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Worldwide Celebration to Honor Rapunzel, 10th Member of the Disney Princess Royal Court

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

That’s right, we’ll soon have a new official member of our Disney Princess court and that calls for a royal celebration. We’re thrilled to announce this morning that we’ll be welcoming Rapunzel as our tenth Disney Princess with a star-studded ceremony at Kensington Palace in London, UK.

And what better place than Kensington Palace, right? It’s been the home of many real-life princesses over the centuries and on October 2, 2011, it’ll be the place for a world-first ceremony honoring Rapunzel. All ten Disney Princess characters will be there, joined by VIPs, celebrities and little princesses from around the globe. The festivities will include a procession through Hyde Park, party activities and an amazing welcoming ceremony.

Princess Rapunzel and Her Prince Flynn Rider

As most Disney Parks Blog readers know, each of our princesses has a unique story and Rapunzel is no exception. She’s an inquisitive princess who fills her days with art, books and imagination and can’t help but feel her true destiny lies outside of those lonely tower walls.

We’ll have more details on Rapunzel’s royal celebration in upcoming months but for now, mark October 2, 2011, on your calendar as the day Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Snow White, Tiana and the world gathers to officially welcome Disney’s newest princess to the family.


  • I think this is great…. would like to know more about it. I’m certainly not flying to London to see it, but I wish the blog would have more info on what it entails and if there are going to be any celebrations elsewhere (like the parks) in honor of this.

    I also want to add my vote for Disney using the other princesses a little more. We were lucky enough to come across Mulan our last trip to Disneyland (unfortunately it was before my daughter was familiar w/ the movie) but now that she has seen it, Mulan is #1 in her book. I too am tired of just seeing Cinderalla and the gang… not every little girl has the same fantasy; my daughter loves that Mulan posed as a boy (I think I have a budding tom-boy on my hands!)

  • Will the celebration be aired on TV?

  • Historically, a princess could be someone of noble birth with a claim to the throne in a different country or someone whose landholdings were large enough o be considered a principality. For example, Belle didn’t necessarily marry a dauphin.

  • Okay. I love Enchanted, where is Giselle? And I think for bravery and loyalty Mulan is an honorary princess.

  • Yay for the new princess Rapunzel but I believe that some of the other newer princesses should get more on stage time at Disneyland because all I see are Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White at the parks and I hardly see Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas or Tiana. Before the big ceremony for Rapunzel, I think Disney should give these princesses some more public appearances.

  • Altough I’m super glad Rapunzel is being added to the Disney Princess line, (She is, along with Ariel, my favorite) this coronation thing does sound a bit suspicious…. I always thought Rapunzel would be the 8th Disney princess… It sounds just like when they added Dinosaur to the Disney Canon so Rapunzel would be the 50th…. now they added Mulan and Pocahontas so Rapunzel could be the 10th… and they could throw a party… (and ignore the fact that they didn’t throw a party for Tiana? maybe)…. anyways… I am excited for this though!

  • Who cares, who is a true princess and who is not, do you think our little girls care wether or not Mulan, Tinkerbell or Giselle were born into a royal family, or married a prince? In their eyes they are princesses and I’m not about to tell my daughter their not!

  • Oh my goodness!! I am FREAKING OUT!! I want to be at the celebration!! Congratulations Rapunzel!! I love the Disney Princesses (i’ve wanted to be one since I was 3 haha) but now i’m 18 and i still wear my Ariel crown everyday i’m at a Disney park! This is so exciting!!

  • @ Patrick, you do point out about these other female roles in movies,however the movies are not based solely about them. With the Disney Princesses the movies are solely based about their stories.

  • Ok, for those of you who are trying to figure out the Disney Princesses.

    -Mulan- You cannot be a general of the china army without being in the royal family at that time in china,therfore the General is a prince.

    All the others are of direct connection such as marriage or daughters of kings.

  • Yay!! I LOVE Rapunzel! She’s my second favorite princess. My first is Ariel <3 And to all those people who are asking how Mulan is a princess. I read somewhere that she became a princess by the emperor after he gave her the medal and said she saved China. Cuz the emperor has that power! And also, Pocohantas is a princess because her father is chief, and that's like him being king!

    And also @Colin Giselle never married Prince Edward so she was actually never a prince. And Shang wasn't the grandson of the emperor.. where did you hear that?

    And @Jennifer just because they didn't SHOW Belle becoming a princess or getting married, you're just supposed to assume.

  • Firstly, Giselle is not a princess because Disney did not want to pay Amy Adams the vast amount of royalties they would have had to pay for using her likeness. Kida from Atlantis is not a princess due to the lack of popularity of the film. Nala cannot be a princess as she is not human, and wouldn’t fit in with the others. The appointment of princesses is not down to their status but their fitting of the role, so even if characters like Tiana and Mulan didn’t marry in (which they did and therefore became princesses) they could still be included.

  • So thrilled Rapunzel will be crowned here in dear old Blighty! And in Autumn too, the best time to see England!
    ALL Disney girls are princesses to me, its what they stand for – being crowned after adversity.
    Does this mean she’s classed as British by Disney? Thought it was a German fairy story!
    Think it was implied those princesses who bagged a prince but didn’t marry onscreen went on to marry, but as for Pocahontas and Tiger Lily, there isn’t actually such a thing as an Indian “princess”, unless they marry a prince outside the NA culture. As for Mulan, PLEASE she’s one of the greatest!
    Its all about triumph over adversity, they all did it with STYLE!
    Good luck Rapunzel! <3 @-}– <§:)~~~~§~

  • I, for one, am so happy something like this is happening in London and the UK. We need more stuff over here!

    … And all these technicalities about Princesses! Guys, if anyone is being overlooked it’s Nala!

  • Add me to the list of those that always wondered why Mulan is on the princess list when actual princesses like Kida and Eilonwy (one of my all time favorites) aren’t. Even Pocahontas tends to get short shrift. There’s even the live action princesses like Nancy and Tamina. Then there’s the less obvious technical candidates like Maid Marion and Tiger-Lily, if we’re going on “nobility” statures. Heck, why not just throw in a completely ridiculous option like Esmeralda? “Princess of the Gypsies”. Why not Alice, one of Kingdom Hearts’ “Princess of Heart”? Disney’s got a bunch of great non-princesses leads like Meg and Jane as well. I know it’s mostly to do with marketing and merchandising, but it’s just strange. I also think it’s ironic that she roams the parks in her “Honor to Us All” outfit, which she then sings a song about how she doesn’t recognize herself in afterwards. Always seemed like they celebrate the wrong part of her character.

    Congrats to Rapunzel on getting some recognition. Still waiting on Eilonwy. I’d love to see her in the park.

  • We will be at WDW that day with our Little Princess to celebrate the occassion ourselves.

  • Will there be any type of celebration in Orlando?

  • Dang. We’ll be at the Magic Kingdom that day. Too bad this ceremony isn’t THERE.

  • Im dying to meet flynn so why cant there be princes along with princesses too at meet and greet? now dreams of seeing flynn at disney is not going to happen 🙁

  • why is it at Kensington Palace? wish i had money to go to england and see this! will this be broadcast?


    sorry caps

  • Well, Alice was a Princess of Heart in Kingdom Hearts~ Does that count for anything? Hahaha. :’D

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