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SHAG’s 40th Anniversary Collection Debuts at Walt Disney World

SHAG 40th Anniversary Collection Print

Back in January, I gave you a sneak peek at the newest artwork created by SHAG for Walt Disney World Resort’s 40th Anniversary. While we were only able to give you a one-day sneak peek then, I’m happy to tell you that the wait for SHAG’s 40th Anniversary collection is finally over!

On Friday, June 24, Uptown Jewelers at Magic Kingdom Park will host SHAG for the official debut of his latest 40th Anniversary collection. This will be the first time that guests will be able to find SHAG’s retro collection of Walt Disney World-inspired collectibles, home goods and apparel that pay homage to our magical kingdom.

SHAG 40th Anniversary Collection Coasters

SHAG’s signature art style is instantly recognizable on the newly developed collection that will only be available at the Walt Disney World Resort. He re-imagines original Disney icons and transforms them into colorful, bold and retro creations unlike anything seen before at Walt Disney World Resort.

SHAG 40th Anniversary Collection Glasses

His artwork will highlight a line of new keepsakes and must-haves that will appeal to any Disney fan, including new charm bracelets (with more than 30 charms), apparel for men and women and a postcard set, as well as home goods such as double old-fashion tumblers, a pillow sham and a coaster collection. There are so many amazing products to share that we couldn’t show them all in one Disney Parks Blog post, so be sure to check out

SHAG 40th Anniversary Collection Postcards

If you want to be among the first to get your hands on SHAG’s 40th Anniversary Collection and meet him in person, head out to Walt Disney World this weekend for this very special artist signing and product premiere. SHAG will appear Friday, June 24, at Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom Park from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and Saturday, June 25, at Art of Disney at Downtown Disney Marketplace from 4-6 p.m.

What do you think of SHAG’s new 40th Anniversary product collection?


  • Will there be a purse with this collection?

  • For anyone looking for the SHAG items I just wanted to you know that I was able to order all the items I was looking for through the regular mail order number except for the print. I had to call the Art of Disney store in Downtown Disney to order the deluxe print. The number for that store is (407)828-3929. The print was $35 plus $9.95 S&H. It was out of stock on Monday but I called 2 days later and they had gotten some more in. I also ordered the 4 glasses, the postcard set and the coaster set from the mail order number. I can’t wait for them to arrive!

  • can we expect in park celebrations for the 40th aniversary like the 50th for disneyland?

  • It looks like Walt Disney World was open in the late 50s – early 60s, to look at this artwork. It’s cute, but I was hoping you’d go more for the midcentury modern look that was in the original opening materials.

  • Will they be releasing any new Tiki Room items celebrating our giving Jose back his show here in Florida?

  • So excited for SHAG’s new Disney items! Any other details you can give as to other apparel will be available other than the Island Shirt? Any T-shirts? I only wish I could be there to meet SHAG. He is my favorite artist.

  • Any Pins or Vinylmations?

  • I love Shag! I also have some of his items from DL’s 50th anniversary. Sooo cool! Can you tell me if the deluxe print and island shirt are open editions or are they limited? We will be there in late July and I’m wondering if we’re safe waiting until our trip or if I need to call mail order? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Shannon – the deluxe print and island shirt are open edition. However, there is no way to guarantee that these two items will be in stock when you come to Walt Disney World in July. To make sure that you get these two items, I would recommend calling Walt Disney World Mail Order on Monday, June 27. This way, you can have the Island Shirt to wear during you trip!

  • Is there any information on the dimensions of the giclee?

    Thanks for the posting!

  • Brings back great memories of when I was a kid. I love the new collection. How can I get my hands on them from California? Any on-line ordering?

    • SHAG’s artwork does have a great nostalgic feel to it! You won’t be able to order these items online, but you can contact Walt Disney World Mail Order (1.877.560.6477) beginning on Monday, June 27 to purchase the new collection!

  • Wow! I will be buying one (or two) of each! I love it! We will be at the resort in October. Aside from the print, is the rest of the merchandise limited edition? Also, is there a release date for the items from Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily? Their stuff is excellent as well.

    • The only item in the new SHAG collection that is limited edition is the giclee. Disney Theme Park Merchandise is working with several additional artists to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. Look for the new collections to release later this summer and fall!

  • Can you tell me what the coasters are made of??

    It doesn’t look like it’s sandstone…

    • Good question Charles – the coasters are made of tin and have a soft cork bottom.

  • His artwork reminds me of the animated video at the end of the Spaceship Earth ride..where they ask you questions and then show you a short video about your future according to your answers. Is it the same artist?

  • Love this new line!! We are planning to visit in November–will these products be available in Magic Kingdom the entire year?

    • So glad you like the new collection, Kait! We do plan on having these items throughout the entire year – however I cannot guarantee that all of the items will be available when you’re here in November.

  • These items are so adorable! The sight of the skyway always makes me sad though…I miss it so.

  • Other than the limited edition giclee, will there be plenty of stock of the rest of the items? I will be travelling to WDW in September, do you think there will be stocks of everything left then, or do I need to order it now?

    • We are planning to be in stock with SHAG’s new collection through the rest of the year. However, there’s no way to guarantee that all items will be available when you visit Walt Disney World in September. To ensure that you are able to get the new collection, I would recommend calling Walt Disney World Mail Order on Monday, June 27.

  • Hi Dara, can’t make the trip up there. Can we buy the merchandise online or call the theme park merchandise number to order it?

  • I love those glasses! They are adorable!


    Will Disney World Mail Order accept calls ON Friday for the collection???

    I saw the initial link at the Art of Disney page last Friday, and I had been waiting for the full list of items..

    Compared to the items included for Disneyland’s 50th, I am sad there are no plates…

    However, I LOVE the glasses.

  • Will this merchandise be available to purchase online, or will it be theme park exclusive?

    • Hi Bethanne –
      Unfortunately, SHAG’s new merchandise will not be available online. However, starting Monday, June 27, you can call Walt Disney World Mail Order at 877-560-6477 to purchase the new 40th Anniversary Collection!

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