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American Traditions at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Americana-themed Coffee Mugs from World of Disney at Downtown Disney Marketplace

I recently visited the World of Disney at the Downtown Disney Marketplace to take some photos for a project. Before leaving the store, I saw a table with all sorts of Americana-themed merchandise, like Duffy the Disney Bear, a colorful Mickey Ear hat and more. I particularly liked the way the mugs pictured above were displayed. The image got me thinking about the patriotic things I enjoy when visiting Disney Parks.

American Traditions at Disney Parks

There is one place at Disney that makes me “red, white and blue at times” – The American Adventure at Epcot. I once worked as an attraction manager at the American Adventure Pavilion. I’ve seen that show countless times, and I once watched it with Dallas McKennon who provided the voice for Benjamin Franklin for the attraction (incredibly awesome!). I love the rotunda area inside the Pavilion that displays artwork from some of my favorite artists like the late Robert McCall or Disney Legend, Herb Ryman.

American Traditions at Disney Parks

But if I had to pick one thing that I consider a must on the Fourth of July (or really any other day), I would choose listening to the Voices of Liberty (“That’s the banjo!”). The way their harmonies echo through the softly lit rotunda makes me proud to be an American.

I would love to hear your patriotic traditions in the comments below.

Have a wonderful holiday and go U.S.A.!


  • Steven, out of curiosity, I was wondering who is currently taking your role as Disney Trading Project Manager since you moved on to a more covenant and executive role in the merchandise department. I would love to speak with the individual (s) about the possibility of a re-haul/re-vamp of the search/web engine and other concerns since your no longer the person, in my opinion, that would have the ability to speak upon these issues. I would love to get a chance to talk to you or whomever about this.

    John Rick, a fellow pin trader that you may know of, mentioned that in one of his podcasts about a possible revamp of the website in regards to posting updates, upcoming releases, a better enhanced search engine, the problems of the events club tab on the website, etc…..

    Hope you get a chance to read this, and I would like to get your feelings about this 🙂

  • thanks for the reply back steven 😉

  • I spent the 4th of July at EPCOT way back in 1985. There were extra fireworks in the World Showcase and a crazy huge crowd. I believe my family and I were stuck in the parking lot for two hours trying to leave. It was worth every hour!

    This year, I wore my WDW/Mickey Mouse t-shirt that says “American Icon Since 1971”, the year I was born. I like to think I’m the icon (ha ha).

  • We love to eat lunch at Casey’s Corner and watch the 4th of July fireworks at WDW.

    I also have not been able to find the American Flag Vinylmation. Hopefully it will show up again soon! Steven, have you been able to find out when Vinylmation is going to show the pictures of the Florida Project Vinylmation pins yet? I have been watching the Vinylmation blog but I haven’t seen anything. I am hoping to get my RSP in soon (this week), since I am going on vacation soon. But I want to see the pins before I decide which Vinlys I want.

  • @Eric and Angele – Thank you for sharing your traditions. I love the Hall of Presidents too. The detail that went into creating that show is amazing!

    @Kevin – I spoke with the Category Planning team who monitors inventory, etc. They said that the American flag figure should be returning to locations within the next few weeks. An order recently arrived and will be distributed to locations.

  • Steven, were you able to see my last comment on your previous post 😀

    When will we get the chance to see the American Flag from the Vinylmation Series pop up again. I know alot of people are asking about that particular figure and they are always sold out or cant be found at any of the locations. Will there be a restock on that particular figure.

    I missed out and didnt get a chance to get one.


  • During my college years I spent many summers in LBV. My favorite 4th of July memory is watching the MK fireworks from the lawn at the Grand Flo. Good times! I wish I could say it’s a tradition I still had, but now I’m making new memories with my little ones and that includes holding my hands over their ears because the noise from the fireworks freaks them out. 🙂

  • Can you flip the cups over to see where they are made?

  • Is there any available franchise for this kind of business?? Seems like a very profitable business if you ask me!

  • It would awesome to go to the Adventurers Club to celebrate Merriweather’s birthday. Kungaloosh!

  • Um…..okay? 0_o?

    I was going to answer something a little more apropos, like the east-coast WDW Hall of Presidents–
    I remember that from my first trip as a kid, and it’s mandatory every year: I’m still amazed watching the other presidents move, nod, chat, etc., while Lincoln’s giving his speech–And I love hearing first-timers on the way out say “So, it was a live show, what’s the big deal?” 😉

    (And btw, they’ve stripped the Adventurer’s Club clean by now, and the decor’s now residing in two stores and a restaurant.)

  • Camping is our family reunion tradition, that and attending the fireworks! Happy 4th!!

  • It would be nice if The Adventurers Club was still open. Instead it is just an abandoned building in the middle of the abandoned district once known as Pleasure Island.

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