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Disney Youth Programs Announces New Kingdom Keepers Quest

I am excited to announce the addition of a new Disney Youth Programs self-guided learning opportunity for youth groups of 10 or more – the Kingdom Keepers Quest! The program, which was developed around the Kingdom Keepers book series and was written by author Ridley Pearson himself, involves problem solving, visualization, observation, creativity, math skills, language arts and critical thinking. Students will have the opportunity to work together to solve puzzles throughout Magic Kingdom Park at the Walt Disney World Resort — just as the Keepers do in the first book, Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark. Do you have what it takes to be a Keeper?

Here is a look at the program:

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Have you read any of the Kingdom Keepers series? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Eeeee!!! BEST BOOKS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally want to do this, maybe I can convince my schools Disneyland club to go with me!

  • This sounds awesome. I am disappointed that this is only for groups. My 9 year old son loves KK. He has read the books so many times we have lost count. We visit from Australia so he never gets to visit the parks with other kids. He watched the video and was so keen to do it when we next visit in October. Sadly that does seem possible.

  • This sounds like it is really aimed at local youth since it would be difficult to get a group of 10 together from farther away. Too bad – my son loves all of the KK books and would love to participate in this type of quest.

  • I would love to bring our homeschoolers but the Disney Youth page says for grades 5-9. My 12th grader wants to be a part too, is that possible??

  • That sounds really cool to actually see the book come to life and how you get to be the keepers and to “save the kingdom”.

  • Sounds like a blast! I haven’t read any of the Kingdom Keepers books yet, but I think this will really appeal to my daughter and her friends. It sounds intriguing to me too. I definitely want to find out more about it… maybe try to organize a group and try it out.

  • I’ve read the books, met Ridley @ a book signing and would absolutely love the chance to do this – at 48 years old! These books are fantastic for young and old readers alike. Going to MK next weekend w/ my 11yo daughter and plan on doing a bit of searching out things mentioned in the books. Can’t forget my little black fob or we’ll be stuck in MK forever…
    Paul – APHolder, Seminole, FL

  • I love this idea as a teacher. I wish my students were in Florida and close enough to participate. I will recommend it to students that visit the park in the future. I too would love to see something for the big kids. We love taking the tours when we are at Disney World and would love to have an adult Kingdom Keepers Quest. I have read all the books and hope that he has more to come.

  • I am also an adult who would love to participate in this. I have been reading the Kingdom Keepers book ever since I found the first one on a trip to Disney World and has always been wishing for a Kingdom Keepers something at DW. Hopefully someday this will become a public tour anyone can do.

  • Very Cool! I love the KK book series even though I’m an adult. An interesting side note is that there is a Little Golden Book titled Mickey Mouse and the Missing Mouseketeers that was published in the 1950’s and republished in the 70’s where the plot has Mickey going up against Maleficent to save the Mouseketeers. Seems that bad fairy has been up to her old tricks for a very long time!!

  • This is my favorite Series, and I have read the books many times! I like seeing the novels FINALLY getting some recognition at the parks! They have really captured the essence of Disney magic and I often find myself asking, “Wait.. could this be real?”. If the Disney Parks could integrate these quests everyday for every quest willing to take on the challenge, I believe it could heighten Guests already amazing experiences, but would also make wait times seem shorter if clues and/or questions could asked or given within those E-Ticket attraction ques.(maybe those decoder cards that were seen on Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye could be re-issued!) Hey! This might also sell some more books! Sounds like a win-win to me! Unfortunately, I live on the west coast, but could a quest involving both parks at the Disneyland Resort be created? Wait… could this sell more park hoppers to complete the tasks? These books are so special and their messages are so valuable. I HOPE to see some Kingdom Keepers incorporated somewhere! Thanks for the upload!

  • How about Kingdom Keepers for us big kids, we all want to play too!!

  • For what age group would this be appropriate? My homeschooled 7-yr-old daughter loves this book series. Any chance this will be available for individual enrollment for homeschool kids?

    • The Kingdom Keepers Quest at this time is designed for youth groups of 10 or more. Homeschoolers are allowed to come together as a group to take part in the self-guided Quest. The groups are broken up into teams of 5 youth with each team having a chaperone. The teams compete to see who can finish the Quest first. The Kingdom Keepers Quest is designed for children that are in grade levels 5th – 9th.

  • I am an adult and would also like to be able to take part in the quest. I am hoping you open it up to all ages. Even better yet it would be awesome to have some sort of adventure like the Kim Possible adventure at EPCOT! You could have Wanye communicate to the participants through a ipod touch type of device or cell phone like the kimunicators. He could lead them around the Magic Kingdom where they would solve puzzles, learn exiciting new things, and be rewarded with interesting events not experienced outside the program.

  • Cool video clip. Now, what about for the “big kids”? I had an awesome time participating in the D23 Great Scavenger Hunt – would love to see a night time scavenger hunt themed to Kingdom Keepers during Halloween season.

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