Disney Legend Takes Flight at Goofy’s Sky School

Shannon Swanson

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

A very special guest visited Disney California Adventure park last week for the grand opening of Goofy’s Sky School – the voice of Goofy, Bill Farmer. Needless to say Bill was thrilled to see his old pal Goofy star in his very own attraction at Paradise Pier.

“Gawrsh” I really enjoyed interviewing this Disney Legend – he and Goofy seem to have a lot in common! Have you ever met a Disney Legend?


  • I met Bob Gurr in Wa!!!!

  • That would have been cool to see Bill Farmer riding on Goofy’s Sky School. I never knew who did the voice of Goofy until I watched this video. I want to try the ride so badly! Maybe one day…

  • I just met Bill Farmer two weeks ago! It was such an honor! It was an amazing experience and Bill was an incredibly nice person!

  • I met Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel, only 2 days after the grand opening of the new ride! Talk about a dream come true!

  • I hope Goofy will be station there to do daily meet and greet, afterall, it is his school. it will be s natural choice. Maybe build him an office or something, like Mickey has his own meeting place, it is time for Goofy to have one too!!!

  • Other than the name, some paint, and new facdes, how is “Goofy’s Sky School”, different from “Mulholland Madness” ?

  • I cant wait. Goofy is my favorite photo opportunity a Disneyland. I’ll stand in line all day just to get a photo of him.

  • Is that a hidden mickey I see at the end of the video. 1:07?
    Hmm….. 😉

  • I would love if this ride was more of a Barnstormer-like roller-coaster, but none the less, amazing!

  • My son-in-love LOVES Goofy! He’s very tall and when he wears the Goofy hat (green with ears) kids think he IS Goofy…so do I but with a small g…LOL

  • We were there last month but it wasn’t open yet. Looks like the old mouse ride they had in the same place. Hope it’s got “something” new about the ride… looking forward to going on it.

  • Bill,

    As a a longtime radio, voiceover and impressionist guy as well, I really enjoyed watching this video and hearing your story! What a blast being Goofy and working for Disney all these years! Congrats!


    VP Cameron Broadcasting

  • Very cool!

    I’ve seen Bill at a few D23 events.

  • I have been fortunate to meet Bill and his wife and many other Disney Legends over the last couple of years. He is a really great guy, and you can tell that he loves to be Goofy.

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