The Grid Remains Open at ElecTRONica Through Spring 2012

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Flynn's Arcade at Disney California Adventure Park

Grab your identity discs, Programs, because ElecTRONica will continue to power up at Disney California Adventure park through Spring 2012! Also, guests still have the chance to test their light cycle skills as the TRON: Evolution tournament continues as well. And don’t forget – now through June 14, tournament Grand Champions can take home “TRON: Legacy” on Blu-ray.

ElecTRONica features many unique experiences – guests can experience the stunning performance of Laserman, dance to electronic mixes spun by live DJs, enjoy unique food and beverages, play classic 80s arcade games at Flynn’s Arcade and immerse themselves in the world of “TRON: Legacy.”

So come step into the Grid at ElecTRONica now through Spring 2012!


  • TRON is Disney sci-fi, Glow Fest is generic.

    As a computer guru influenced by TRON for my career, I can’t get enough of ElecTRONica. Due to it being there we’ve decided to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in Disneyland, despite going last Christmas.

    The 80s nostalgia Flynn’s gives me is worth the trip alone. You also wouldn’t believe how cute my little kids are trying to dance to the music and jump around in the lighting. 🙂

  • Our Family loves Electronica! We really enjoy the the pre-show,Our kids love the music, and it’s fun for the whole family. We keep trying to suggest to Disney to make a TRON Mickey apple, those would be awesome! And it would be very easy. One day… one day. FLYNN LIVES

  • Im glad that this will continue, Everyone complained about glowfest, then when this started they missed glowfest, now they hate Tronica, I mean what does it hurt, everyone dances and has a great time, the kids love it, Tron is a disney movie, If you dont like it just go with it. You dont have to participate, and there are plenty of other things to do. Let the ones that enjoy it enjoy it and be happy something some people like will give them more pleasure thruought the year.

  • That’s awesome to hear. However, if you have a bunch of people complaining about its extension, maybe it’s time to bring The Grid to Walt DISNEY WORLD… I know there would be A LOT of happy people who visit the WDW resort to hear the ElecTRONica was brought East.

  • I used to hardly ever visit DCA prior to the opening of Flynn’s. Now I go about once a week. The End of Line club is fantastic as well. I wish it stayed open as long as Disneyland but I guess there aren’t enough customers to warrant that. In any case, thanks for the good news!

  • I don’t know about you guys, but I think the old Rocket Rods track would be a PERFECT fit for a TRON themed Light Cycle ride… it would be amazing, especially at night!!!

  • I’m very glad to hear this news, but I have a question: is ElecTRONica only held on certain nights? We planned our upcoming trip to DL/DCA specifically because we wanted to catch ElecTRONica before its previously-scheduled departure, but I don’t see it listed on the Disneyland website’s calendar for any dates beyond June 30. We’ll be there July 4-6; please confirm that ElecTRONica will be there those nights! Thanks!

  • I may just have to make it out to California this fall. I have been a fan since the inception of the first movie. I roll my eyes at Pirates people since there is 600% more stuff outside of the park. TRON gets a moment in the sun, or the grid, and I hope it gets a further extension.

  • I was more a pirates fan, but good to know I guess…

  • So stoked that ElecTRONica was extended. Such a great place for people of all ages to get out there and dance together. It’s a magical portal to a land where you can listen to great music, get your groove on, and meet new friends!


  • YAY! There is still a slim chance I may make it from Australia to Electronica before it ends!! For now, I will have to settle for turning my garage into The Grid and my house into Flynn’s Arcade for my son’s upcoming birthday. FLYNN LIVES!

  • Oh good. The family is planning a trip there for Dec/Jan and we were worried we’d miss it, glad it’s staying.

  • This is amazing news almost as amazing as someday hearing there will be a Tron 3. 😀

  • I wish they would bring back glow fest. I thought it was way better than this electronica. It was more family friendly. The music was better and there was more to do. They had areas where everybody would be learning the same dance. My favorite part was where you can dance in front of a camera and they would show it on the Hyperion wall.

  • Just when the night is winding down you can feel the pulsing music from ElecTRONica and get “re-programmed” to boost your energy level. Great dance music, surprise flash mobs from guests learning dance moves from the Tron dancers, the Laserman Show is amazing, classic video games and don’t forget the delicious Glojito! Those who say it’s not family friendly, every time I go I see kids/children dancing furiously and playing frisbee with the characters. What’s not to love about showing your kids the old school video games YOU used to play? Sorry, but the Pirates thing is getting old, go to Disneyland for that. DCA is about exciting new experiences with Disney flare.

