hey, Steven!

    Want to make the Accountaneers smile? Get us some t-shirts, mugs and hats (pith helmet, red fez) from Trader Sam’s! I have both of the “take home” mugs, which are awesome, but, sadly, don’t SAY “Trader Sam’s” on them. It’ll be like printing your own money, Steven! We’re begging you – please take our money!

    • @Michelle – I’m beyond jealous that you’ve been there – California is so far away from where I am! I’ve heard Trader Sam’s is awesome. Considering I have my own tiki bar at home, I’m sure I’d love it. Unfortunately, I’ve not heard of any development for merchandise but let me do some checking. And next time I’m in California, I’m thinking a gathering is a must! 🙂

  • I LOVE the new Goofy as Sallah and Mickey as Indy figures! They are a must have. I’m hoping that these wouldn’t be the only two characters. I would love it if they were to expand this into a action figure line similar to the Disney characters as Star Wars Characters. That would be awesome!!!

    I also must have that Indiana Jones bank. One question about the bank: A few years back there was a bank for the POTC ride and when you drop a coin in it, it played the phrase, “Dead man tell no tales.” Will this bank have a sound feature when you drop a coin in? Just Curious.

    And on a side note: speaking of The Great Movie Ride, Is there any future plans to have merchandise for the ride? That is my all-time favorite ride at Hollywood Studios and I would love merchandise for it. Even if it was just a poster of the banners or posters that hang outside the ride.

    • @Katie – I totally remember that Pirates of the Caribbean bank. Pretty cool! That version has since been retired. The bank was recently re-introduced but without the soundchip and extra jewels. As for the Mickey Mouse as Indiana Jones bank, it will not have a soundchip. That leaves you the option to sing the theme song everytime you drop in a coin – LOL!

      Sadly, there are no plans for merchandise featuring The Great Movie Ride. Sorry.

  • great article steven, im sure my son Kevin would have enjoyed it too, hes a fan of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones 🙂

  • Would love to have an Indiana Jones Vinylmation! 🙂

  • I enjoy the Stunt Spectacular, but I wish the attraction at Disneyland would also be built at WDW.

  • Thanks again Steven! We love seeing these toys that are combos of the rides and our favorite characters! My kids always love that kind of toy. Some of our favorites have been the pirate Mickey playset, and Test Track Goofy. Can we now suggest a Mickey based playset for the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom? And Dino institute shirts for the adults. I love that symbol!

    • Beth – Hellooooo there! 🙂 I don’t know of any plans for such a playset. If there was one, it must include the “Dr. Marsh” and “Dr. Seeker” action figures.

  • Can’t wait to show these to Hunter. In his words, he is “obsessed with Indiana Jones.”

  • You had me until Vinylmation. It may be heresy, but I am so sick of those things! Otherwise, great news! Always fun to see new merch for my favorite attractions. Now, if only there’d be some new offerings for Haunted Mansion fans!

  • Stitch as the Crystal Skull is hilarious… it’s the skull of an alien!

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