Webcast: The Adventures Continue as Star Tours Opens at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

UPDATE: At 9:30 a.m. Pacific, we’ll be bringing you the Star Tours opening ceremony from Disneyland park. Check back later today for photos and updates from the event.

Last month, we brought you the grand opening of Star Tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and this Friday the Disney Parks Blog will bring you the grand opening ceremony of Star Tours, as it happens live at Disneyland park! The live stream will begin right here, Friday morning at 9:30 a.m. Pacific.

We’ll also be live-tweeting the event from @Disneyland, so be sure to log in on time to catch all the action as Star Tours opens at Disneyland park on June 3.


  • Went to it 2 different days since my friends won tickets on different dates. I loved it.

    Rode it 6x total and saw all the different scenarios. There are 2 beginnings, 3 races, 3 holograms, and 3 endings.

    Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did! 😉

  • That was very cool!

  • AHA! I was wondering why there were black platforms on the Peoplemover Tuesday. Stormtrooper storage!

  • Super Awesome!

  • I was there in person for the opening at Walt Disney World, so I am so glad that there is a webcast of this for Disneyland so I don’t miss out!

  • Is there a full screen option? I may be young, but my eyes are far from it.

  • The pre-show is brilliant! More please.

  • The big opening day of Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and Star Tours seems a bit anti-climactic to me. I’ve been riding those two rides for over a week now. The Disney Resort has been doing the “soft opening” almost daily. Although I should count myself lucky. I’m sure these rides are going to have very lengthy wait times during the summer.

  • I got to enjoy this at one of the cast previews, then a week ago saturday, they were open for a while for a soft open. And then on the 31st, I rode it twice during AP preview. This week I have been there 3 days in a row. Went this morning to get the LE opening day pin and the LE AP pin. So I am going to rest tomorrow and watch it via online. But my friend is talking about going on saturday.
    They are preparing it for a long que. But IMO, it is well worth the wait. And if you do it more than once, you will be amazed on how each time can be different. Job well done Disney!!

  • Hey!!!! I’m a Premium AP holder and I never get emails or notices of these AP events???????????
    Can someone tell me why, or what I must do to be included?

  • the new version is fantastic. i was at the ap opening on may 20th
    and the fan fare was great that day. they also had numerous “sneak previews” of the attraction all weekend. i was able to squeeze in 5 tours. 3 of the 5 tours were different. 54 different tours are avalable and you never know which one your going on. it is worth the wait.

    enjoy those who are going on the 3rd.

  • Is this grand opening going to be as elaborate as the one at Disney World and is the Bearded One going to make and appearance as well?

  • We previewed this ride last week and enjoyed the ride experience. I look forward to riding it again and again. We’ll be checking out the Little Mermaid ride in two weeks. It’s definitely a great time to be an AP.

  • I got to ride Star Tours during the AP contest preview yesterday and let me just say that it was AMAZING!!!! We got to ride it 5 times in about two hours and every time was different! Then went to DCA for the open AP preview of The Little Mermaid! Both rides are incredible and can’t wait to ride Both again and again and again!

  • I remember the very first time Star Tours opened at Disneyland. I loved this ride! So sad that I now have that motion sickness! UGH. I rode Star Tours yesterday (AP raffle) and from what I saw when my eyes were “not closed” was pretty cool. My son really liked the new affects. Didn’t get to ride The Little Mermaid yet .. can’t wait!

  • For anyone considering going, I won tix for the ap preview on the 25 of may and let me tell you any wait for the ride will be well worth it. Park Hopper tix are a good idea for friday as the little mermaid opens the same day on the Cali. side. Have fun all 🙂

  • Hi Erin, I think it is going to be a crazy day, but we wouldn’t miss it for the world! See you there!

  • Can’t wait to watch! 13 more days left and I’ll be there!!! 😀

  • I was a Star Wars child and am so looking forward to seeing this new version of an old classic.

  • Awesome! Thanks for the info.

    I’ve decided to stay home on June 3, I’ll visit the Disneyland resort on the 4th.

    I’m looking forward to watching the webcast.

  • I saw the last webcast. Can’t wait to be at this one in person.

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