  • Im excited my 5 year old LOVES to dance and my 9 year old LOVES Flynns. We are a huge Tron fan family. I also like it when we can have a night with out the kids a few drinks some awesome music FUN! Disney is family but hay adults need some adult fun too (as long as they can control them selvs).

  • This is awesome news! This needs to be a permanent fixture to CA Adventure! It’s what Disney needs: Great music, a friendly environment, retro nods, technology, dancing galore, and TRON! What more can you ask for?? In the meantime, I’m beyond stoked to hear about an extended run! Check it out, for those who haven’t. I’ll see you…on the Grid 🙂

  • Yes!!!! 😀 Good move Disney! This is absouletly FANTASTIC news! ElecTRONica is one of the main reasons I go to Disney. Please keep it going forever! It has changed my friends and my visits so much since you added this to your line up of entertainment fun!!

    Please DO NOT change the TRON theme either. Do not re-theme it to Pirates. It will not work any way and too many people love ElecTRONica as it is.


  • Awesome news! Glad I’ll be able to experience this on my trip in September

  • Awesome!!! Its a blast!

  • Please Dont extend it!! Electronica is getting very Old. Please we want something New. Bring Glow Fest Back!

  • SO happy to hear this! I’ll be there in Sept!

  • Great news! I’ll finally have a chance to be a part of this 🙂

  • Love ElecTRONica! I’m so glad it’s keeps getting extended.

  • I’m really excited to check it out during my first trip this summer! I’m glad it’s not re-themed to Pirates … IMHO Pirates is exhaustively overdone.

  • Boring! It was cool the first couple of times. Come on! Think of something new!

  • I am so excited to hear this! I visited the parks in May and was ecstatic to find out there was a TRON themed section of California Adventure. I will definitely be visiting again before next Spring to experience The Grid again! 😀

  • I love all the old games. When this is over and it’s time to revamp Tomorrowland, can we get the full Starcade back? Are you listening Disneyland Execs? Bring it back with all the old classic games for a quarter and all the air hockey tables that use to be upstairs! I loved playing while others waited for Space Mtn then we could just hop back in line.

  • I think that one of the reasons why ElecTRONica has been kept around so long is because they want an event to keep people in that section of the park at night, since there is currently so much heavy construction in Sunshine Plaza and in the area around the Backlot entrance.

  • You should just keep elecTRONica forever!

  • Yes! So excited!
    I’m anxious to see if there will be any more dance group appearances. I’d love a chance to see Quest Crew perform there! Or a return by Poreotics or We Are Heroes.
    I’d pay to go on my blacked out dates to see!

  • I really don’t understand Disney. They’re spending hundredsnof millions in redesigning the park to look like an authentic recreation of old Los Angeles. But then they have these monolithic cardboard dugouts of Tron robots, scaffolding for lights and all sorts of unauthentic props sitting there in the daytime.

    I’m not 100% against Tron (personally Im more against the ideamof a “California Themed” Theme Park in California). I just don’t feel it fits in with what we’re supposed to be seeing.

  • Very cool. We had a blast last time we went. It was fun, even if I was not into the music exactly. It reminded me a little of the club that used to be at Disneyland when I was in high school. 🙂

    I was hoping to get to check it out one more time. 🙂

  • Yay!!! More fun at Flynn’s!!

  • Seems like this theme would fit better over in Tomorrowland…

  • I love TRON and am very happy to hear this great news that it has again been extended. I don’t know why some people are complaining. Everyone is curious about stepping into the world of TRON and elecTRONica is a great experience and if anything the people I see having the most fun are families! They are the ones dancing around enjoying themselves and it puts me in an even better mood! Besides, by the time Spring 2012 rolls around, Phase 1 of the expansion will most likely be complete and elecTRONica will make it’s departure as it will definitely not fit in with the theming of the park. I can only keep my fingers crossed that the Imagineers draw up an E-ticket TRON themed attraction to replace Innoventions over in Tomorrowland..

  • I approve! But will there be new things to look forward to? How about some light cycle photo opportunities?

  • Awesome! Hope to see more dance crews added to the entertainment line-up here.

  • Score another one for the users! DCA needs a yearly nightly street dance party like ElecTRONica and Glow Fest!

  • That’s good news since we enjoy Flynn’s Arcade and listening to the dance mixes.

  • Can it get re-themed to Pirates?

  • Are you still going to have special dance crew performances? I enjoyed watching Poreotix!

  • I do not approve.

  • I wish the Pirate experience at Disneyland had been pushed as much as this has. That’s ended already and we still have this.
    I’m really just not a fan of the outdoor nightclub scene at a Disney family park. Just my opinion.

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