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Time-Lapse Video: Sailing to Alaska with Disney Cruise Line

Matt Stroshane

by , Photographer, Walt Disney World Resort

I was recently able to check off one of my long term travel goals when I visited my 31st state, sailing on the Disney Wonder on its inaugural cruise to Alaska.

During the trip, I thought it might be fun to make a time-lapse movie on the sailing and had originally planned to shoot just part of the journey into the Tracy Arm fjord. After seeing the majestic snow-covered mountains, dramatic narrow passages, and historic port cities I knew I would need to expand the project. More than 10,000 still photographs were captured, edited and sequenced into the final movie.

We sailed past the panoramic Vancouver skyline, under the Lions Gate Bridge, along Alaska’s Inside Passage, around icebergs in the Tracy Arm and to the ports of call of Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan.

I hope this gives you a small taste of some of the awesome sights on the Disney Cruise Line itinerary – a weeklong cruise condensed into less than two minutes.

Did you spot Minnie and Goofy in their special Alaska gear on the photo boat, or the helicopter used to capture these great photos in Tracy Arm?


  • Awesome video! So so cool, thanks for posting!

  • Jodie: #1 Bring binoculars. They’ll be very helpful. Here you go. Skagway = White Pass Train plus Liarsville trail camp. The train ride was wonderful. Beautiful scenery. I’d ride the train again in a heartbeat. Liarsville didn’t land with my family. Juneau = Best of Juneau. Includes whale watching, lunch at a lodge by the water, visit to Mendenhall glacier. Great excursion. My family loved all of it. They provide binoculars on the whale watching boat, FYI. Ketichan = The most beautiful of the 3 towns in my opinion. Most of us just walked around town. My eighteen year old son did the Misty Fjords by Floatplane and was speechless when he returned. After all the beauty, scenery, and wildlife that we had seen, he said the floatplane tour topped them all. Side note there is a steam powered grandfather clock in Vancouver at Water and Cambie streets that was pretty neat. If you have any time in Vancouver, you might want to check it out.

  • We leave in a few days and it will be my 49th state! Now if only North Dakota would build a Disney park then I’d have motivation to finish all 50!

  • Matt…from the bottom of my heart, thank you for this! I have been in “mourning” from my Disney Alaskan Cruise since debarkation over a week ago, and this brought it back to memory so vividly for me! An unforgettable journey to an unbelievable destination!

  • Thanks for posting Matt and congrats on state #31. I was on this inaugural cruise as well and it allowed me to visit my 46th state! Keep on trekkin’!

  • tommye- what excursions did u do? we are taking the cruise in august! can’t wait!

  • I just got back from the Alaska cruise two days ago. It is unbelievably, breathtakingly gorgeous. We saw glaciers, icebergs, rocky shores, beautiful trees, and endless majestic mountains. From the ship we saw many bald eagles, seals resting on ice, and mountain goats. On excursions, we saw humpback whales, sea lions, and more of the beautiful scenery and wildlife we saw from the ship. I could go on for days touting the excellent staff and service of the cruise line itself. (Ask for Januar and Julia for your dinner serving team if you can, they out of this world and became a part of our family for the week.) Suffice it to say, my daughter was crying when we disembarked the ship and my husband says it was the best experience he has ever had.

  • Incredible! 10K pictures? wow, that is amazing. Thanks for sharing this Matt. These kinds of special surprises and cool videos is why I read this blog.

  • So tell me that you are giving away a free cruise because I so want to be on that ship

  • I saw the time-lapse cameras on that first Alaska cruise – it’s nice to see the footage that came out of them! I’m sure I’m in several of the shots. 🙂

  • Great video.

    I did a time lapse of the Disney Magic’s Panama Canal eastbound transit in 2008. I used a 2 second interval. The whole 13 hour transit about 50mins to play.

  • Wow! That was beautiful! I definitely want to go! I am taking my first cruise this winter on the Dream… I spent a year convincing them and they finally fell through, and I then even got them to bundle it with a stay at WDW… I am pumped, hopefully this cruise will persuade them to take me on more (They don’t like boats too well). My dream is to go on all Disney ships at one point or another.

  • I want to go so bad! My first cruise 12 years ago was to Alaska and then I was on the Disney Dream in January, so I can only imagine how awesome a combination of those two trips would be!

  • I have recently started doing time-lapse photography and it is a lot of fun! What was the interval between shots? Mostly I have used 2 seconds so far.

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