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Summer Styles for D-Tech at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs

New Smart Phone Cases from D-Tech at Disney Parks

There was once a time in my life that I didn’t carry any portable electronic devices. Today, however, it seems my electronic gadgets have become accessory items similar to socks or ties. Kevin-Michael Lezotte, Product Developer for D-Tech, and I were recently talking about an industry trend he’s seen where people are decorating electronic accessories to match outfits or moods. While I have trouble selecting which outfit to wear each day, I can understand this trend (I seem to frequently change my profile picture to match my mood). To help those who like to keep their technology well-dressed, Kevin-Michael gave me a look at some new summer “outfits” from D-Tech.

The first items Kevin-Michael shared were new smart phone cases which arrive in July. He said the six different colored cases each with Mickey Mouse are an expansion of the D-Tech product line.

New iPhone 4 Covers from D-Tech at Disney Parks

“We continue to expand the D-Tech line with new items such as the smart phone cases that have a metallic finish,” explained Kevin-Michael. “There are so many choices for technology, especially in the mobile phone market. I continue looking for ways to introduce D-Tech items to match the phones that guests are carrying.”

Bright colors and shiny objects were common themes with the new items coming in August. There are four new iPhone 4 covers made of thermoplastic polyurethane, a flexible material that wraps around the phone. Kevin-Michael also added some sparkle to a new case featuring Minnie Mouse (the Mickey Mouse case will arrive for the holiday season later this year).

Smart Phone Belt Clip Case from D-Tech at Disney Parks

One of the items I can’t wait to wear is the smart phone belt clip case, which is also arriving in August. The case has one of my favorite details – a Mickey Mouse “world” icon (or is that a Mickey Mouse “world wide web” icon?).

The last item that Kevin-Michael shared doesn’t arrive until the fall, but I couldn’t wait to share the news.

Limited Edition iPhone 4 Case for the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World from D-Tech at Disney Parks

“Coming this fall, we will be introducing some limited edition D-Tech items,” said Kevin-Michael. “The first item will be a limited edition case for the iPhone 4 that commemorates the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. I know that some Disney fans like to have unique collectible items to show off, so limited edition cases seemed like a great way to go.”

The 40th Anniversary case will use the merchandise collage which I first discussed in February 2011. The case will have an edition size of 1971 (nice touch!) and will be released closer to the actual anniversary on October 1 (stay tuned for more details). Kevin-Michael also showed me a limited edition case with artwork that can be summarized in one word – “Steampunk!” But that is for another Disney Parks Blog article.

The majority of these items will be released at several locations in California and Florida. You can also find a selection of D-Tech items via the Disney Parks On-Line Store.


  • Thanks Steven 🙂

  • I agree, I would love a android phone cases. I’d even be willing to switch to a different android phone if there was a case made just for some of the popular models, but no way will I ever use an iPhone, even though I am totally jealous of my sister’s Cinderella Castle iPhone case!

  • Will any of these items be offered in any Disney Stores?

    • @Kevin – Thanks for the note … I actually had been considering that kind of article. I have a few different ones in mind for pins following a conversation with the developer Jeanne. Stay tuned.

      @Lianne – The only “Disney Store” that will carry the specific D-Tech branded merchandise is the on-line Disney Parks Store. See: http://www.disneystore.com/disney-parks-authentic/d-tech/mn/1000809+1003601/

      I know that other Disney electronic accessories have been made by Disney Consumer Products. But they aren’t “D-Tech” branded. Disney Consumer Products (DCP) is a separate division within the Walt Disney Company. Disney Theme Park Merchandise (my division) is part of Parks & Resorts. We [the Parks] may carry DCP items at times but we also create unique merchandise items that aren’t typically found in locations outside of the Parks.

  • Steven,

    Great article, I love that phone case that you were displaying, must have for me. Amazing product and line

    I have a suggestion, probably this might not happen, would you be able to write an article about the Pin of the Month Series-Piece of Disney Movies/Film. I have 3 of them already: The Jungle Book, Bambi, and Peter Pan. I know that most of the guests that I have encountered during my recent trip at Walt Disney World are enjoying that series and are buying extras to share with their family at home.

    One of the best pin series that Disney has released in a while, I thought it would be a great thing to share a little more about the development process for pins like these as well as some of the pins that fans could expect in the future. Or even a post on the What’s Happening section on DisneyPins would be awesome.

    Im dying to know will there be a Toy Story, Aladdin, or a Little Mermaid Piece in the works or can the fans anticipate another yearly run of these pins because they are amazing.

  • When will they eventually make ones for IPOD 4th generation? I’ve had mine for almost a year and I’ve had my pass for longer and I’ve been waiting to see one made for it 🙁

    • @Rita – I don’t know of any plans to make cases specifically for iPods. Sorry.

  • Ok love these designs but there is only one problem with them. I bought the Disney World castle one for Iphone4. When you go to take a picture and need the flash the case is to thick and the flash ends up bouncing off the sides of the case running the picture and making a big white glow!!! This doesn’t happen with my black thin case. It really needs to be fixed.

  • Can’t wait for the Special Edition D-Tech! Thanks for update, Steven!

  • I agree with Katie, I have the Evo too and it kills me when I have to look at all those nice cases for the iphone and there nothing for my Evo. I’d love to have something with the castle that they were selling when I was just down in May. It was very sad, I had to look away before I got too upset.

  • I agree that Disney should start making cases for Android phones! There are a lot of phones, true, but some of the most popular smart phones (I have an Evo) don’t have Disney cases *and* don’t fit into the sleeve-style cases. I wish I could find a Disney case, though- right now I have a regular case with Disney stickers on it.

  • Are there any developments for Droid users? I think we would like to get in on the action.

    • @Charles and John – I spoke with Kevin-Michael about other smart phone cases. He is currently working on a few that he would like to introduce later this year. I don’t have specific models at this point.

      The biggest struggle he faces when developing for smart phones is the number of models and styles in the marketplace. We unfortunately aren’t able to develop a case for every phone. That is one reason why you may see cases like the “Mickey Mouse Icon” one pictured in the article. It could work for mulitple models.

      As soon as I have more details about future development, I will share via another article on the Disney Parks Blog. 🙂

  • Love the new cases, but when will we see something for those smartphones not produced by Apple? I have a Samsung Fascinate and would LOVE to have one of the 40th Anniversary cases for it!

  • These look amazing! Is there anything like this for the latest (4th Generation) iPod touch? I don’t have an iPhone but would LOVE one of these cases! Thanks for your help! 🙂

  • NICE!!! If I had an iPhone 4… I think you should also make these for the iPod Touch 4th Gen as well.. but I really like them! Looks like a good birthday present for a brother 😀

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