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Receive a Free Dining Plan with Purchase of New Memories Vacation Package at Walt Disney World Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Today, I’m happy to present a Disney Parks vacation offer that may pique your interest.

Receive a Free Dining Plan with Purchase of New Memories Vacation Package at Walt Disney World Resort

For a limited time, get a free dining plan when you buy the new Walt Disney Travel Co. Memories Vacation Package for 5 nights/6 days at select Walt Disney World Resort Hotels for arrivals most nights between Aug. 28 and Sept. 24, 2011. This package includes room, theme park tickets and a 20-page Disney’s PhotoPass Photo Book to preserve and share your family memories.

This offer applies to vacations booked now through Aug. 27, 2011, on trips that take place Aug. 28-Sept. 24, 2011.

In case you’ve never vacationed the Walt Disney World Resort during this time of year, it’s a great opportunity to visit. One of our most popular hard-ticket events, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, kicks off Sept. 13. This event offers families some great Halloween fun – Disney style – at Magic Kingdom Park. Not to mention there are a lot of other new offerings that have debuted so far in 2011, including the new Mickey Mouse meet-and-greet at Magic Kingdom Park, the Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park and interactive queues at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and The Haunted Mansion.

Now, who’s ready to book?


  • We have reservation for early August already. Any chance the “free dining” could be applied to that existing trip??

  • Does anyone know if Disneyland will ever offer this package?

  • me and my hubby will be going the week of September 16th! got our not so scary tickets and dining already booked, wicked excited we get the free dining!! and the photo pass book! ive been wanting to get one for a while, but never wanted to spend the money. the one thing we are waiting on is to find out if Disney will continue the Tomorrowland Terrace Desserts and Fireworks party! thatx the ONE thing we want to go to and havnt been able to book!

  • My family is planning to go from October 1st to October 15th. Any visibility of when the Special Offer for that period will available?

  • I would definitely LOVE to take advantage of the free dining pass and photo pass book-as this would be a great deal–BUT the dates that it is available is just when school is starting and I am a teacher of 36 years and can’t afford to take off on a trip at the beginning of school—not that I wouldn’t do just about anything to be their with Mickey and all of the pals!!!!!(as I am a sucker for all of my photo experiences!!!)

  • I want to book this package at Disneyland! Is that not an option?

  • I thought this was a great deal but Shawn is correct. The price for Coronado Springs through the Memories package is $1531.16 yet when I go to book the same dates without the Memories Package the price is $1440.26. Why is it $90.90 more? Doesn’t make any sense. Free means Free and the price should be the same as booking without the meal plan.

  • I agree with the above posts that say DVC members should be offered some dining perks or even a free photopass book.
    This sounds like an interesting package though! Park tickets, dining and photos – great package for first time visitors.

  • I understand the photo book is included in the package, but does that include the pictures taken by the Photopass photographers as well? So we don’t have to pay for that separately do we? Or is the photobook only going to include the pictures that we take ourselves and upload?

  • Can we book the only the dining plan with hotel? We have park tickets.

  • I’m sorry folks but I’m not that stupid! You can find a better Disney deal in other places. There is no such thing as “Free Dining” at Disney anymore. I have been an annual guest for the past 18 years and I’ve seen this offer become more of a sales ploy than a real deal. Do your research before you commit to this. There is no such thing as free dining.

  • How come there is no free dining offers for those who are part of the Disney Vacation Club? I am paying for park tickets and for hotel rooms (just over the course of time, not at the time of booking). Seems like there are very few perks to being part of the DVC besides a fancy hotel room, that book too fast anyhow.

  • I don’t understand, if the Dining Plan is “Free”, why does this special New Memories Package cost more than the regular package w/out the dining plan? Shouldn’t they be the same price?

    2 adults at the Contemporary for September 4 – 9 costs $2,577.46 under this New Memories “Free Dining Plan” deal. The same vacation, priced using a standard package without dining comes up to $2,486.56 (which is correct, based on the seasonal price of $350/night).

    So if the dining plan is free, why does it cost $90.90 more than the regular package? Shouldn’t the New Memories package also cost $2,486.56?

  • Why do Disney Vacation Club members never get any of these offers for free dining?

  • we are going on august 28 till sept. 4/ Already booked with the dining special in December 2010. Are we able to get the memory book as well. I did not pay the full payment yet.

    • Get your confirmation number and call (407) 939-7675. Ask if that’s a possibility. Let us know how it goes!

  • Ginger – did you book direct with Disney? If so you can modify your booking at no charge as long as its before 45 days out.

    Iveth – When you are on the Disney website, make sure you go under “Special Offers” If not, it doesn’t come up!

    Crossing my fingers for this deal to extend into October!

  • We have premier season passes, so we don’t need park tickets. How can we book this deal?

  • Jumped on this back in May when I first saw it. We’re going for our 23rd anniversary from September 9 to 13. Can’t wait very excited. The past 2 years that we have gone we have taken advantage of the free food plan and love all the choices it gives you. We also usually preorder a book and photopass cd before our trip to save some money, so am very excited about getting the book for free this year. We can’t wait till September, see ya’ll then.

    • Thanks! Have a great trip!

  • We are booked for Nov. Hopefully somethig comes out to save us some money

  • We have just booked our trip and are traveling in the end of October. Keeping our fingers crossed that they will extend the free dining into October. It would be a big help!

  • Is it the quick dining package or does it count if you’ve booked the deluxe package already?

    • I’d recommend grabbing your reservation # and calling the vacation package line with your questions. They can respond to your unique question better than I can. (407) 939-7675

  • Is Disney giving any consideration to revamping the Dining Plan? We did it twice (2007, 2009) but the second time we found ourselves overwhelmed with desserts and longing for appetizers. We skipped the plan altogether for our third trip. I don’t know if we made out any better $$$-wise, but we were much happier with how we ate.

  • Do you know if they are going to extend the Military Rates? I am hoping to plan a cruise & park vacation when my husband returns from Afghanistan in December. I would ideally like to do Christmas at the parks and a Disney Cruise for New Years.
    *Also, Is there anyway to get the Disney Meal Plan if you are staying at one of the Disney Resorts but purchase your park passes from the Military Salute program?

    • I don’t have any info on this. My best advice would be to call Vacation Package booking with your questions at (407) 939-7675.

  • My sister and I are looking at coming the first week of October. We are looking to go to EPCOT’s F&WF. We want to stay 7d/6n. Is there ANY hope in us getting a great deal like this for one week later? 🙂

  • If I book this package from the UK starting from the 28th August, am I able to pick up the Magic Your Way tickets prior to checking into the hotel a few dayes earlier?

  • Bummed…we are booked for vacation August 20-24 and have the dining program as part of our package. The resort did upgrade us to a preferred room I guess if that’s any consolation.

  • We’re ready to book for either November or December – tell Disney to hurry up and release the special offers!! 🙂

  • I am hoping they do the same deal for around Christmas. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

    • That would be a Christmas feast, wouldn’t it??

  • i started to book my vacation for this dates,,but in the page dosnt appears nothing about the free plan f dinings,,how can i book it?

  • I would love to book with the free dining plan and PhotoPass, but unfortunately started a new job and won’t be able to take a vacation until November at the earliest.

    Anyone know if there’s any similar deals being talked about or planned for November? Disney World would be a GREAT break! 🙂

    • I don’t have any word on deals for November. Keep checking back!

  • Today You are happy to present…??? And the news? This package is current since may 1.
    Or what is the difference?

  • What restaurant is pictured above?

    • The restaurant is The Turf Club Bar & Grill at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.

    • Thanks, Charles. I LOVE the Turf Club!

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