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Wild West Meets Rodeo Chic at Disney Vault 28

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

I think deep down, there’s a little bit of cowboy and cowgirl in all of us. How do you blend memories of growing up on a ranch and iconic western symbols to create something cool? Lucky for us, artist and designer Tarina Tarantino has accomplished just that with her “Dusty Rosaline” jewelry collection, reminiscent of the American West.

Wild West Meets Rodeo Chic at Disney Vault 28

Michelle: Your company was founded in 1995 and your fantastical group of accessories, jewelry, make-up and more brings out the fun side in all of us. What was the first item you ever made?

Tarina: I have been designing jewelry and making art since I was a little girl. The first jewelry piece I ever made was an elephant pin. My mother still has it.

Michelle: You are known for your signature color, and no one can pull it off like you. Your fans also identify with this color and are often seen emulating your style. Where did your love for this color come from?

Tarina: My hair color is a neon shade of fuchsia. I call it Tarina Pink. I love this color because it goes with everything and is complementary to most other colors.

Wild West Meets Rodeo Chic at Disney Vault 28 Wild West Meets Rodeo Chic at Disney Vault 28 Wild West Meets Rodeo Chic at Disney Vault 28

Michelle: The Disney brand is all about fantasy and fun, so your product line was a natural fit. From the first collaboration with the Queen Alice collection, how do you select the icons from Disney movies that might give rise to your next design? Can you tell us a little about the much anticipated Dusty Rosaline collection, which has a personal connection for you, and how the colors are incorporated with authentic materials and details with a nod to the nostalgic Wild West Shows?

Tarina: I grew up in Orange County and went to Disneyland Resort whenever I had the chance. My favorite show was the Country Bear Jamboree because of the old west and saloon theme. I also grew up with horses and my father is an Old West enthusiast and sharpshooter. This season I wanted to revisit this western theme and create a character to embody it. Dusty Rosaline is a western heroine in the style of Annie Oakley but with a psychedelic 1960’s color palette. The jewelry collection tells her story through illustrated embroideries and materials like wood, ultra suede and antique silver finishes mixed with Lucite and Swarovski crystal components.

Michelle: Every girl loves to feel like a princess, and wearing the perfect accessory or a great piece of jewelry is a definite first step to making that happen. I know whenever I wear a piece from your jewelry line I can’t help but feel special. What inspires you to keep designing?

Tarina: Jewelry should make you feel good, get noticed and start conversations. I want people to feel magical and to know that just because we grow up doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun with what we wear.

So put your boots on, saddle up that horse and mosey on over to Disney Vault 28 on June 11 for that perfect gift. You won’t want to miss it.